Hanfu Horse-Face Skirt: Several Styling Options

Hanfu Horse-Face Skirt: Several Styling Options

How various types of clothing lead the trend and become the focus of attention nowadays seems to be in a constant cycle. For example: Horse-faced skirt. Although it first appeared in the Song Dynasty, it became more popular and prosperous during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

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After a period of depression, by November last year, horse-faced skirts became popular again. Both men and women are fascinated by horse-faced skirts.

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When I went to Chengdu and went out for a walk, I realized that there were many horse-faced skirts in the streets and alleys. Its brilliance simply amazed everyone.

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1: Wearing a horse-faced skirt, starting from the familiar horse-faced skirtSend

1: VS skirt

For Ru skirts, there is a profound aesthetic culture. Its design is the same as the horse skirt, with embroidery and ribbons. However, there are many differences. The horse-faced skirt is shaped like a trumpet and is easier to match than the skirt.

For example: match it with a vest or shirt. If you go out on the street every day, the underskirt is not as flexible as the horse skirt, which makes it very tiring and easy to be embarrassing. ▼

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2: VS cheongsam skirt

Horse-faced skirts and cheongsam skirts are both traditional Chinese costumes. Cheongsam skirt can interpret elegance and subtlety. The horse-faced skirt represents beauty and auspiciousness.

However, compared with the cheongsam skirt, the horse-face skirt has a richer shape and more unique beauty. In the design of details, the two-piece style of the horse-face skirt looks very subtle and unique, which is indeed very attractive. ▼

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3: VS pleated skirt

Although both horse-faced skirts and pleated skirts have a long history, they both have pleats in the skirts. However, horse skirts generally have pleats on the sides and flat surfaces on the skirt itself.

The pleated skirt is designed with pleats on the front and back. Comparing the two, the horse-faced skirt is more primitive and more three-dimensional. The entire modeling concept is also more exquisite, like a fairy from the sky, coming to the world. ▼

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4: VS umbrella skirt

Umbrella skirts come from Europe and have a unique look. Ever since Audrey Hepburn showed off the umbrella skirt, it has become a classic. If compared to China's horse-faced skirt, its color is basically solid color, which looks simple and elegant.

Horse-faced skirts come in many patterns. For example: birds are singing, flowers are fragrant, dragons and phoenixes are auspicious, and auspicious clouds are curling up. Of course it is more gorgeous and more high-end than an umbrella skirt. ▼

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2: How Chengdu women show off their charm in horse-faced skirts

▶▶Fitting the waist of the horse skirt is the key

If you buy a horse-faced skirt, remember to measure your waist circumference. This can avoid the occurrence of inappropriate fit after wearing the horse skirt.

As for the skirt door of the horse-faced skirt, if you want to close it, the waistline of the horse-faced skirt must be coordinated. In the picture: The right high-waist design not only shows off the waistline, it looks very elegant, very decent and very charming. ▼

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▶▶Choose the length of the horse skirt according to your height

The length of the horse-faced skirt is particularly particular. For example: the skirt length is about 99CM, which is more suitable for a woman with a height of 161CM. This length not only covers your feet, but also prevents the skirt from coming into contact with the ground.

The whole outfit is full of atmosphere, making it easier for women to improve their image. Combined with the graceful figure, it instantly becomes an eye-catching scenery. ▼

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▶▶Modify your figure with a loose skirt

The loose design of the horse-face skirt seems to be relatively ordinary at first glance. There is a deep connotation in it. In addition to covering thick legs, making them appear slimmer, it also has the visual effect of modifying the body shape.

It looks very beautiful and charming when worn. Its sense of agility and elegance can always impress people. For example: a black top + black loose printed horse skirt, eye-catching and stylish. ▼

Hanfu Horse-Face Skirt: Several Styling Options - Image 10

▶▶Print + dark pattern embellished skirt part

Most of the prints on horse skirts use red, yellow and blue as background colors. For example: red-based printing is noble and festive. Add a little embellishment to the bottom part of the skirt.

ThenDark patterns are used on the top of the skirt for CP. Like dark dark lines, there is light and elegance. With such a combination, there is not only a collision of colors, but also a high-end style and a more charming style. ▼

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Three: Several ways to wear horse-faced skirts for Chengdu women

>>Avoid the old-fashioned look, wear a horse skirt + basic T-shirt

Although the horse-faced skirt is very traditional, it is also solemn. However, dressing too solemnly can sometimes become old-fashioned. In order to avoid this situation, it is recommended to choose a basic T-shirt when matching tops.

T-shirts make people feel comfortable, and with the age-reducing effect of basic styles, they can reduce the formality brought about by horse-faced skirts. The whole look is so trendy and unique. ▼

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>>Interpretation of layering, horse face skirt + knee-length gown

A knee-length gown made of relatively clear material. Similar to the horse-faced skirt, it is short on the outside and long on the inside, giving it a very layered look. The various embroidery patterns on the gown and the slits on both sides of the gown can divert attention.

It not only makes the outfits more diverse, but also makes you feel like you have traveled back to ancient times. It’s true that whoever wears it looks beautiful, and whoever wears it has an elegant temperament. ▼

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>>Create a sense of contrast and use the width and width of lines to display

Only when the overall look of the horse-faced skirt has a sense of contrast can it be memorable and innovative. For example: use the width and width of lines to express.

Relaxed yet smooth, this outfit will become perfect and eye-catching. For example, a black slim-fitting top paired with a blue horse-faced skirt is calm, romantic, and elegant. ▼

Hanfu Horse-Face Skirt: Several Styling Options - Image 14

>>To add a sense of modernity, leather and metal accessories are indispensable

The horse-faced skirt is too classic, and it is inevitable that it does not keep pace with the times and is a bit old-school. Faced with this problem, it is recommended to wear a suit with a horse skirt and tie a leather belt around the waist of the suit.

Or pair it with a metal pendant necklace on a stand-collar shirt. Such accessories can add a modern touch and increase the eye-catching point of the look. ▼

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>>Resolve the sense of abruptness and join the commuteSingle product

The horse-faced skirt has its good side and its small flaws. For example: it is inconvenient, and you will also face a sense of abruptness. It is recommended to use commuting items to resolve this situation.

Like summer, wear it with a handbag, high heels and a white shirt. After the combination of ancient + contemporary, the entire outfit will be fashionable and smart. ▼

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In the natural show field of Chengdu, horse-faced skirts always exude a different brilliance, making people linger and talk about it.