'Dream of Splendor' goes viral, igniting the popularity of Chinese-style Hanfu

'Dream of Splendor' goes viral, igniting the popularity of Chinese-style Hanfu

How popular is Chinese style recently?

Since June 2, "Meng Hua Lu" has become popular not only for the looks of Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao, but also for their costumes full of traditional Chinese flavor. New Chinese-style women's clothing has become a hot topic, and young people have begun to consider Chinese style as one of their casual clothing choices. Vipshop data shows that sales of retro-style and Chinese-style clothing are exploding.

"Meng Hua Lu" has become a phenomenon-level TV series. The number of views exceeded 1.5 billion in the first 10 days after it was aired. More than 400,000 people rated it on Douban, with the highest score of 8.8. "Meng Hua Lu" became popular for its good looks and fairy spirit. In addition to its wonderful plot , Liu Yifei’s fairy-like dress also allowed young people to fully appreciate the beauty of the East.

Under this influence, new Chinese-style clothing quickly broke out of the circle. Chen Yin, who has entered the workplace less than a year after graduating from university, bought herself three Chinese-style dresses while watching dramas. She usually wears professional attire, and regards new Chinese-style clothes as her new favorite, for parties or outings. I often wear it when traveling, and it’s “beautiful for taking photos”.

Caption: One of the reasons why Chinese-style women’s clothing is popular is the beauty of taking photos

According to industry insiders, Chinese-style women's clothing was still a niche group a few years ago, mostly worn by Hanfu groups or young people who love to play cosplay. But in recent years, with the rise of the national trend, people are becoming more and more accepting of the national style. Chinese-style women's clothing has spread to the public circle. The popularity of "Menghualu" has added fuel to the popularity of Chinese-style women's clothing.

"Menghualu" has popularized national style, which can also be seen from the data of the e-commerce platform. Vipshop data shows that since June, retro, national style, and fairy women's clothing have become hot search terms on the platform. With the dream With the launch of Hualu, sales of Chinese-style women's clothing have continued to rise. Compared with May, sales of Chinese-style women's clothing increased by 54% in June. Life is a designer brand with new Chinese-style women's clothing as its main style. Sales of Chinese-style dresses surged by more than 50% year-on-year. The post-90s generation has become one of the user groups with the fastest sales growth, with sales increasing by 67% year-on-year. Other retro women's clothing is also experiencing an explosion. During Vipshop's 6.16 sale, sales of cheongsam surged 9 times year-on-year.

The golden age of Chinese-style women's clothing has just begun. Surveys show that nearly 90% of Chinese-style lovers are young people of Generation Z, which also reflects Generation Z's love for traditional Chinese aesthetics. According to a report released by iiMedia Research, the market size of the Hanfu market in 2021 is expected to exceed 10 billion. Hanfu is just a market segment in Chinese style clothing. Experts predict that Chinese-style women's clothing may become one of the mainstream casual clothing in the future.

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