Hanfu sellers have no conscience

Hanfu sellers have no conscience

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Lieutenant: Humph...I was speechless. She gave me three sets of clothes in total, none of which was wearable.

How much does this lucky bag cost?

Lieutenant: For 180 yuan, there are three sets of Hanfu.

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Xiaowei claims to be a "wild" Hanfu enthusiast

Occasionally I buy Hanfu online

I saw it recently on Xianyu

Someone is selling Hanfu lucky bags

I also want to try it

See if you can get a "baby"”

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Lieutenant: This is also my first time to try Hanfu lucky bag, because recently I may suddenly want to try what will be opened. Then on this seller’s homepage, she wrote something that is equivalent to some of the more famous brands in our Hanfu circle, but none of the products sold were from that brand, and they were dirty, smelly, and defective.

Reporter: What does the Hanfu lucky bag mean?

Lieutenant: The Hanfu lucky bag is equivalent to a promotional tool, that is, we usually buy a set of Hanfu for three to four hundred yuan, but if you buy this Hanfu lucky bag, it will have a certain discount, but the style may be unknown.

The seller’s product introduction page reads:

The Hanfu lucky bag comes in size L or XL

Buy one set and get one free for 180 yuan

We will also stuff individual items and small gifts

Absolutely great value for money

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Lieutenant: This is a pair of pants. I found nothing wrong with its appearance at first. Then I opened the middle and found yellow stains and black mold spots on them. This was a sling she sent me. The sling is torn here. This is a Song skirt. The strap was torn and she sewed it on herself. There were stains even on this side. This is also a skirt, and it basically feels like it’s about to fall off.All have rough edges.

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Xiaowei said that she contacted the buyer on the platform

Request a refund

The other party said that the defective one was sent

Two more new single pieces can be reissued

Lieutenant does not accept

Offer to bear the freight

But you have to return the lucky bag

The seller refused

Indicates that the lucky bag is non-refundable and non-exchangeable

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Lieutenant: The seller admitted that it was damaged, but she refused to return it for a refund. she gaveMy compensation agreement is that if she continues to post this link, if the next person purchases it, I will send this lucky bag to the next person.

Reporter: What do you think?

Lieutenant: I feel unscrupulous. I don’t think anyone with a conscience would do this, because it’s true that none of the three sets can be worn, and it’s really dirty.

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The two parties failed to negotiate successfully

The seller initiated a "small court rights protection"

The Xianyu court ruled in favor of the buyer Xiaowei

Then the seller applied for Xianyu customer service intervention

The result is "The buyer does not have valid proof that there is a problem with the product"

Returns and refunds are not supported

During the interview, the seller had already blocked Xiaowei

Unable to contact at the moment

In the "Reviews" column on the homepage

The seller once posted a screenshot of adding credentials to the platform

Which responded in text form

The processing results of Xianyu customer service

Lieutenant is not convinced

Submitted my own unboxing video

It is said that the platform does not approve it

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Lieutenant: He said that I did not unpack in front of the courier, but one problem is that now the courier is directlyThe person who dropped the package off at the inn had gone to the inn to pick up the package after get off work. It was impossible for me to catch the courier just in time and force him to watch me unpack before he could leave. I have communicated with him and their customer service staff many times, and we are just playing ball with each other, that is, they either make me wait, or they say this is the optimal result. I want to complain about the unfair judgment on Xianyu.

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Xianyu customer service: I saw a call on April 1st and have upgraded the complaint.

Lieutenant: Yes, but one of your leaders called me and told me that this is the best solution. There is no other solution for me, but I think this judgment is unfair. The small court also made the judgment. I won. My unboxing video and complete unboxing video are provided, and there are written instructions from the seller.

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Xianyu Customer Service: This waiter is a consulting platform, not a specialist, because your case involves a specialist. If you have been judged to have lost, this may be the final result. But the waiter here saw that your call on the 1st has upgraded the complaint. This is the work order you upgraded the complaint. The general processing time is 3 to 5 days. The waiter saw that it is already being processed. Please wait patiently for the processing. the result of.

The reporter reported the situation to the public relations department of Xianyu Platform

Lieutenant gave feedback later

The platform contacted her and agreed to refund