The rise of Hanfu is an unstoppable trend

The rise of Hanfu is an unstoppable trend

2022 can be said to be a year when the sales of domestic products will explode. Whether it is mobile phones, cars or clothing, a national trend has set off in all major fields.

First of all, in terms of clothing, Hanfu, which has always been popular among young people, has once again exploded after the TV series "Menghualu" became popular.

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On Vipshop, "fairy women's clothing" and "national style" have become hot search terms on the platform. Sales of Chinese style women's clothing increased by 54% in just one month. Among them, the post-90s generation is the absolute main consumer of Chinese-style women's clothing, with sales increasing by 67% year-on-year.

In terms of cars, BYD sales continue to hit record highs. In May, BYD's sales set a record of 100,000 units per month, reaching 114,183 units. Among them, the sales volume of the Han series is as high as 24,000 units, far exceeding many foreign car brands.

In terms of mobile phones, Xiaomi has become the biggest winner after Huawei. As the replacement cycle of young people has been extended to three years and the sales volume of the mobile phone market has dropped by 40%, Xiaomi achieved sales of 18.7 billion in all channels on June 18 this year, ranking first in sales of Android phones on the five major platforms and ranking first in sales. one.

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On Vipshop’s Xiaomi Super Brand Day, Xiaomi’s sales surged 12.5 times in one day, making it a super hot product. Recently, Vipshop launched the “3C Digital Super Category Day”.On the day of the event, the sales of mobile phones from those born in 1995 increased nearly 10 times compared with normal days. Xiaomi 12S, Honor 70, VIVO, IQOO 10, etc. have become everyone's favorites.

Not only domestically, domestic products are also sailing overseas, capturing the minds of a large number of foreigners. Domestic mobile phones are in short supply overseas and are even resold by overseas scalpers. A domestic mobile phone that costs about US$200 is still being snapped up by foreign consumers even after the price is increased by US$20-30.

The overseas sales of domestic mobile phones such as Xiaomi, OnePlus, Youmi, and POCO have surged several times. The overseas markets mentioned here do not only refer to the Southeast Asian or African markets, but also include the markets of developed countries such as Europe. In 2021, OPPO's annual shipments in the European market increased by 78% year-on-year, becoming the fourth largest smartphone brand in the European market.

The old bicycle brand "Shanghai Phoenix" has ushered in a highlight moment against the background of the national trend of going overseas. In Tianjin Luida's factory, workers are working overtime to produce bicycles, and overseas orders have been scheduled until after June this year.

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The most important thing is that the overseas price of bicycles made in China has exceeded that in China, even more than five times that in China. If a Phoenix bicycle sells for 700 yuan on, it may cost 3,500 yuan to buy one overseas.

From clothing to mobile phones and home appliances to large aircraft and cars, more and more domestic products are beginning to emerge. This national trend not only swept the country, but also set off a trend of Made in China and Chinese culture around the world.