The beauty of ancient style sparks the Hanfu craze

The beauty of ancient style sparks the Hanfu craze

From November 20th to 22nd, the Hanfu Festival·Chinese Tangli event was held grandly. Hanfu enthusiasts gathered together in various colorful clothes to participate in a colorful series of activities and appreciate the beauty of traditional culture.

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On the morning of November 21, the "Hanfu Festival·Chinese Tangli" event officially kicked off at the Tangli Cultural Tourism Resort in Tonggu County, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province. Hanfu Festival Promotion Ambassador Liu Yu and many representative guests from the Hanfu circle attended the opening ceremony. Tangli was awarded the title of "Hanfu Cultural Inheritance Base". Then a Hanfu parade was held. Fans dressed in Hanfu passed by. With their graceful postures, retro makeup, and fluttering Hanfu clothes, they strolled among the green mountains and beautiful waters of Tangli, forming a beautiful scenery.

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After the parade, New Guofeng Academy held a guest signing event. Roulian Chengcheng, April, Gong Han, Chenchen, Chenchen’s grandma, Mo Li, Feng Feng, and Si Xiaonan had a close encounter with fans. Face-to-face interaction.

In the afternoon, Liu Yu, a male artist from Mainland China and promotion ambassador of Hanfu Festival, appeared at the Guofeng Market and the New Guofeng Academy, taking photos and signing autographs with fans, and visiting the park with tourists to receive gifts. During the period, Hanfu Festival culture and art lectures, Hanfu Industry Summit Forum, Guofeng Academy immersive tea experience, Hanfu Festival punch-in stamp collection and other activities were held.

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On the evening of the 21st, the Taoyuan Chinese-style Hanfu show was held in Tangli. The live performances were brilliant, with Liu Yu's singing and dancing taking the lead, Xiyue Nanlu Guofeng Orchestra's instrumental performance was magnificent, Zi Jiaer's Chinese-style Chinese dance was as graceful as a dragon, and Xiao Lei's beautiful singing made the audience deeply immersed in it.

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The beautiful costumes of the models on site, their elegant movements and graceful postures in the green mountains and forests are even more fairy-like and graceful, leading the visitors to experience the unique charm of oriental aesthetics through thousands of years.

In order to allow tourists to better appreciate the ancient charm, Tangli also carefully built a Han-style market. Traditional buildings with blue bricks, black tiles, and white ash joints and eighteen stalls are arranged on both sides of the market. The dazzling array of products has a strong Chinese style, including antique hairpins, sachets, and traditional handmade products. The colorful shops and the ancient Chinese costumes constitute the most beautiful scenery of the market.

ChineseClothing, as the traditional costume of the Chinese nation, has been passed down for more than 4,000 years, showing the colorfulness, breadth and depth of Chinese culture. Nowadays, Hanfu has become more and more sought after and favored by people. The figure of every Hanfu enthusiast has been transformed into a cultural business card, which not only brings beautiful enjoyment to the visitors, but also allows them to feel the traditional charm of the land of etiquette.

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Tangli Cultural Tourism Resort has the most beautiful traditional cultural buildings of the Han and Tang Dynasties, poetic natural scenery and rich historical and cultural accumulation, creating a scene-like and three-dimensional Han culture experience park for Chinese people. In recent years, Tangli has been rated as a national AAAA-level tourist attraction, China's Longevity Home Wellness Demonstration Base, Provincial Forest Health Base, Jiangxi Forest Experience Base, Jiangxi Ecological Civilization Demonstration Base, China's Top Ten Summer Resorts, and China's Best Best hot spring health and leisure resort and other honors.

Hanfu is not only a scenery, but also a cultural heritage. Tangli cleverly integrates the culture of the Hanfu Festival with the characteristics of the resort, allowing Hanfu enthusiasts to exchange, teach and educate about cultural etiquette during the Hanfu Festival. Tangli hopes to use the "never-ending Hanfu Festival" as its core concept to create a series of influential Hanfu brand activities, implant Hanfu cultural elements into the resort, and create a cultural tourism IP with unlimited potential and profound significance. This enables Tangli to better inherit and protect the traditional context and become a holy place for Hanfu culture. Let more people know and stop in this paradise, fall in love with Tangli and Tonggu. (Picture and text: Zhang Xuefeng)

Editor: Yan Yuhang