Do you know the cutting method for Hanfu Ruqun

Do you know the cutting method for Hanfu Ruqun

I believe everyone knows that Hanfu is a very hot topic nowadays. When you travel every day, you should also see many little fairies wearing Hanfu! When you see this situation, do you also want to wear beautiful Hanfu?

Although nowadays, there are more and more Hanfu on the market. However, when you buy Hanfu, you will inevitably not be able to find the size that suits you! What should we do at this time? Of course I learned to make Hanfu by myself! So, today let’s take a look at the cutting method of the upper skirt in the production process of waist-length undershirt~

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First of all, what everyone needs to know is that compared to jackets, jackets are more close-fitting. So when you are cutting, the upper garment basically needs to be cut according to your bust size. Moreover, the length of the undershirt is not very long. It only needs to reach the waist. You don’t need to cut it to be particularly long.

As for the lower skirt of the chest-length underskirt, it is of course one piece. When cutting, you can use the method of breaking the skirt and splicing the pieces of the skirt together to make it look slimmer.

When cutting the cross-collar upper jacket, due to the presence of the cross-collar, there will inevitably be some overlap when cutting. Therefore, when cutting, you can use two pieces of cloth to join together to form an upper garment.

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There is another way, which is toYou can leave the seam between the two pieces of fabric on the back so that the seam is not visible.

Of course, when cutting Hanfu, you must first master the following data before cutting: bust, shoulder and sleeve length, back length, dress length, sleeve edge width, collar edge width, cuff stop, hem stop, etc. .

After mastering the above data and the cutting process of Hanfu lining, I believe everyone can make beautiful Hanfu!

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After reading this article about the production process of waist-length underskirts, do you know more about the production of waist-length underskirts? What else do you want to know about the craftsmanship of making Hanfu? Let’s leave a message to discuss!