Hanfu enthusiasts face criticism

Hanfu enthusiasts face criticism

Hanfu has a history of more than a thousand years from the Western Zhou Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty. It is a relatively mature and self-contained culture. But in the long history, there are actually many more that shine brightly. When I saw slogans like "Chinese rejuvenation, clothes first", I really collapsed. Buddha needs golden clothes, people need clothes. A decent dress is indeed a form of politeness, but the most important thing here is that I I think it should be appropriate to put on Hanfu and go out on the street. This is not a revival of culture, but just sensationalism. Such a gesture further interprets the two sentences of embroidered pillows and a bag of straw, and wearing a dragon robe does not look like a prince. meaning.

Clothing is the most important thing when it comes to food, clothing, housing, and transportation. I believe that the clothes here are definitely not about the exquisite materials used, the fine workmanship, and the exquisite styles, but they are just something to keep out the cold and cover up shame. The ancients said that filial piety comes first. I believe that many people who like Hanfu are students. These flowers of the motherland, dear children's shoes, the money required for today's education is a big aspect of the pressure on a family. The cost required Money is the blood and sweat of parents. We have clothes to wear, food to eat, and education. We also have to pay attention to the gorgeousness of the clothes and squeeze the blood and sweat of parents to a greater extent. Is this a kind of filial piety? Even basic moral etiquette If you haven’t learned it yet, do you still expect to promote Hanfu culture? This can only be the most ridiculous thing in the world!

What's more, etiquette is a form of inner conduct that is transmitted to behavior, while clothing is just a trend at best. If everyone has etiquette, does it matter whether Hanfu is revived or not? If everyone has no etiquette, then what if the streets are all in Hanfu? Clothes cannot change a person's thinking and behavior. Even if we understand the bowing ceremony, the kneeling ceremony, the sitting ceremony, the flower hairpin ceremony, the crown ceremony, and the evening ceremony, so what? Can the evil person put down his butcher knife and do good? I'm afraid I can't even do the basic filial piety to my parents, so what etiquette is there?

Of course, when the 56 ethnic groups in the country gather together, they each wear unique ethnic costumes, sing and dance, which is a kind of cultural rendering, a kind of inheritance, and a kind of symbol. But that is only needed on specific occasions and at specific times, just like when someone in the family dies, they will wear linen and mourn, but there is absolutely no such person who wears linen and mourns while walking on the street, or wears linen and mourns and dances and sings in front of the mirror.

The world looks at Zhuangzi, but no one looks at Zhuangzi's clothes. I believe that Zhuangzi must be wearing Hanfu, but it is not Zhuangzi's clothes that are talked about. Why? In the face of etiquette, conduct, and wisdom, clothes are just to keep out the cold. It’s just something that doesn’t need to be used for comparison, and it’s not worth advocating, promoting, or even imitating. Everyone has a love for beauty, and you can like it, but you don’t have to be obsessed with it at all. It’s not sad to know that Hanfu is not a tragedy. What’s sad is that Hanfu fans use the banner of culture to ridicule other people’s ignorance.