A two-piece Ruqun cannot be called Hanfu

A two-piece Ruqun cannot be called Hanfu

The Hanfu circle has always been very controversial. Many people think that "Hanfu circle is very hostile." The most popular thing in recent years is the two-piece chest-high underskirt. The controversy is very big. Many people think that the two-piece undershirt is not suitable for women. It is called Hanfu, so today we will explain whether the two-piece skirt is Hanfu or not.

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First of all, let me explain that chest-length/waist-length underskirts are all worn in the same way, that is, upper undershirt + lower skirt. Many people believe that the chest-length skirt was made in the Tang Dynasty, because this shape can be seen on the murals and pottery servants of the Tang Dynasty. Unfortunately, no relevant cultural relics have been unearthed in the Tang Dynasty, and there are not even formal documentary records. Without the support of cultural relics and documents, we have no idea what kind of skirts people in the Tang Dynasty wore, but we can be sure that the two-piece skirt did not exist at all, because the merchant who first produced a two-piece chest-high skirt said so himself , the shape is based on the Japanese kimono hakama, and the merchants behind it all follow suit.

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Hanfu is the traditional costume of the Han nation. Let us gently emphasize the word "tradition". Now we can call it Hanfu and it is supported by unearthed cultural relics (such as horse-faced skirts). There are only records and pictures without cultural relic support. (such as one-piece pleated skirt), and the "two-piece" skirt imagined by merchants cannot be regarded as traditional Hanfu, but it cannot be completely classified as Han elements.

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The revival of Hanfu is not a retro style. Although the two-piece Hanfu does not restore the shape of ancient Hanfu, its purpose is to make it more beautiful and easier to wear. Even the current one-piece Hanfu is not a complete restoration of ancient Hanfu, but the one-piece Hanfu has not been improved so much, while the two-piece Hanfu has been modified even more. In fact, our two-piece Hanfu can be affectionately called "Innovative Hanfu".

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Although Hanfu is our traditional clothing and a medium for us to revive traditional culture, Hanfu is still clothes after all. Clothes are made for people to wear. There is nothing wrong with making improvements without changing most of the shapes. Modern society is very tolerant. If we still blindly pursue those ancient rules and regulations, then how can we talk about reviving Hanfu?