The academic genius wants to make more overseas fans fall in love with Hanfu

The academic genius wants to make more overseas fans fall in love with Hanfu

Cover news reporter Luo Tianyi and Xie Rangan’s intern Yang Xinke’s picture is provided by the interviewee

On the short video platform, “post-00s” Ye Ming has nearly 2 million fans. The work has been played more than 200 million times.

But in the Hanfu circle, Ye Ming should be considered a newcomer.

He only started to get into contact with Hanfu in January this year. He has participated in two offline events. One was the Splendid China Yuntai Mountain Hanfu Flower Festival held in Jiaozuo, Henan in April, and the other was the "Hanfu Flower Festival" held in Wenshufang, Chengdu last month. Ten Miles of Jincheng - Shu Feng Ji Hanfu Awards".

At first, he mainly liked cosplay, cosplaying some game characters, and shooting a lot of transformation videos. Later, when he was working as a model, he wore a headgear for the first time, and then he felt that he could try the Hanfu style.

“I actually like traditional culture. I went to a traditional Chinese tea ceremony with my mother. I also want to continue to shoot some Hanfu-related videos and participate in some Hanfu offline activities to let more people know about Hanfu. People like Hanfu," Ye Ming said.

This well-known short video blogger is still a sophomore student, currently studying computer science at Southwest Jiaotong University, and is the school's campus promotion ambassador.

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Short video blogger with millions of fans

“I want to shoot more creative videos of Hanfu”

Ye Ming, who is under 20 years old, smiles like the younger brother next door, sunny and full of youthfulness, and has countlessWonderful ideas.

"I started to get involved with short video platforms in 2018. I cosplay some game characters and shoot and edit them myself. I shot a lot of transformation videos in 2019, and my followers increased very quickly." Ye Ming said.

When he first started shooting videos, he was a sophomore in high school. Today, he is a sophomore student in the Computer Department of Southwest Jiaotong University. A major in science and engineering seems far removed from cosplay, but he has loved reading anime and fantasy novels since he was a child. When short videos became popular, he also wanted to try being a blogger to attract traffic.

"At that time, I was very fond of the ancient animation "The Patriarch of the Demonic Way", and I cosplayed one of the characters, Jin Guangyao. Once I went to a makeup studio to work as a model and wore a hood, and unexpectedly found that I fit it quite well. I like the style of Hanfu, so I thought about shooting some Hanfu-type video works."

During the Spring Festival this year, Ye Ming chose a set of red Hanfu that corresponds to the solar terms, and the style he created is similar to that of the TV series "Chen Qing Ling". "Wei Wuxian in "The Movie" is quite similar and has received a lot of praise online.

Four months later, he was invited to participate in the Splendid China Yuntai Mountain Hanfu Flower Festival held in Jiaozuo, Henan. This was his first time to participate in an offline Hanfu event. "I felt that the look of that time was... Generally speaking, the forehead is shiny." Ye Ming said with a smile. The second Hanfu event was the "Ten Miles of Jincheng - Shu Feng Ji Hanfu Awards" held in Chengdu during the Chinese Valentine's Day.

"I will continue to shoot some creations related to Hanfu, and will gradually participate in some activities. Compared with cos, I may spend more energy on Hanfu, because I think the videos in the cos circle There are so many types and they are almost saturated, and there are still many areas for creativity and innovation in Hanfu,” said Ye Ming, who has two more events to attend next month, one in Yunnan and one in Chengdu.

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Helping traditional culture go overseas

"Making many overseas fans fall in love with Hanfu"

Now, Ye Ming has I started reading some books on traditional clothing and learned about the shape, headdress and belt of Hanfu. "If you want to do well, you must spend time studying it, especially to avoid some common mistakes."

In fact, his acceptance of Hanfu is very high, “Our family is quite fond of it.”I like traditional culture. My grandfather is a calligrapher. My mother likes traditional Chinese tea ceremony. I followed her to learn tea ceremony on and off for about two or three years. "Before, he had never been exposed to Hanfu. After being exposed to it, he had a feeling of "seeing each other too late".

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After the transformation videos attracted a lot of traffic, Ye Ming is also considering making some more videos with clear characters and emotions, not just the transformation videos, which are relatively single-directional.

Compared with the wearing experience of cos, "putting on Hanfu is like wearing five thousand years of Chinese history and culture on your body. It has a special sense of solemnity." In the overseas version On the short video platform, Ye Ming also has more than 200,000 fans. He authorized the release to a young lady in Thailand, and the overseas account can update some of his video works in a timely manner. This account has fans from Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, the United Kingdom and other countries who often like and leave him comments.

"After you have overseas fans, you will feel that you have a greater sense of responsibility and mission to promote traditional Chinese culture." Ye Ming said that he hopes that through his traffic and influence, more fans can People like Hanfu and traditional Chinese culture.

This "student master" also shared how he balances study and interests. During the winter and summer vacations, he usually updated short videos every other day, while during school days he usually went home on the weekends. I just took the video now, so I may not update it very frequently after returning to school.

Regarding the future, he has no accurate plan yet. "There is a high probability that blogger will not be his career, but will be a long-term hobby." The days to come are still very long, and the boy is growing up.