So Stunning! Grandma in Hanfu Shows Off

So Stunning! Grandma in Hanfu Shows Off

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Her hair is gray but she is still full of energy. She wears Hanfu and travels all over the country; her frown and smile have a classical charm , she is a special case and the focus in the Hanfu circle where young people are the absolute main force; she is the "Hanfu grandma". It’s the Spring Festival, and the video of “Grandma in Hanfu” has been released again!

Getting involved with Hanfu due to an accidental "guest appearance"

The 77-year-old "Hanfu Grandma" became popular on the Internet

The name of the "Hanfu Grandma" is Liu Weixiu, and she is 77 years old . Liu Weixiu said that she first wore Hanfu to cooperate with students in filming a group of videos, and she did not want to form an indissoluble bond with Hanfu from then on.

To this day, Liu Weixiu still remembers the first time he wore Hanfu to shoot a video: "The first time I wore Hanfu, I felt that it looked very grand and beautiful!"

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Recalling the role he once sang in "Jiao'er", Liu Weixiu said with a smile: "Due to my own conditions, I can't sing the main role, so I can only sing the supporting role. But red flowers also need green leaves to match, and I am that little green leaf."

Although he has never been able to stand in the C position on the opera stage, decades of experience in Peking Opera allow Liu Weixiu to get into the groove as soon as he takes the stage.

Different from character-based costumes, the Hanfu catwalk focuses on showing off the costumes. Every time before preparing to go on stage, Liu Weixiu will work with his "tongpao" (Hanfu enthusiasts) to design movements based on the characteristics of the clothes. Liu Weixiu will also try to add elements of Peking opera to achieve better results.

Always have enthusiasm

“There is no age limit for love”

The emergence of “Hanfu grandma” has made many people discover that Hanfu is not just for young people. Pampering can also be a trend among the elderly. "As long as you want to wear and love Hanfu, there is no age limit."

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Today, Liu Weixiu, who is over seventy years old, still maintains a fresh sense of life and constantly tries new things that young people like. Shopping, drinking milk tea, catching dolls... "As long as it's for fun, I'm willing to do it!"

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