The Eternal Beauty: Hanfu Goddess Bai Niangzi

The Eternal Beauty: Hanfu Goddess Bai Niangzi

She has always insisted on doing a very good job and always presented her best to the audience. She has a high professional ethics and is dedicated to her work, which deserves respect! Relying on sincerity and giving what you earn is worthy of admiration, the beautiful goddess-Zhao Yazhi!

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Angie Chiu was born on November 15, 1953 in the Kowloon Peninsula of Hong Kong, China. Her ancestral home is Kaifeng City, Henan Province. She is a Chinese film and television actress and graduated from Chongde English College.

Zhao Yazhi has been elegant all her life. All women can live like this. They really have a lucky life. They have a career they love, a husband who loves them, and excellent children. This life is perfect.

Recently, Zhao Yazhi, who is 70 years old, has been on the hot search again, but judging from her appearance, how come she seems to be in her 20s?

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Zhao Yazhi recently attended the China International Fashion Week event in Guangzhou. The red horse-faced skirt appeared, which instantly stunned many viewers and aroused the attention and heated discussion of many netizens. From her red horse-faced dress, she is elegant and decent, giving people the feeling that time has never left any trace on her body. She is 70 years old and has super good looks. She is really the "ageless goddess" in the entertainment industry!

Looking at Zhao Yazhi with her beautiful hairstyle, exquisite makeup, fair skin and bright red lips, she is particularly dazzling and steals the spotlight.

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The red long-sleeved shirt, plus the bright red horse-faced skirt with flowers printed on it. The embroidery on the skirt is so tempting and exquisite, as if it has traveled through time. It is also paired with a small shirt of the same color. The whole look is harmonious and unified, and it also highlights Zhao Yazhi's unique taste and temperament. Pair it with snow-white high heels. It is simply full of femininity and has a feminine temperament. It always gives people a high-end beauty with Chinese style! On the stage, it is simply a beautiful scenery. You see her graceful posture and light steps when she walks, giving people a noble and elegant feeling!

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Zhao Yazhi, this look is all about giving people a traditional horse-faced skirt, giving a sense of luxury and fashion, and she looks very fashionable! At the same time, it also displays the beauty of national style and demonstrates the confidence of national culture!

Look at the smile on her face, which always gives people a sense of confidence, calmness, and magnanimity, which is so enviable! You would never think that Zhao Yazhi, who is 70 years old, can have such grace!

In rural areas, all 70-year-olds are already hunched over, but in our city, even 70-year-olds, there are not many people who can look like her!

Moreover, she wore 10 cm height-increasing shoes on the stage. Her waist was straight and her steps were easy and steady. To be honest, he looks like he is only in his 20s.

At this age, no matter her figure, temperament, or appearance, compared with her peers, she has surpassed many people.

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Don't tell me, seeing her outstanding temperament, many people in their 30s and 40s are also envious, saying they are not necessarily inferior to her?

At the age of 70, with such a state and temperament, it is really good, intellectual and beautiful! I don’t know if you still remember Leifeng Pagoda, Beside the Broken Bridge, Dead Fahai, Zhao Yazhi brought the White Snake to life, leaving behind a poignant love story. And that song "Waiting Once in a Thousand Years", a classic that will last forever and reverberate... Do you still remember it?

In fact, Zhao Yazhi and Ye Tong's "couple partner" is not only in "The Legend of White Snake"! We watched this TV series countless times when we were kids, but for some reason, we always felt like we didn't get enough. Even if I can sing the songs in it, I still like to watch it.

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Zhao Yazhi and Ye Tong also collaborated on "Love in Troubled Times", "Legend of the New Evil Sea Flower", and "Laughing at a Good Marriage".

As we all know, the horse-faced skirt, a Hanfu style, has become very popular recently. In addition, our big star Zhao Yazhi appeared in a red horse-faced skirt, which has already stunned everyone.

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Our Zhao Yazhi, and you can still see her in various charity activities. And its public welfare footprint has spread across 16 provinces and autonomous regions in China, covering environmental greening, disaster area reconstruction, women's and children's health, and social medical care.

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In 2006, Zhao Yazhi participated in the "Jackie Chan's Good Friends Charity Concert" held in Harbin. During that concert, she donated all the proceeds to Harbin charities. It seems that our star Zhao Yazhi is not only beautiful in person and appearance, but also beautiful in heart!

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In 2014, Zhao Yazhi and her husband also came to Mashan Primary School in Hulu Town, Shawan District, Leshan, Sichuan, to participate in the Yibo Road Romantic Love Charity Action, and together they donated stationery, books, tables, chairs and other supplies to the school as a charity enterprise. In October of the same year, she and her husband attended the completion ceremony of the drinking water project in Zhantan Township, Tianlintao, Dingxi City, Gansu Province, and also participated in donating the Dingxi water source project.

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All in all, Zhao Yazhi is a superstar in the history of Chinese film. Also a versatile actress, she is able to be known for her elegance, beauty and talent. She has superb acting skills and was very good when she was young. Known for her outstanding appearance and age-defying beauty, she is known as the "Eternal Goddess"! Zhao Yazhi's life philosophy is hard work, persistence and beauty! # Hangzhou Toutiao#