Chinese-style Hanfu is so beautiful, isn't it?

Chinese-style Hanfu is so beautiful, isn't it?

Everyone is familiar with Fashion Week, because many people want to learn how to match fashion, or want to know about changes in fashion clothing. They like to watch Fashion Week to grasp the latest fashion changes.

The fashion sense of clothing also has a great impact on our mentality, the power of the nation! Chinese-style clothing is so beautiful, even if the style is weird, it is quite elegant. As we become more and more confident in our own country’s culture, more and more clothing designed in Chinese style is becoming more and more popular.

I have to say that the elegance of Chinese-style clothing is really unparalleled. It is not only exquisite, but also generous. Chinese-style clothing is beautiful. Chinese people are becoming more and more confident in fashion shows. There are too many Chinese-style clothing. I was dazzled when I saw it, and I wanted to try every costume.

Chinese-style Hanfu is so beautiful, isn

Gentle little skirt◆

There are really too many elements that can be found in Chinese-style clothing. Different clothing elements can be found in five thousand years of history. The stand-up collar design combined with the tight-fitting design will give it a bit of a cheongsam feel and can show off The effect is gentle and feminine.

The color of the skirt is white, the fabric of the skirt is satin, and the inner skirt is tulle, which will show a more retro charm through the tulle design, and at the same time, through the tulle design, it will show Gentle and feminine. The unique skirt design perfectly combines the Chinese style of the upper body with Western clothes.

Chinese-style Hanfu is so beautiful, isn

The opera style is also very charming◆

The version of the skirt is strappyThe style is very unique. The texture of satin is matched with the pattern of waves. It is full of retro style, sexy and elegant at the same time.

But what is even more unique is the design of her hair. The design of the bangs is very similar to the style in the opera, which instantly makes the whole skirt look more Chinese, fashionable and a bit cool.

But this hairstyle really tests the shape of the face, and it’s really difficult for most people to manage.

Chinese-style Hanfu is so beautiful, isn

The pattern of waves is more atmospheric◆

It has to be said that the effect of opera styling is very unique and eye-catching, and it can also make any skirt look retro. It's like a tight-fitting hip-hugging long skirt. From the style point of view, it's just an ordinary Western-style skirt. But paired with the retro pattern of waves and such an opera-style hairstyle, it will show the visual effect of a blue and white porcelain vase.

The beauty is generous and charming, so even if there are no obvious elements of national style in the clothing, it can still show the beauty of national fashion.

Chinese-style Hanfu is so beautiful, isn


Sometimes, just a simple pattern can show a very unique effect. For example, the peony, a classic Chinese painting pattern, is a representative of the national trend. However, peony traditional Chinese paintings are still very common in the fashion industry. If the matching method is not suitable, it will become boring.

And on the black skirt, embellished with dark-toned Chinese painting-style peonies, this kind of noble temperament can be well displayed, and at the same time, it can be well combined with modern beauty.

soIf the pattern is matched with a hairstyle with hairpins, it will actually be more beautiful and have a more national trendy charm.

Chinese-style Hanfu is so beautiful, isn

Ink painting◆

Among the patterns, the ink paintings are not all black and white, there are also colors, but the saturation of this color is still quite low, and the effect of the skirt is also more gentle.

For example, the pattern of cyan with warm yellow has a gentle feeling, and it also naturally shows the hazy feeling on rainy days. Paired with an oil paper umbrella, it will be more gentle and feminine.

However, this kind of pattern is more suitable for making a skirt with better drape. If it is a fluffy skirt, it looks a bit exaggerated and is more suitable for children.

Chinese-style Hanfu is so beautiful, isn

Modern clothing, ancient heart◆

Some unique costumes are really charming. The designs are relatively modern, but they actually combine with the beauty of ancient style. The white skirt is divided into three layers. It looks fluffy and gentle. When paired with a high-quality transparent stand-collar jacket, it looks even more free and easy. The unique large fan decoration also makes this outfit instantly look noble. When you get up, you feel like looking at a Buddha statue.

Chinese-style Hanfu is so beautiful, isn

Antique jacket◆

The style of the skirt is a light gauze skirt, so the effect it can show is quite elegant. At this time, paired with a transparent antique jacket, it will increase the layering of the clothing and make your clothing look more antique. A sense of national fashion.

The main collar design of the jacket has an antique feel, but the transparent design is still very bright, and it has a very fashionable visual effect at first glance.

Chinese-style Hanfu is so beautiful, isn

Chivalrous style◆

After matching the ancient style clothing with a stand-up collar, it looks much more handsome, and the design effect it can show is also very cool, but the ancient style feeling is not bad at all, it has a wonderful heroic feeling, very free and handsome .

If the hairstyle is paired with a simple bun, it will be even more unique. It looks handsome and has a neutral temperament. The style of the skirt looks very ordinary, but the blue lining is unexpectedly handsome and refreshing.

Chinese-style Hanfu is so beautiful, isn

I believe you can also see that there are really a lot of Chinese fashion clothes, and most of them are combined with modern elements, so there are many styles suitable for daily wear. If you are embarrassed to wear them, you can also wear them for your own children. It’s pleasing to look at.

Chinese-style Hanfu is so beautiful, isn