The Chinese Hanfu Shines Again at the Guangzhou Flower Festival

The Chinese Hanfu Shines Again at the Guangzhou Flower Festival

China Youth Network, Beijing, April 25 (Reporter Yang Yue, Intern Reporter Han Wenyi) Spring is the preface, and everything sings in harmony. From April 20th to 21st, the 2024 Guangzhou Flower Festival and Shangsi Festival "Hua Yang Huadu·Playing in the Snow and Exploring Flowers" was held at the Maling Flower Botanical Garden in Huadu District, attracting the participation of many young people who love the country and wear beautiful clothes. Sister Xiaoyi, a well-known traditional cultural disseminator and Tangjin Culture Ambassador for Xinjiang, was also invited to attend as a guest. Together with the "Tangjin National Style Women's Group" composed of ethnic minority employees from Tangjin Textile Co., Ltd. in Tumushuke City, Xinjiang, they completed the Song and dance performance of the theme song "Chinese Hanfu" of this Guangzhou Flower Festival.

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Miss Yi took a group photo with the "Tangjin Guofeng Women's Group" composed of ethnic minority employees from Tangjin Textile Co., Ltd. in Tumushuke City, Xinjiang. Photo provided by the interviewee

"Chinese Hanfu, with its majestic and upright style, wears our Han clothes and revitalizes our country of etiquette..." Following the melody of the music, the young lady and the ethnic minority employees of Tangjin Textile walked together. On the stage, they sang and danced to express their love for Hanfu, pushing the whole event to a climax. Many spectators in the audience also sang and danced with the little sister, and the stage and the audience were rhythmic and surrounded by singing.

"Chinese Hanfu" is an original Hanfu theme song written and sung by the younger sister. It completed its national premiere at the just-concluded 2024 "Chinese Hanfu Week·Shanghai Flowers" in Shanghai. In line with the overall style of the music, Sister Xiaoyi chose a language that is poetic and classical, which not only contains profound cultural connotations, but also has artistic charm that spans time and space.

In the parade of the Flower Dynasty, the square formation of the "Tang Jin Guo Feng Women's Troupe" also attracted attention. They wore a variety of Hanfu, including the elegant ones made in the Jin Dynasty, the gorgeous ones made in the Tang Dynasty, and the beautiful ones made in the Song Dynasty. , Ming Dynasty and dignified, wearing a hairpin on the head, holding a fan and walking gracefully to the sound of loud poems, with the skirt flying in the sea of ​​flowers, integrating with the "Flower City" Guangzhou, jointly performing a foreign land that spans time and space. legend.

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Miss Yi and her daughter Xiaotuanzi signed and presented postcards to everyone. Photo provided by the interviewee

In the national style cultural performance, the "Tang Jin National Style Women's Troupe", which is graceful and good at singing and dancing, also presented the Xinjiang Uyghur dance "White Hollyhock". Following the sonorous and powerful drumbeats, they rotated, jumped, and shook their shoulders. With full enthusiasm and extremely tense body language, they performed a picture of the harmonious and happy life of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang in the new era, fully displaying the vitality of "Hollyhocks in Bloom" and rich ethnic customs.

"This kind of dance performance is simply not enough! We were all deeply affected, and the impression of Xinjiang became concrete. We really want to go to Xinjiang with our ethnic minority compatriots and experience the joyful singing and dancing feast." On the scene. The audience was full of praise.

As the highlight of the Guangzhou Flower Festival, the Flower Goddess Competition is particularly anticipated. A total of three members of the "Tang Jin Guofeng Women's Group" participated in the selection of the Flower God Competition. In the previous preliminary stage of online voting, Rouxiangu Abrahaiti, Azigumaiti Siyiti, Xianyidan Maimaiti Ailidu gained high popularity. In the end, Xianyidan Maimaiti Aili stood out and achieved good results in fourth place, and was successfully elected as the "Twelve Flower Gods", one of the recommenders of the 2024 Guangzhou Flower Festival. During her makeup session, she attracted a large number of tourists to stop and admire her. During the stage campaign, ancient rituals such as stage shows, talent shows, and hairpin parades were used to recreate the beauty of the traditional culture of the Flower Festival, winning rounds of applause.

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Miss Yi took a group photo with the "Tangjin Guofeng Women's Group" composed of ethnic minority employees from Tangjin Textile Co., Ltd. in Tumushuke City, Xinjiang. Photo provided by the interviewee

Xianyidan Maimaitiali works as a calligraphy teacher in Tangjin Academy opened by Tangjin Textile. After returning to her hometown to work after graduation, she always taught children to learn Chinese calligraphy stroke by stroke. This time during the Flower FestivalAfter gaining a different experience, she is also ready to convey her insights to the children of Tangjin Academy. "Humanity's perception of beauty transcends nationalities. Hanfu carries multiple cultural connotations such as etiquette and aesthetics. The Flower Festival is also a window to appreciate traditional Chinese culture. Participating in the Flower God Competition this time has given me a deeper sense of mission. I must experience the excellent traditional Chinese culture more deeply and return to Xinjiang to tell more students and my younger brothers and sisters so that the children can love Chinese traditional culture from the bottom of their hearts and build a strong sense of the Chinese nation community. "Xianyidan Maimaitiali said.

Socks with simple geometric patterns, plush socks with small animal ears, exquisite and fashionable stockings... Tangjin Textile also set up a "Guangdong and Xinjiang Socks Shop" in Meichen Market , displaying Xinjiang lavender scented cotton socks produced by Tangjin Textile. "Knitting socks with your baby, supporting yourself and your family. A small academy solves the worries of Uyghur women workers. After the children come home from school, they also teach traditional cultural knowledge to their parents, promoting it in a silent way. All ethnic groups are communicating and integrating emotionally. Everyone is welcome to come to the socks shop and experience it. Maybe the socks you get are knitted by Miss Huashen Xiandan!" At the exhibition market, "Ambassador of Tang Brocade Culture Runjiang" "Sister Xiaoyi also enthusiastically recommended to everyone Tang brocade socks produced with authentic Xinjiang cotton and full of Chinese style.

“The successful holding of the Guangzhou Flower Chao Festival not only brought a unique cultural feast to Hanfu lovers, but also injected new vitality and motivation into the spread of traditional culture, and opened up a new world for everyone. The colorful paintings of Xinjiang allow more people to understand the real and beautiful Xinjiang. In Guangzhou, the "Flower City" full of fragrant flowers and paper fragrance, we not only witnessed the beautiful landscape of "flowers", but also saw the beauty of Xinjiang. When it comes to the 'flower' of culture and civilization, the 'flower' of national unity, and the 'flower' of happiness and prosperity, every 'flower' touches people's hearts," said the young lady with emotion. Li Ping, assistant general manager of Tangjin Textile, also said: "We hope that through what we truly see, hear and feel, we can inspire more people to understand Xinjiang, love traditional Chinese culture, and build a stronger sense of community for the Chinese nation."

"China's excellent traditional culture is endless. Using flowers as a medium, this event promotes the promotion of the Flower Dynasty culture and highlights the charm of national customs and trends." The organizer of the Guangzhou Flower Dynasty Festival specially paid tribute to the young lady and the young lady who came from afar. The visiting Xinjiang Tangjin delegation wrote a letter of thanks: "Culture connects ancient and modern times, and we are still neighbors thousands of miles away. We look forward to your continued support. Together, we can feel the beauty of the integration of traditional culture and modern life, and promote the creative transformation and innovative development of China's excellent traditional culture."

Source: China Youth Daily client