Appreciate the beauty of Hanfu

Appreciate the beauty of Hanfu

The combination of flowers and gorgeous clothes in spring is a romance engraved in the bones of the Chinese people. Recently, the 2024 "Flowers Blooming in Neijiang, Liyue and Han'an" Flower Festival held by Neijiang Hanfu Club was held in Daqian Garden, Dongxing District, Neijiang City. Many Hanfu fellows arrived at the appointment, wearing Hanfu, enjoying the Flower Festival, and enjoying the spring time .

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At the event, as the music played and the lights gathered on the stage, members of the Neijiang Hanfu Club and their Hanfu colleagues were dressed in splendid robes and hairpins. With the accompaniment of classical music and the detailed explanation of the host, the scene was The audience staged a scene interpretation of "Zhao Zhenji of the Ming Dynasty". During the performance, the actor who played Zhao Zhenji sat on a bamboo chair, sometimes reading a book, sometimes raising a cup to drink tea. His subtle movements showed ancient etiquette. While showing the unique charm of Hanfu, he also promoted Chinese etiquette to the audience. In addition to this program, Neijiang Hanfu Society also carefully organized and planned the "Flower Farmers Group Portrait" scenario performance, "Flower Fairy Performances" and other programs. While attracting the audience's attention and stimulating the audience's interest, it also better publicized and carried forward China's excellent traditional culture, allowing people to The audience experienced the charm of traditional culture.

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According to reports, the Flower Festival, also known as the "Flower Festival", "Hundred Flowers Birthday" and "Flower Birthday", is a traditional festival of the Han nationality. It is usually held on the second, twelfth or fifteenth day of the second lunar month, and is popular in Northeast, North China, East China, Central and South China and other places. During the festival, people go to the countryside to enjoy the flowers together, which is called "outing"; girls cut out five-color paper and stick it on the flower branches, which is called "appreciating red". In addition, "decorating lion flowers", "laying magic flower lanterns", planting flowers and digging wild vegetables are also common custom activities. In the old days, every family in the Jiangnan area would worship the Flower God. Women in the boudoir would tie colored paper on the flower trees and go to the Flower Temple to burn incense to pray for the Flower God's blessing and protect the flourishing flowers and trees. At the same time, this day is also called "Girls' Day". Women who have not left the palace like to admire red flowers and worship the flower god, eat flower cakes, perform flower orders, and pray that they will be as energetic and beautiful as flowers.

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"I'm very happy to be able to participate in this Flower Festival event today. This event is really exciting. Not only does it have guzheng, but there are also various performances and explanations. I learned a lot of historical knowledge and also made me feel the Chinese culture. The unique charm of culture." said Ms. Liu, a citizen.

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