Ancient people also wore high-waisted Hanfu Ruqun

Ancient people also wore high-waisted Hanfu Ruqun

As more and more people know about Hanfu, many beauties in Hanfu appear around us, with red lips and white teeth, fluttering clothes, gentle temperament, and light and graceful postures. Many Hanfu enthusiasts believe that only Hanfu can show the dignity and beauty of Chinese women.

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The high-waisted skirt is a type of Hanfu. In ancient times, most women's skirts were tied relatively low. However, during the Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties, a very high-waisted skirt appeared, which is called high-waisted skirt. Ru skirt, similar to our modern tights.

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During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, especially the Tang Dynasty, the country was strong, the economy was developed, and the social atmosphere was open. Women's status is relatively high, and there are not so many restrictions on women's clothing in society. High-waisted skirts were particularly popular during this period.

But please note that in fact, chest-length underskirts and high-waisted underskirts are two different concepts. The edge line of a high-waist skirt (that is, the position of the belt) is below the chest and above the waist, between the lower chest and the upper waist. The boundary line of a chest-length underskirt is above the chest, so it is actually easy to distinguish between the two.

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"Han Xizai's Night Banquet" painted by Gu Hongzhong of the Five Dynasties faithfully reproduces the historical scene of the guests at the night banquet of Han Xizai, the minister of the Southern Tang Dynasty. In the fourth section of the picture, "Qing Blow", five silk-blowing and bamboo-playing singers wear dresses and blouses. That is, a high-waisted skirt, with graceful, dignified and generous postures.

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The biggest feature of the high-waisted skirt is that the top is shorter and the lower skirt is tight and slender, making the woman look beautiful and graceful. The distribution of the upper and lower proportions reflects the requirements of the golden section and has rich aesthetic connotation.

The high-waisted underskirt is a type of underskirt system, with an undershirt on top and a skirt on the bottom. Just the outside is different, you can see that the high-waisted undershirt is on the inside, and the straps are not on top of the undershirt, but on the skirt. According to the dressing method, the child is put on first, then the skirt, and finally the belt.

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On the basis of ancient styles, modern Hanfu high-waisted Confucian skirts have been further developed by taking the essence and discarding the dross. According to the number of turns around the hem, the basic style can be divided into high-waisted skirts for regular clothes and high-waisted skirts for formal wear. The characteristics of modern narrow-sleeved and high-waisted skirt are: two pieces of fabric on the front and back, pleated skirt and narrow cuffs.

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The narrow-sleeved inner half-arm high-waisted Confucian skirt features a high waist, two front and back pieces, and narrow half-arms. Modern high-waisted skirts look more elegant and beautiful than ancient times. Due to the popularity of Hanfu, many fans at home and abroad have worn Hanfu to show their unique style.