Hanfu is trending hot, the next cultural and tourism trend is coming through time travel

Hanfu is trending hot, the next cultural and tourism trend is coming through time travel

Reported in Yantai, Yangtze

"The wind blows the fairy mantles and flutters, just like the dancing of colorful feathers." Such a scene, in the spring It’s not uncommon in Yantai. In recent days, young people dressed in Hanfu can be seen everywhere in major parks and scenic spots in Yantai. They wear Chinese dresses with flowers, and the flying skirts fly in the romantic sea of ​​flowers, creating a different kind of spring style, "appreciating "Flower Season" is more like "Hanfu Travel Season".

On a certain social media platform, so far, videos related to "Hanfu" have been played 112.64 billion times. Various cross-dressing videos compete for beauty, causing netizens to call them "time travel". The young group has made Hanfu pop up frequently, and it has also given birth to new cultural and tourism scenes, releasing new vitality in cultural and tourism consumption. Please see the survey:

New ways of playing for young people

Wear Hanfu for a spring appointment, enjoy the flowers and enjoy the spring scenery. Nowadays, “Hanfu + Spring Outing” has become a new way of traveling for young people.

On April 13, Laiyang’s “Flowers Blooming on Moshang·Language of Flowers in Lixiang” flower viewing season was launched. Pear blossoms are in bloom, and "fairies" dressed in various styles and colors of Hanfu are wandering in the sea of ​​flowers, forming fresh and elegant Chinese paintings, attracting citizens and tourists to stop and admire.

Hanfu is trending hot, the next cultural and tourism trend is coming through time travel - Image 1

In Laiyang Liyuan, Zhang Mei wore Hanfu to enjoy flowers.

At the scene, the "Hanfu Fairy" Zhang Mei danced among the flowers, attracting attention. Zhang Mei is from Yunnan and is a "post-00s" Hanfu enthusiast. She is currently studying at Shandong Technology and Business College. "When I was in elementary school, I watched costume dramas in TV dramas, and I thought the heroine's clothes were very nice, and I always wanted to try them. When I was in junior high school, I participated in a dance performance of a popular costume drama at that time. It was the first time I wore Hanfu." Zhang Mei said , “When I was in college, I had more time to study Hanfu. I joined the Hanfu Society, met many like-minded people, and came into contact with more things related to Han elements, and I gradually became impressed by the charm of traditional Chinese culture. "Zhang Mei introduced that there are currently two Hanfu-related clubs in the school, with a total of more than 100 members. She serves as the vice president of one of them.

In the Liyuan, there is also a local "fairy" from Yantai who was once Zhang Mei's "fellow" named Ye Min. He is a "post-95" Hanfu enthusiast who also joined when he was in college. Got itHe serves as the president of the Hanfu Club on campus. "I became interested in wearing Hanfu when I was in high school. It has been ten years now. The first impression was that it looked good. Later, after learning about ancient etiquette, dance, poetry, etc. from Hanfu, I gradually felt that Hanfu is not only It is a piece of clothing that is worn on the body, and it is also a representative of traditional Chinese history and culture, and it is also a representative of cultural confidence, which needs to be spread and promoted by our young people."

Ye Min said, at first. Wearing Hanfu will be said to be a "fancy dress", or considered to be "an opera singer", and there are very few people around who recognize it. Nowadays, many people walking on the street will come to take photos and even ask "Which dynasty's clothes are these?" Come take the initiative to discuss Hanfu. This change has strengthened Ye Min’s confidence in popularizing science and inheriting Hanfu culture.

Feelings carry enthusiasm, and the niche gradually becomes the public

In recent years, not only has the popularity of Hanfu increased, but also various styles of clothing based on "national style" and "national trend" have become popular. Famous clothing designs also continue to be popular, influencing public aesthetics and fashion trends.

Why are more and more young people interested in Hanfu?

Cao Yanying, a second-level professor at Ludong University and dean of the Tourism Industry Research Institute, said that the primary factor that makes Hanfu "out of the circle" is a kind of sentiment, which is young people's attention and return to traditional culture. This phenomenon reflects young people's identification and confidence in traditional culture, and their desire to experience traditional culture and draw wisdom and inspiration from Hanfu. "Hanfu Revival" is a banner for the revival of traditional culture, carrying young people's enthusiasm for traditional culture.

"In addition, in recent years, the scale of the Hanfu industry has expanded, and the industrial chain has become more and more complete. There are more and more Hanfu styles for the audience to choose from, and there are more and more scenes that can be matched with Hanfu. , there will be more opportunities to wear Hanfu. Moreover, these are also inseparable from the accumulation of work in textual research, design and communication,” Cao Yanying said.

Speaking of the Hanfu industry, Ye Min said that in the past, buying a piece of Hanfu might cost around a thousand yuan, but now Caoxian County, Shandong Province has successfully "beaten" the price of Hanfu to 299 yuan, 199 yuan, or even 99 yuan. You can buy a piece of Hanfu, and now Hanfu is more sophisticated and restores history.

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Ye Min, dressed in Hanfu, stands gracefully in the spring breeze of the opera garden.

MakeAs a Hanfu enthusiast, Ye Min believes that the popularity and development of social media in recent years have contributed a lot to the "Hanfu craze". At first, she could only see Hanfu makeup from magazines. Now many professional bloggers share their dressing experience on social platforms, and can interact with them at any time, attracting the attention of a large number of fans. In addition, the excellent production of costume films and TV dramas is also an important factor in driving young people to pay attention to Hanfu.

More importantly, the attention of mainstream media has given young people such as Ye Min strong confidence. She said that especially this year's Spring Festival Gala program "Nian Jin" helped Hanfu "break the circle" again. Hanfu took to the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, allowing the world to see the beauty of China.

It is understood that in 2003, Zhengzhou citizen Wang Letian put on Hanfu and took to the streets, which attracted media attention and was considered an important beginning of the "Hanfu revival". "It took twenty years for Hanfu to be gradually accepted by the public from the beginning of 'fancy costumes' to now on the Spring Festival Gala stage. This recognition is hard-won. We will continue to inherit Hanfu more firmly. "Ye Min said.

The hobby of "wearing" has become a profession, and the popularity has given rise to a career

The "Hanfu craze" is gradually rising, and many enthusiasts have turned it from a hobby into a profession. Career direction, and become more and more professional. Xianyi turned "Hanfu" into a career by participating in the flower viewing season launch event of "Moshang Flowers Blooming and Lixiang Flower Language" in Laiyang.

Xianyi is a "post-90s" Hanfu enthusiast from Linyi, Shandong. She has been exposed to Hanfu for 17 years. She has been invited to participate in Hanfu activities in scenic spots such as Luoyang Jiuzhou Pond and Beijing's Old Summer Palace. "I first loved Hanfu. In order to make myself more professional, I passed the Hanfu model professional examination. Now I have my own media company to undertake the organization and training of traditional culture-related activities." Xianyi said, "Especially since this year, I have been Either at the event site or on the way to the event site. ”

Hanfu is trending hot, the next cultural and tourism trend is coming through time travel - Image 3

Photography of Xianyi wearing a Warring States robe.

The popularity of Hanfu not only drives the professional development of Hanfu models, but also provides new career opportunities for Hanfu etiquette trainers, photographers, makeup artists and Hanfu designers. On social media, a Hanfu makeup blogger shared a video of himself applying classical makeup to a model, showing the difference between the before and after makeup.Obviously, it has attracted a lot of traffic and has millions of fans. Netizens’ makeup appointments have been scheduled for half a year.

In addition, the Hanfu craze and the development of the Hanfu industry complement each other.

Public reports show that the annual sales of Hanfu in Caoxian County in 2023 will reach 7.215 billion yuan. In addition, at the beginning of the New Year in 2024, the popularity of horse-faced skirts once again put Caoxian Hanfu on the "hot search" list. In January, sales of Hanfu in Caoxian County reached 920 million yuan, and sales of horse-faced skirts accounted for 400 million yuan.

Xianyi took advantage of the situation and established her own clothing brand, which is currently in the process of making sample clothes. Zhang Mei also said that she wants to become a professional Hanfu designer in the future and is currently learning to be a Hanfu model. Whether they are professional Hanfu practitioners or enthusiasts, Xianyi, Ye Min, and Zhang Mei all expressed the hope that Hanfu can be made daily in the future, and they are working hard to do this and appropriately transform Hanfu into daily life.

Hanfu is trending hot, the next cultural and tourism trend is coming through time travel - Image 4

Ye Min wears a shirt and a golden horse face imitating the Confucius Mansion, wearing Hanfu into her daily life.

The diversion of traffic is obvious, and "Hanfu + cultural tourism" has created new sparks

The craze for Hanfu has also driven the development of urban cultural tourism. The traditional costume tourism experience represented by Hanfu is booming. As the main supporting scene for the Hanfu craze, the scenic spot is constantly innovating in activities.

Places such as Xi'an in Shaanxi Province, Luoyang in Henan Province, and Xitang in Zhejiang Province have rich experience. The cities rely on their long history and culture to cultivate the deep integration of the Hanfu industry and the cultural tourism economy, and have found "the opportunity for the transformation and development of the cultural tourism market." password". Various regular activities such as Xi'an City Wall Lantern Festival, China (Luoyang) Hanfu Culture Festival, and Xitang Hanfu Culture Week have heated up the "Hanfu fever".

Yantai is also keeping up with the trend, and Hanfu activities such as "Wear Hanfu and Visit Wonderland" are popping up everywhere.

Among them, Penglai Pavilion Scenic Area holds Hanfu performances and research activities during traditional festivals such as the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and National Day. At present, Penglai Pavilion’s Flower Festival is in full swing, and the nationwide selection of the Twelve Flower Gods is in full swing. Moreover, there are multiple Hanfu experience centers in the scenic area, and makeup services are provided, allowing tourists to become immortals and immerse themselves in the wonderland. In addition, Suocheng City, Yantai Mountain, and Nanshan ParkPlaces such as Hanfu are good places to carry out Hanfu activities.

Hanfu is trending hot, the next cultural and tourism trend is coming through time travel - Image 5

Information map of Penglai Pavilion Flower Festival.

Professor Cao Yanying said that Hanfu has become a fashionable and unique cultural symbol, and this popularity will continue. It is not surprising that traditional costumes and scenic spots have sparks. Many scenic spots in China are full of antique traditional buildings, with carved railings and painted buildings, cornices, and splendor... These are all elements that are very suitable for Hanfu. The elegance of Hanfu In this kind of scenic spot, it is vividly displayed. At present, many scenic spots have gradually formed a full-chain industry of "Hanfu + makeup + photography", and the "Hanfu craze" has an increasingly obvious effect on attracting tourists to scenic spots.

"It should be noted that while Hanfu empowers tourism, provides employment, and promotes local economic development, it cannot go too far and prevent it from being a flash in the pan. As a practitioner, you must respect history and not over-consume traditional culture. , let alone make fun of traditional elements; the Hanfu industry must standardize management, strengthen cultural inheritance and innovation, and ensure the healthy and orderly development of the industry; scenic spots must exercise self-discipline, standardize Hanfu rental behavior, and ensure tourist needs and experience quality," Professor Cao Yanying said. , “Yantai is a city of mountains and seas, with unique and beautiful scenery and profound cultural heritage. It is a good place to wear Hanfu to check in and take photos. We can design Hanfu and other clothing with Yantai characteristics and suitable for shooting between mountains and seas, leaving a deep impression on tourists and making them unforgettable. ”

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