Wearing Hanfu to Tour Nan Mountain

Wearing Hanfu to Tour Nan Mountain

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Yangzi Evening News reported on April 24 (Correspondents Yang Yue, Liu Linlin, Reporter Wan Lingyun) The most beautiful April in the world, the azaleas in Nanshan, the “green lung of the city” in Zhenjiang, also ushered in the best viewing period. From April 26th to May 12th, Nanshan Scenic Area will hold the 2024 Zhenjiang Nanshan Rhododendron Garden Party. The garden party is themed "Blooming Flowers in Zhenjiang South, Appreciating Rhododendrons in Spring". A series of exciting themed activities will be presented during the flower viewing season.

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After years of careful cultivation, the Nanshan Rhododendron Garden has now formed a special garden of nearly 50 acres of Rhododendrons mainly planted with spring azaleas, summer azaleas, and spring and summer azaleas. It has planted more than 60,000 azaleas. It is a famous azalea in Jiangsu Province. Viewing place. Since 2000, the Rhododendron Garden Party has been held as scheduled every April and May. Its diverse organizational forms and rich cultural activities have attracted countless tourists who admire the flowers, and it has become a well-known cultural tourism on the Shanghai-Nanjing tourism line. Feast.

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During this year’s garden party, the scenic spot will hold a series of activities such as the “Visiting Nanshan in Hanfu” check-in event, the azalea bonsai exhibition, and the “Spring Mountain Listening to the Azalea” Nanshan Tea Party.

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At 9 a.m. on April 26, the scenic spot will hold the "Tour Nanshan in Hanfu" event. Photography enthusiasts and Hanfu enthusiasts will walk through the Zhaoyin Rhododendron Sea in Nanshan and experience the beauty of the rhododendrons. Moreover, on the day of the event, tourists wearing Hanfu can enter the scenic spot for free.

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On April 27, the "Spring Mountain Listening to Rhododendron" Nanshan Tea Party will be held from 11:00-13:00 and 13:00-15:00. Yunjin Thatched Cottage in Nanshan Zhaoyin Scenic Area has prepared poetry recitations, guqin performances, tea art performances and other programs, allowing citizens and tourists to enjoy the charm of traditional culture while admiring flowers in the forest oxygen bar.

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During the garden party, a rhododendron bonsai exhibition will be held in the Xuelinxuan of Wenyuan in the scenic spot. More than 150 pots and more than 20 kinds of characteristic azalea bonsai will present a visual feast to visitors. In addition, the DIY bonsai workshop also has a mini bonsai DIY area, allowing visitors to experience the fun of making on-site.

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