Low-cut Hanfu Ruqun: Revealing Collarbones in Tang Dynasty China

Low-cut Hanfu Ruqun: Revealing Collarbones in Tang Dynasty China

Women in the Tang Dynasty were so open-minded that it’s hard to imagine! The courtiers and the queen could sit on the dragon bed and play chess together, and the emperor would light cigarettes for them to entertain them. In the Tang Dynasty, gender did not constitute a constraint for women. Among them, Concubine Yang once bathed An Lushan.

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Take clothing as an example. Women in the past had to wrap themselves up tightly even in the hot summer, but women in the Tang Dynasty could choose the comfort level of their clothing as they pleased. The most popular skirt in the Tang Dynasty is a good example. It is thin and transparent with a low neckline. Women wear low-cut skirts that show off their beautiful collarbones, but bare shoulders look unsightly, so they symbolically wear tulle skirts to cover them up, making them more charming. In addition, the makeup of women in the Tang Dynasty was also diverse, including eyebrow makeup, sunset makeup, willow eyebrows, etc. They will find ways to look beautiful and even wear men's clothing. In other words, they wear whatever they like and are not bound by etiquette at all.

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In addition to daring to show their own independent style in clothing and makeup, women in the Tang Dynasty were also very free in marriage and love. They will never be restricted by gates, but interact with others freely and freely. Just like "Pipa Xing" written by Bai Juyi, it tells the story of a woman who got together with a group of men on a boat to play the pipa while her husband was away. An Lushan and Yang Yuhuan often played and joked in the harem.Staying up all night, Tang Xuanzong not only didn't mind, but also regarded An Lushan as Yang Yuhuan's adopted son. Among the people, women in the Tang Dynasty had to bathe their children on the third day after giving birth. Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty once ordered Concubine Yang Guifei to bathe An Lushan. Although not naked, this candid behavior has really surprised historians.

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It can be seen that the atmosphere of the Tang Dynasty was extremely open! What does it matter if men and women take bath together? It's not surprising even if a woman is cuckolded. For women in the Tang Dynasty, the "Three Obediences and Four Virtues" and the "Chastity Arch" were really a joke. Not only could they take the initiative to divorce and remarry, they could even have extramarital affairs. Princess Gaoyang, the daughter of Emperor Taizong Li Shimin of the Tang Dynasty, had an improper relationship with a monk after marrying his consort. The prince-in-law wore a cuckold for nothing, but he didn't care, as if nothing had happened. Tang Gaozong Li Zhi had an ambiguous relationship with Wu Zetian when he was still the prince. When he ascended the throne, he actually brought Wu Zetian into his harem. But Tang Xuanzong was actually attracted by his own daughter-in-law Yang Yuhuan, and she became a noble concubine. These tidbits are simply countless. People in the Tang Dynasty had an open attitude towards marriage and love, and no longer valued the concept of chastity and family status. The prime minister's son could actually marry a second-married widow. If you want to live a decent life, you must wear a cuckold on your head. This shows that this sentence is really suitable for describing the people of the Tang Dynasty.

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So, why were women in the Tang Dynasty so "unscrupulous"? On the one hand, this and the integration of multiple ethnic culturesRelated. Before the Tang Dynasty, the Xianbei people established the Sui Dynasty and injected bold and bold concepts into Han culture, thus forming a tolerant and generous social environment. On the other hand, the improvement of women's status in the Tang Dynasty also played an important role. They are no longer weak flowers in the boudoir, hanging around one man all day long, but have more rights. Both princesses and ladies, as well as the wives and concubines of ministers, can participate in politics. The most famous example is Shangguan Wan'er, who was favored by Wu Zetian for her intelligence and became a generation of female officials. She held the position of imperial edict-maker in the palace and participated in the decision-making of ministers for many years. In addition to participating in politics, women also gained the right to education.

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Therefore, many female poets emerged during the Tang Dynasty. "Complete Poems of the Tang Dynasty" contains the works of 205 female poets, 33 of whom were low-status singers and dancers, among whom Xue Tao is the most famous one. Although she was a singing girl, she was good at both poetry and calligraphy. She had become friends with great poets such as Yuan Zhen, Bai Juyi, and Du Mu, and left her own traces in history. Moreover, women in the Tang Dynasty also enjoyed the autonomy of marriage. They could freely choose their husbands without being bound by their parents or matchmakers. In addition, in family life, they also have certain legal inheritance rights and can even act as independent heads of households.

All these powers made women in the Tang Dynasty full of confidence and independence. They dared to pursue themselves, which is why they appeared so vivid and bright. Unfortunately, during the Song and Ming dynasties, women were once again suppressed under traditional ethics, and these open and free Tang Dynasty atmosphere gradually disappeared.