The Launch of China's Airborne Hanfu Fashion Show

The Launch of China's Airborne Hanfu Fashion Show


Original title: Taiping Mountain staged a national fashion feast in spring

On the 26th, the 4th Taiping Mountain Cableway China Aerial Hanfu Show was held in Qingdao The city's Taipingshan Cableway Scenic Area was launched. The theme of this year's aerial Hanfu show is "Appreciating the Spring Scenery with Ancient Rhymes and Flowers Blossoming." The event not only showcases the endless charm of Chinese traditional costume culture, but also presents a high-altitude visual feast to the audience.

As a popular scenic spot in Qingdao, the Taipingshan Cableway has attracted many tourists to experience the ride with its beautiful scenery and film and television collaborations. Against this background, the successful holding of previous aerial Hanfu shows has undoubtedly added a bright cultural color to the scenic spot. The launching ceremony of this Hanfu show kicked off with the dance "Up Spring Mountain". The performance and catwalk of the twelve flower gods won warm applause. After the launching ceremony, Hanfu enthusiasts from all over the world wore gorgeous costumes and displayed Hanfu in the cable car, creating a unique viewing experience.

In addition to the aerial Hanfu show, there are also colorful cultural activities such as Hanfu performances, game interactions, and traditional handicraft demonstrations, allowing visitors to appreciate the aesthetics of traditional Chinese costumes while also engaging in more interesting activities. This way, you can experience the fun of inheriting it with your own hands, walk into the story of Chinese costumes together, and feel the charm of Chinese culture. It is worth mentioning that this event has created an immersive ancient-style blind date with the theme of "A Spring Appointment with the Flower God as a Matchmaker". The blind date will be led by "Yue Lao", with the "Flower God" as the matchmaker, combined with a Hanfu show Bring a more interesting experience.

As a treasure of traditional Chinese culture, Hanfu embodies the historical accumulation over the long years. In recent years, it has gradually received widespread attention at home and abroad. Such activities can not only allow Hanfu culture to be continuously passed down and carried forward, but also stimulate more young people's interest and love for traditional culture, and promote the creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional culture. (Guanhai News/Qingdao Evening News/Qingdao Mobile Reporter Gao Jingwen)

[Source: Qingdao Evening News]