What is the Hanfu Horse-Face Skirt

What is the Hanfu Horse-Face Skirt

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Nowadays, a kind of Chinese clothing has once again entered the public eye, and even once became one of the most popular clothing among female friends. This kind of Chinese clothing is the horse-faced skirt.

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As a traditional costume in ancient my country, I did not expect that it would be favored by everyone again in modern times, and it would quickly become famous in a short period of time, and it would dominate the screens of major online platforms for a long time.

So what is the origin of this horse-faced skirt? Why was it named "Horse Face"? What should you pay attention to if you wear this kind of clothing? Do you know all this?

First of all, let’s take a look at how the horse-faced skirt was born. Looking at the costumes in various countries, there is a certain evolution process. Few of them are created out of thin air. Instead, they are constantly improved and innovated on the basis of reference. This is how we came to be. Characteristics of clothing from generation to generation.

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On the other hand, the same is true for the horse-faced skirt. It was first borrowed from the spiral skirt of the Song Dynasty. This kind of clothing was mainly designed for women. The original intention of the design was to facilitate women to ride horses.

This kind of spiral skirt is somewhat similar to the apron we use in our homes today, except that it is two-piece and can wrap around the body. It can not only protect the privacy of a woman's body, but also facilitate daily riding out. It can be described as a " Functional” clothing.

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Later, the style of the spiral skirt was improved, and the shape of the horse-faced skirt gradually emerged. The craftsmanship became more and more complex, and it was even combined with gold weaving craftsmanship to create unique clothing styles.

As a fashionable and easy-to-travel women's clothing, the horse-faced skirt has been well continued. It was still a common urban clothing style until the Ming and Qing Dynasties. However, with the update, upgrade and simplification of the production technology, the horse-faced skirt worn by ordinary people has Face skirts are not that complicated.

Then why did you choose the name "horse face"? Why don't you give the beautiful clothes other nice names, such as "yuehua skirt", "huajian skirt", "phoenix tail skirt", etc., wouldn't such a name More elegant and more likeable?

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In fact, the name is mainly related to the appearance and style of the horse-faced skirt. It is not directly related to horses, but to ancient construction projects.

We all know that in ancient times, there would be particularly prominent tower-like buildings built on the borders of various countries or next to city walls and cities. It is similar to the Great Wall we see. Its function must be to resist the invasion of foreign enemies and protect the safety of the city.

In addition, there will be a protruding part of the city wall on the front and both sides of the city wall. This special building is called the enemy platform. Because its shape is similar to the face of a horse, it is also called the horse face.

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Its function is to facilitate the attack on the enemy troops attacking at the bottom of the wall. If viewed from a distance, this architectural style is somewhat similar to the shape and structure of a horse skirt.

To put it more concretely, it looks like a pleated skirt, with one layer next to another. However, the horse-faced skirt does not have as many pleats as the pleated skirt. On the contrary, it is clean and concise.

Generally, horse-faced skirts are two-piece, with smooth front and back, and pleated processing on the left and right sides. Of course, this is just a very common and traditional style, and there have been certain innovations and innovations in all dynasties and generations. Improvements, there are also some slight differences in styles.

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But in general, the general style and version have not changed much. After all, the original intention of designing the horse-faced skirt is toIt is convenient for women to travel on horseback every day. If it is made too complicated, it will defeat the original intention and reduce the wearing comfort.

Looking back now, the design and production of horse-faced skirts are somewhat different from those of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. First of all, from a technical point of view, many embroidery techniques have been simplified or not as refined as before.

For example, some current horse-faced skirts no longer have gold plate embroidery, appliqué embroidery, etc. The appearance patterns may be produced on standard assembly lines, and their style features are no longer so eye-catching.

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Of course, modern craftsmanship is not bad. Some embroidery crafts and bronzing designs are still very distinctive, and the styles have also been updated to better fit the current body shape characteristics of women.

So if you want to wear a horse-faced skirt, how should you choose clothes that suit you? Before doing this, you need to understand that the horse-faced skirt is a Chinese costume, but a period costume.

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Therefore, in terms of matching and wearing, you should try your best to match this clothing setting, and you must not wear overly modern clothing, jewelry, etc.

It can be paired with a simple white shirt, or a special palace-style white top, etc. At the same time, if the weather is cold, it can also be paired with a knitted sweater with an antique niche design.

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If possible, you can wear a bun and hairpins. Then when walking on the street, you will be the coolest and coolest outfit queen, and it will also become the one with the highest rate of turning heads.

It should be noted that the materials or patterns of many horse-faced skirts are not suitable for machine washing, and many horse-faced skirts are too long and easy to drag on the floor. This has certain requirements for women's figure and height. Everyone wears them. You still have to pay attention to these details.

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