Wearing a Hanfu makes you a top influencer. What's the real deal with Luoyang's cultural and tourism favoritism

Wearing a Hanfu makes you a top influencer. What's the real deal with Luoyang's cultural and tourism favoritism

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"Promoting the transformation from Made in China to Created in China, China's speed to China's quality, and China's products to China's brands", May 10, 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping When inspecting China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd. in Henan, he proposed "three changes." In 2017, the State Council approved the establishment of May 10th as "Chinese Brand Day" every year, giving all walks of life a concrete starting point to promote high-quality development and build a new development pattern.

In the past ten years, the camp of well-known brands in Henan has become stronger and stronger. There are national treasures, new tea products, leading wigs, and top-notch ancient cities... In order to vigorously promote Henan's famous brands Independent brands, since April 12, Dahe.com has joined forces with the Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission to launch a series of reports "Domestic Trendy Brands·Henan Power" to reveal the phenomenon of Henan brands "out of the circle", tell the story of Henan brand development, and explore Henan brand upgrades way.


Dahe Network News The peonies are in bloom, why don’t you come to Luoyang?

When a princess falls in love with Hanfu, the traffic password of the ancient city of Luoyi is one word - "pet"! By creating immersive scenes and holding various garden and entertainment activities, Luoyi Ancient City continues to improve and enhance its brand influence.

"Hanfu fever" has made "Luoyang fever" popular. This year, Luoyang will maintain its “top-notch” status in new cultural tourism, implement the “Hanfu Integration into the City” initiative, and develop and expand the Hanfu economy throughout the chain. Create immersive cultural tourism experience products, enhance the influence of the "Prosperous Sui and Tang Dynasties" IP, and create more cultural tourism out-of-circle brands.

Create a scene and pamper the princess

When night falls and the lanterns are turned on, the ancient city of Luoyi changes into the filter of the Shangyuan Festival in the prosperous Tang Dynasty and "skin."

The young ladies dressed in gorgeous Hanfu, made buns with clouds, touched rouge, lit flowers, held oil-paper umbrellas, carried small lanterns, leaned against the wall, sniffed the flower branches, or stood Walking on a small bridge over flowing water, or walking in dimly lit areas.

Wearing a Hanfu makes you a top influencer. What

Luoyi Ancient City Archway

The busiest thing is their photographer - guiding the movements, adjusting the angles, finding the light, and taking beautiful photos.

This is the normal situation after the explosion in the ancient city of Luoyi, and it is also the daily life after the Hanfu boom in Luoyang. The immersive and pampering cultural tourism model satisfies tourists' love for beauty.

What is the traffic password of Luoyi Ancient City?

"My answer is - the scene." Li Wei, the "city owner" of the ancient city of Luoyi, chairman of Henan Luoyi Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., said that from the initial opening of the park to its popularity in 2022, and then The main reason for the popularity of the whole year in 2023 is to create a scene. Especially at night, when the lanterns are first lit, it feels like you are in the Shangyuan Lantern Festival during the heyday of the Tang Dynasty.

Wearing a Hanfu makes you a top influencer. What

Night view of the ancient city of Luoyi

The ancient city of Luoyi highly restores the style of Luoyang City in the prosperous Tang Dynasty, using characteristic scenes such as "lantern stands, oil-paper umbrellas, curtains, antique carts, and cross-hand ceremonies" , creating "Internet celebrity" check-in points such as Lantern Lion Painted Bridge, Xiangluo Mantian, Sui and Tang Markets, etc., and constructing wonderful performing arts interactions such as Wenfeng Evening Drums, Xintan Evening Boat, Liulin Wenling, etc., to provide immersive experience scenes for the majority of tourists. , attracting a large number of young consumers.

Travel through time and space, immersive experience

Some netizens said that what Luoyi Ancient City does is the "beauty economy". Li Wei told Dahe.com reporters that 80% of girls come to the ancient city of Luoyi to take photos and post on WeChat Moments. With scenes, props and costumes, and makeup photography, the immersive experience turns into the beauty of the circle of friends.

Wearing a Hanfu makes you a top influencer. What

Luoyi Ancient City Flower Chao Festival

According to reports, in order to create a unique cultural tourism brand, LuoyiThe ancient city has identified the ancient city's differentiated positioning of "fireworks atmosphere, market flavor, and cultural style", launched various large-scale immersive garden performance activities, combined Hanfu culture with park programs and immersive experiences, and planned the "Eight Great Masters of the Tang and Song Dynasties" to break the Immersive performing arts projects such as time and space interaction, Eight Immortals' tour of the ancient city, and "Fun Book of Women's Kingdom" adopt a "simulated real scene + game-like interaction" model to open a "moonlight treasure box" that travels through time and space for tourists.

Hanfu is a vital traffic code in the ancient city of Luoyi. Since 2023, Luoyi Ancient City has successively held a series of themed activities such as Hanfu Street Photography Contest, Hanfu Cultural Festival, Hanfu Group Wedding, and the First Hanfu Industry Summit Forum. It has also launched the "Yiqi Travel Bar"-Hanfu Short Video Contest and other Hanfu events. Related theme activities.

Wearing a Hanfu makes you a top influencer. What

Special activities in the ancient city of Luoyi

At the same time, we have focused on the modern expression of traditional culture. The ancient city is picturesque and the beautiful scenery is a gift. We have developed more than 100 categories of Luoyi bookmarks, intangible cultural heritage brushes, and porcelain peonies. Cultural and creative products have gained a large number of "loyal fans" and formed a consumption development pattern of "one area brings the whole city".

The data speaks for itself. In 2023, Luoyi Ancient City will receive more than 10 million tourists. During the Spring Festival this year, it became a popular scenic spot in the country with a total reception of 1.25 million people, and continues to rank first among the most popular Hanfu check-in places in the country.

"Tourists understand us, and we understand tourists better"

In the ancient city of Luoyi, photographers can be seen everywhere wearing uniforms. The "Luoyi Appointment for Photography" sign was placed in a conspicuous position.

Luoyi Photo Appointment is the official photography service platform of Luoyi Ancient City. It is mainly designed to comply with market demand, standardize photo appointment behavior, and improve tourists’ photography experience.

Wearing a Hanfu makes you a top influencer. What

Li Wei, Chairman of Henan Luoyi Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., was interviewed by Dahe.com

Li Wei introduced that tourists can input their own shooting needs by scanning the mini program, and photographers certified by the platform can sign up. Grab an order. The platform provides guarantee for the smooth progress of the transaction, and tourists can also rate the photographer's service later. Those with high scores will be recommended higher by the platform, while those with lower scores or negative reviews will affect the photographer's subsequent work.

Wearing a Hanfu makes you a top influencer. What

The "Luoyi Appointment" photographer is taking pictures

Li Wei said: "Last year, the number of tourists in the ancient city of Luoyi exceeded 10 million, 67% of whom were women, aged 18 to 40. The proportion is high. Based on the interests and hobbies of women, the elderly, and children, we have arranged consumption experience scenes that tourists like. This year, Luoyi Ancient City completed the expansion and carefully arranged new check-in scenes in the newly added 90 acres. "

"Tourists understand us, and we understand tourists better." Li Wei said that this year we have set a new goal - Luoyi Ancient City will have more than 15 million tourists.

Hanfu integrates the city and strengthens the Hanfu economy

"Hanfu fever" has sparked "Luoyang fever". The integration of culture and tourism makes Luoyang stand out from the crowd. Taking advantage of the Peony Cultural Festival, Luoyang's immersive cultural tourism industry will enter a blowout period again.

Dahe.com reporters learned that last year, the “Hanfu craze” created a new business card for Luoyang’s immersive cultural tourism. Luoyi Ancient City, Yingtianmen, and Laojun Mountain became popular "out of the circle" and successfully created new IPs of "Prosperous Sui and Tang Dynasties" and "Funiu Landscape".

Wearing a Hanfu makes you a top influencer. What

Tourists visiting Luoyang Longmen Grottoes at night

A few days ago, the Luoyang Municipal People's Government issued the "Notice on the Breakdown of Key Work Tasks in 2024 Proposed in the Government Work Report", which mentioned that Luoyang will promote cultural tourism Create deep integration and maintain the "top-notch" trend of new cultural tourism. Vigorously promote new models, upgrade new business formats, launch new scenarios, form new IP, and accelerate the construction of national immersive cultural tourism destinations. Implement the "Hanfu Integration into the City" action, hold a Hanfu Culture Festival, and launch international Hanfu design, makeup, and short video competitions to develop and expand the Hanfu economy throughout the chain.

At the same time, a series of themed activities such as "Traveling through the Luoyang Years of the Tang Dynasty", "Fantastic Night in Tianjie" and "Archaeology of the Divine Capital" were carried out, and we continued to create a new version of Yingtianmen 3D projection show, an upgraded version of "Tang Palace Feast", The cultural tourism version of "The Wind Rises in Luoyang" VR and other immersive cultural tourism experience products enhance the influence of the "Prosperous Sui and Tang Dynasty" IP.

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