What is Hanfu

What is Hanfu

Hanfu is the modern traditional national costume system of the Chinese Han people.

Also known as Chinese clothing, Chinese clothing, and Han clothing, it was based on the Chinese (also known as the Han nationality after Han) national culture for nearly 4,000 years from about the 21st century BC to the mid-17th century AD (late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty). , a modern traditional decoration system with a unique cultural style and character formed through the evolution of the subject, which is different from other nationalities.

As a modern national traditional costume, Hanfu can be classified according to different standards. Here are some common classification methods:

Okay, here is a more detailed introduction to the types of Hanfu:

1. Distinguish according to era:

Hanfu during the Han Dynasty was characterized by simple shapes and elegant patterns. Men's clothing mainly included robes, shirts, trousers, socks and shoes, and women's clothing mainly included jackets, skirts, shoes, socks and headwear.

Hanfu in the Tang and Song Dynasties was more gorgeous and diverse. Men's clothing mainly consisted of robes, shirts, trousers, shoes, hats, etc., while women's clothing mainly consisted of long skirts, trousers, tops, outer robes, shoes, socks, and headwear. .

Hanfu in the Ming and Qing Dynasties was more loose, solemn, and brightly colored. Men's clothing mainly included long gowns, mandarins, Chinese coats, coats, trousers, footwear, hats, etc. Women's clothing consisted of robes, jackets, tops, outer robes, and shoes. Mainly socks and headwear.

2. Distinguished by gender:

The styles of male Hanfu are mostly straight and wide robes, mainly black and white, with few ornate patterns and decorations. Women's Hanfu is more delicate and exquisite, with details such as pleats, embroidery, lace, and jade pendants, rich in colors, and diverse patterns.

3. Distinguish according to the occasion:

Daily Hanfu refers to the Hanfu worn in daily life. They are characterized by simple style, comfort, suitable for activities, and little emphasis on decoration and gorgeousness. Wedding Hanfu usually uses red or gold colors to reflect the festive atmosphere. Banquet Hanfu is more gorgeous and exquisite, suitable for wearing on important occasions, such as banquets, evening parties, performances, etc. Opera Hanfu is designed to meet the needs of opera performances and is usually characterized by bright colors, gorgeous decorations and exaggerated shapes. Wushu Hanfu pays more attention to comfort and flexibility to facilitate martial arts performances.

4. Distinguish according to genre:

Palace Hanfu refers to Hanfu influenced by palace culture and is usually characterized by gorgeous, exquisite details and decorations. Folk Hanfu refers to Hanfu influenced by common people's culture. It is usually more plain and simple and suitable for daily wear. Neo-archaic Hanfu is a modern style of Hanfu, which is based on traditional Hanfu and also adds modern design elements, such as simplified styles, popular colors, printing, etc. Ancient style Hanfu refers to the reproduction and re-enactment of historical Hanfu, aiming to inherit and carry forward the essence of Han culture, usually focusing on details and the authenticity of historical culture.

In addition, there are some special classesTypes of Hanfu, such as religious Hanfu, ceremonial Hanfu, medical Hanfu, etc. Religious Hanfu refers to the Hanfu worn by believers in certain religions, such as the cassocks of Buddhist monks and the robes of Taoist priests. Ceremonial Hanfu refers to Hanfu worn on specific occasions, such as various ceremonies, ceremonies, celebrations, etc., which are usually characterized by solemnity and exquisiteness. Medical Hanfu refers to the Hanfu worn by doctors and pharmacists in ancient times. It is characterized by simple tailoring, comfort and practicality.

In short, there are many types of Hanfu, each with its own unique characteristics and charm, showing the richness and diversity of ancient Chinese clothing culture.