Hanfu horse-face skirts are extremely popular in Cao County, China

Hanfu horse-face skirts are extremely popular in Cao County, China

Wearing new clothes is a must-have Spring Festival ritual for Chinese people. A horse-faced skirt has suddenly become the first choice of "battle robe", which can be regarded as the top choice during the festival. According to reports, Caoxian County, Shandong Province, is one of the production and sales bases of Hanfu in my country, with sales of Hanfu exceeding 7 billion yuan a year. This year, in Caoxian County, the sales of Year of the Dragon New Year clothes, mainly horse-face skirts, have exceeded 300 million yuan. Horse-faced skirts are in short supply. What’s so attractive about them that they’re the first to emerge among traditional costumes?

The integration of traditional clothing into modern life not only fully explores excellent historical and cultural resources, but also helps it gain new vitality and achieve creative transformation and innovative development. From the horse-faced skirt, we see a series of surprising changes: traditional Hanfu has become everyday, gradually reaching the public from the niche circle. In the past, more people who wore Hanfu were Hanfu lovers. Nowadays, more and more people are wearing horse-faced skirts in their daily lives. Whether it is a Chinese-style shirt or a modern-style short-sleeved shirt, there is no sense of incompatibility when paired with a horse-faced skirt. It can be displayed generously when working, traveling, or shopping.

The horse-faced skirt, which was popular in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, represents the crystallization of Chinese aesthetics and contains rich historical culture. The enduring appeal of horse-faced skirts is fundamentally due to this enduring charm. Even today, it can still adapt to contemporary aesthetic needs and become a fashion culture. In addition, the highly developed production network has made excellent traditional culture no longer high-minded and has enhanced "cultural affinity". According to reports, the production company can process a horse-faced skirt from fabric into ready-made garments in less than 2 hours at the fastest. The number of searches for horse-faced skirts on various e-commerce platforms has skyrocketed, and prices ranging from 100 yuan to over 1,000 yuan are within the reach of the general public. Contemporary young people’s unique understanding of horse-faced skirts and their attempts to wear them reflect their love for traditional culture. They present the beauty of Hanfu three-dimensionally, shine with cultural confidence, and help spread China’s excellent traditional culture more widely.

The popularity of horse-faced skirts is also a vivid epitome of the rise of new Chinese-style outfits in recent years. For traditional culture to move towards contemporary life, the first priority is inheritance, but it is also inseparable from advancing with the times and innovating and developing. The essence of New Chinese Style is to combine traditional Chinese cultural elements with current aesthetic trends. Abandon the unsuitable and backward elements of tradition and interpret them with modern means to ensure quality while reducing costs, enriching the wearing experience and lowering the threshold for daily wear. In terms of design, the traditional design is recolored through modern aesthetics, retaining the simple and elegant Chinese style while adapting to the needs of daily wear. In the "2022 Taobao Tmall Apparel Industry Trend White Paper", New Chinese style ranks third among the nine major styles. The market size of New Chinese style clothing will reach 1 billion in 2023, and many well-known women's clothing brands have poured into the New Chinese style track.

Nowadays, the trend of "New Chinese style in everything" is unstoppable. In addition to clothing, New Chinese style has also extended to many fields such as food, beauty and skin care, health care and home furnishings, firmly grasping the minds of consumers. In fact, the secret to the popularity of the new Chinese style represented by the horse-faced skirt is also obvious - to find the connection point between traditional culture and modern life, and to make the traditional and ancient become fashionable and cutting-edge. discover traditionsThe fusion point between culture and young people and constantly broadening the boundaries of national trends can truly take root and become popular.