Young People Spark Hanfu Craze

Young People Spark Hanfu Craze

As spring comes and flowers bloom, the "Hanfu fever" is also heating up, and the "flower viewing season" has become the "Hanfu travel season".

On March 23, the 6th Yuntai Mountain Hanfu Flower Festival opened. Hanfu enthusiasts wore exquisite costumes and shuttled among the sea of ​​flowers, taking photos on the rough and simple stone bridges, giving people a sense of historical "travel".

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"This is my first time wearing Hanfu on the street. I feel very fairy and beautiful. It is even more shocking to see so many tourists wearing Hanfu together." 31-year-old Zhang Yingying is a little shy, wearing a red and white ruqi with long hair. Tail, decorated with steps, looks classic.

At 10:30 a.m., the first round of Hanfu parade officially started at the Xiaozhaigou Visitor Square in Yuntai Mountain. Along with the sound of ancient music, hundreds of Hanfu enthusiasts were either wearing plain cloth shirts, standing in the wind, or wearing rich and elegant clothes. Smart, or wearing armor, majestic... a feast for the eyes of tourists.

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"The popularity of Hanfu has stimulated the development of clothing rental, makeup, photography and other industries. We have been busy from 8 o'clock in the morning to now and have not been idle for a moment." In the Hanfu experience center of "post-95s" girl Zhao Mingli, she While styling customers, he said that in the past, the audience for Hanfu was mostly young women, but now many boys are transformed into scholars or knights.

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Yan Songhao, a tourist from Zhengzhou, came to the Flower Festival with his 62-year-old mother. "I didn't understand it before. I always thought he dressed like an opera singer. If he went out wearing Hanfu, I would stay away from him. Later, my children kept telling me about the charm of Hanfu culture. We need to inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional culture. Slowly Slowly, I accepted and fell in love with Hanfu." On that day, Yan Songhao's mother wore a lavender Hanfu, posing elegantly, and left many photos with her son by the bridge and the water.

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"Currently, Hanfu is attracting more and more attention and influence among young people." said the person in charge of the Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area. "We organize Hanfu parades, armor arrays, national style stilts, Han dance and folk music, etc. A series of wonderful performances and interactive experience projects, using flowers as matchmakers and Hanfu as the theme, create the Hanfu Huachao Festival IP, allowing more people to understand Hanfu and love traditional culture, and at the same time, it also allows more tourists to enter Yuntai Mountain and enjoy spring outings. Have fun and enjoy the spring time."