Tai'an's Hanfu Activities Await Your Participation During the May Day Holiday

Tai'an's Hanfu Activities Await Your Participation During the May Day Holiday

On April 28, the Tai'an Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference. At the meeting, a reporter asked, what cultural and tourism activities will be held in the Taishan Scenic Area during the May Day Golden Week? Miao Qing, deputy director of the Department of Culture, Tourism and Economic Development of Taishan Scenic Area, answered.


In order to satisfy tourists and citizens’ yearning and pursuit of a better life and enrich the spiritual and cultural needs of the public, during the May Day holiday, Taishan Scenic Area will carry out a number of colorful cultural and tourism activities to allow tourists and citizens to spend their time A happy and wonderful May Day holiday.

First, from April 27th to May 5th, Taishan Scenic Area held the 2024 Taishan Dongyue Temple Fair and the "Calligraphy and Calligraphy Inheriting the World Tai'an - Taishan Large Character Calligraphy Biennial Exhibition" at Dai Temple and Dai Temple North Square. . This year's Dongyue Temple Fair adopts a market-oriented conference model of "focusing on cultural experience, supplemented by competitive entertainment, and cultivating culture through commerce". It will carry out intangible cultural heritage art and cultural markets, tea-making + tea art performances, copying and reciting Chinese classics, Calligraphy rubbing exhibitions, traditional Chinese studies lectures and other activities; at the same time, there will be "Hanmo Inheritance in the World Tai'an-Taishan Large Character Calligraphy Biennial Exhibition", Taishan Hanfu Cultural Festival, Temple Fair Neoclassical Band, Dongyue Temple Fair Folk Art Club, Kung Fu Taishan - Martial Arts Cultural Performance, etc. More than ten special tourism, culture, folk customs, economic and trade, and intangible cultural heritage project activities will strive to create a festive and peaceful folk culture event that is both elegant and popular.

Secondly, during the May Day period, activities such as the Hongmenli Street Opening Ceremony and the First Taishan Hanfu Fashion Week will be held in the Hongmen Visitor Center Square and Hongmenli Street District. Projects such as "Taishan Divine Enlightenment" cross-dimensional digital experience, "Taian Taste" local specialties, Taishan Witness Marriage Registration Office, and "Hongmenli" Hanfu Travel Photography will open their doors at the same time.

(Reported by Dazhong Daily and Dazhong News client reporter Wang Hongtao and intern Wu Xinyu)

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