After 'Dream of Splendor', Hanfu becomes the top trendsetter for Chinese clothing

After 'Dream of Splendor', Hanfu becomes the top trendsetter for Chinese clothing

The wave of national style has intensified in recent years. Hanfu and Chinese-style clothing were originally just the hobbies of some young people, but now they are becoming a major trend and are loved by more and more young people.


Just in the past two days, a video of a young lady studying in Canada wearing Hanfu at a graduation ceremony became a hot search topic. Netizens praised one after another: This is cultural confidence!

It has to be admitted that with China's economic development, the cultural field has become obviously more confident. More and more excellent traditional cultures are being discovered, and a national "Renaissance" has begun with great vigor.

Whether at work, in private, or on the streets, more and more young people are wearing Hanfu and walking with their chests held high and their heads held high. Hanfu has become a cultural trend among young people.

On Xiaohongshu, there are 1.24 million notes about Hanfu. According to statistics, the number of young people buying Hanfu in 2021 has exceeded 20 million, and this number is still growing rapidly.

Especially recently, the broadcast of "Menghualu" has once again added fuel to the national trend. Currently, "Menghualu" has been played more than 1.5 billion times, making it a phenomenon-level TV series. In addition to the "fairy looks" of Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao, the most eye-catching thing in the play is the fairy-like traditional costumes in the play.


Some netizens said: "DreamThe costumes in Hua Lu are really beautiful. Even if I don’t watch the plot, I can still be fascinated by just the costumes. In the end, before I finished watching the drama, I bought a few sets of Chinese-style dresses..."

Netizens’ description of Hanfu is even more beautiful: “The beauty of Mianfu is called Hua Zhang, and the beauty of Xia has Zhangfu is called Hua. Hanfu is a bright stroke in the ancient Chinese culture. It is the tulle of the beauties in ancient paintings and the pavilion. The colorful silk beside the waterside pavilion is even more like the colorful clouds worn by the flying dancing girl."

On Vipshop, a special sales platform, the search volume for keywords such as "national style" and "fairy spirit" increased sharply. Since the launch of "Meng Hua Lu", Vipshop's sales of Chinese-style women's clothing, like the ratings of "Meng Hua Lu", have begun to rise.

Vipshop data shows that since June this year, sales of Chinese-style women’s clothing have increased by 54% month-on-month. In other words, in less than a month, Menghualu has brought in half the sales compared to the previous month.


In addition, the sales of cheongsam on Vipshop also soared 9 times, and the sales of Chinese-style dresses by "Living on the Left", a design brand specializing in Chinese women's clothing, increased by more than 50% year-on-year. One can imagine how popular "Menghua Lu" is.

In fact, the craze for Chinese-style women's clothing triggered by Menghualu is only a microcosm of the current national trend. Hanfu is expected to have reached a market size of more than 10 billion, and Hanfu is only a part of national style clothing. As China's economy develops, cultural confidence begins to return, and a "Renaissance" in traditional aesthetics is taking place.