Group Buying Stores Booming with Business, Preparing Ten Thousand Hanfu

Group Buying Stores Booming with Business, Preparing Ten Thousand Hanfu

On April 23, in the Douyin live broadcast room of Huantang·Huanshang Hanfu City, Hanfu makeup artists showed the audience the meanings of different styles of Hanfu and the effects of the completed makeup. With a A group buying order went online, and there was a lively atmosphere in the live broadcast room to grab orders. Some former customers came back and continued to praise, "I have done a photo shoot before. The lady was very careful with her makeup and the shooting effect was very good. I am very satisfied." More netizens expressed that they were attracted by the theme of Xi'an Hanfu during the "May Day" and hoped to participate in the "May Day" During the "1" period, come to a "National Trend Cultural Tourism Experience".

In the not-so-distant Tang Dynasty Evernight City, Xiaofan, who had completed a set of plum blossom god costumes from the Tang Dynasty Clothes Costume Shop, had already begun the long-awaited shooting under the guidance of the photographer. , "Being able to walk around this ancient city wearing Hanfu, I feel that history has become within reach."

As the ancient capital of thirteen dynasties, Xi'an has a profound cultural heritage and numerous historical sites. Fans of Hanfu in fluttering clothes are surrounded by ancient buildings such as the Everlasting City of the Tang Dynasty, Qinglong Temple, Furong Garden of the Tang Dynasty, and city walls. The immersive experience of the "national style and ancient charm" makes them become "in the painting" without realizing it. people".

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The 96-year-old Tianjin man’s passion for Hanfu

As night falls, the lanterns come on. The straight streets of the Evernight City of the Tang Dynasty are surrounded by bright lanterns of various colors.

The beauties dressed in Han and Tang Dynasty costumes lightly swept their eyebrows and looked elegant. They walked together and merged with the scene behind them, creating a gorgeous picture of the Chang'an Night and the bright Tang Dynasty's never-night sky. From the continuous boom in cultural tourism to the continuous spread of new domestic products across the ocean...the reason behind the "bloodline awakening" of Hanfu wearing is not a sudden whim of young people, but the consumption trend choice under the prevailing national trend and style in recent years, and more It is a continuous two-way journey with the profound Chinese culture.

In recent years, "Hanfu" has become one of Xi'an's urban cultural labels. On platforms such as Douyin, the search volume for topics such as Xi'an Hanfu check-in attractions, Hanfu experience halls, makeup appointments and photo shoot recommendations has remained high. . Hanfu makeup is blooming all over Xi'an and has become an indispensable experience for many tourists.

The people who love Hanfu have gradually expanded from young girls to children and couples. Against the background of the ancient charm of the ancient city, they are either charming, affectionate, or smart and graceful. Fantasy Tang · Fantasy ShangYang Huihui, the operations director of Hanfu City, has been in the industry for many years and has personally witnessed the trend change from niche to mainstream. “In the beginning, Hanfu was only for small circles to entertain themselves. Hanfu operations did not form a large scale and could not generate much profit. Now with the rise of the national style trend, there are more and more Hanfu shops. A large-scale industry has been formed from Hanfu design, production, makeup and photography. There are more and more practitioners, and the market is beginning to prosper. ”

Among the photographers, the one who impressed him most was not a young and beautiful girl, but a 96-year-old old lady. "This is a 96-year-old lady who came to Xi'an from Tianjin with her daughter," Yang Huihui said with a little regret. "I heard about this from a staff member who served the old lady at the time. I I was not in Hanfu City that day and missed the opportunity to witness this 'special' moment."

When walking into Hanfu City during the Spring Festival, the old lady and her daughter didn't want to experience it at first, but the daughter wanted to go to the bathroom. , while waiting alone, the old lady saw girls wearing Hanfu coming and going around her, and she had the idea of ​​giving it a try. She asked the staff a little shyly, "Girl, at my age, can I wear Hanfu." "Of course." After receiving the affirmative reply, the old man's face broke into a smile.

During the chat, I learned that the old lady liked the style in the old version of "Dream of Red Mansions" very much, so the dressmaker brought out several sets of Hanfu in the style of ladies for selection. After the old lady's daughter came back, she learned about her mother's wish and was very supportive. She immediately placed an order, accompanied her mother to order clothes and put on makeup, and completed a set of "wish portraits."

Seeing her 96-year-old mother’s happy face transformed into her dream look with the skillful hands of a makeup artist, her daughter was also very moved, “Thank you for fulfilling my mother’s wish and making her We have left wonderful memories in Xi'an."

Seeing customers become more confident after experiencing Hanfu and makeup also brings unparalleled satisfaction to Yang Huihui and his colleagues. Many customers say they have never felt as beautiful as they do now. Faced with multiple pressures in life and work, they rarely have the opportunity to dress themselves up carefully. After completing all the Hanfu makeup, they suddenly became happy. "This kind of self-affirmation can help them rebuild their confidence. Those small setbacks will notIt can hit you again. ”

The "Boss Dream" of Young Makeup Artists

On April 23, several tourists were choosing their favorite Hanfu in Chang'an Nichang. Makeup artists are busy preparing wigs and hair accessories, and "painting eyebrows and temples" for girls who have changed into clothes. Keiko, the owner of a Hanfu shop that settled in, watched tourists go to the bell tower to take pictures, and before he had time to sit down and drink a glass of water, he started to receive new customers. This is also the customer who placed an order on Douyin Group Buying and came to verify the coupon for verification.

The comely Keiko is a local. After graduating from high school, she worked in a Xi'an photo studio, doing makeup for customers who came to take photos. "At that time, the makeup was mostly Princess makeup and Xiuhe makeup." With experience and After saving up, Keiko opened her own wedding dress shop, which later closed. In 2020, she returned to her old profession of makeup. "I still hold back the energy in my heart and want to have my own store." As Hanfu became more and more popular, so did her heart. It wasn't until 2023 that Keiko decided to open a store again after learning that Chang'an Nichangli was recruiting investment.

“There were not many customers at the beginning. It was common to have one or two customers a day. In order to attract customers, I distributed small flyers, tried social platform promotion, and finally found Douyin’s online visitors. The volume is the highest. "Business gradually improved, with more than ten customers a day. Until the Spring Festival, the number of visitors skyrocketed, reaching up to more than 100 guests a day, and most days there were fifty or sixty. Many customers learned about the store through Douyin. Customers who are satisfied with the makeup will also return positive reviews. After seeing the group purchase reviews, more people will be attracted to the store, and Keiko's "dream of being a boss" has become a reality.

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At 7 pm on April 20, accompanied by her boyfriend, 21-year-old Xiaofan was putting on makeup in the store. She brought the pictures to the store, and the final makeup look was very cute. "The price of Douyin group purchase is very cost-effective. When you get to the store, just look beautiful and take a photo with the bell tower when the lanterns first come on." Xiaofan said that he saw many netizens on the Internet wearing Hanfu checking in in Xi'an. He has been looking forward to it and decided before traveling. To experience.

It takes about an hour and a half to enter the store, choose clothes, and do makeup and styling alone. With the change of aesthetics, the requirements for makeup are getting higher and higher. Among the Changan Neike, some ask makeup artists and dress designers to recommend clothes and makeup, and some open Douyin to tell their favorite styles. "We will refer to the styles that customers like and make fine adjustments based on the actual situation of the customers. At most, 12 makeup artists will do makeup for the guests at the same time, and the customers mostly choose the makeup of current internet celebrities." makeup artist Xiao Li said. Dressmaker Xiao Wang clearly feels that, “Many times, with the popularity of short videos or popular dramas, customers’ choices of clothes will be concentrated in a short period of time.”

When it comes to makeup, the makeup artist Xiao Li said that most of the makeup that goes with Hanfu has an oriental classical charm, and different styles of Hanfu need to be matched with corresponding makeup, so that the Chinese-style look can be both beautiful and historical. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the matching of hairstyles. In different dynasties, people's style preferences for hairstyles are very different. For example, people in the Han Dynasty preferred low-key and simple hairstyles and "low buns", while people in the Tang Dynasty particularly preferred "high buns" that were flamboyant. Small differences in makeup between these different dynasties will bring about completely different styles.

Zhou Rui, director of Chang'an Nichangli Office, said that Chinese traditional culture is extensive and profound, and the clothing styles of different historical periods also have their own characteristics: Han clothes are graceful and simple, Tang clothes are gorgeous and colorful, Song Dynasty clothes are elegant and soft, and open clothes are exquisite grace. By participating in the Hanfu experience, tourists can deeply feel the traditional Chinese cultural connotations contained in these costumes, thereby triggering a proud identification with local culture.

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"Hot" with a sales volume of 100,000 yuan in a single day

"The compatibility between Xi'an and Hanfu culture is so good. Walking here is like 'travelling' back to the Tang Dynasty!" from Zhejiang tourKetian Jing is a senior Hanfu enthusiast. She told reporters that she was pleasantly surprised when she walked in the streets of Datang Evernight City.

Different from other experience stores, in addition to carefully improving the styling and service, Huantang·Huanshang Hanfu City and Changan Nishangli have invested a lot of energy in the content creation of the Douyin life service platform, so that Not only does it allow more people to intuitively see the effects of makeup before and after, but more importantly, it allows people outside the province to have the interesting experience of planting grass in other places, stimulating everyone's enthusiasm and interest in traveling to Xi'an.

On December 31, 2023, Huantang·Huanshang Hanfu City opened. Douyin live broadcast started at 12 noon that day. People came into the store one after another for consultation. On the same day, there was a huge sale, with sales worth 100,000 yuan. Yuan orders. "Compared with the previous method of promoting with flyers and waiting for customers to come to your door, we chose to cooperate with Douyin from the beginning," Yang Huihui said.

At 1 noon on April 25, the young anchor Tangtang, wearing exquisite makeup and a phoenix-tailed corolla, introduced to everyone in the live broadcast room. "Douyin live broadcast of Hanfu City, 8 stores, 15 anchors rotate, each store broadcasts for 8 hours a day, introducing Hanfu knowledge, package content, Hanfu City environment, ordering process..." Tangtang said that currently, the live broadcast Orders worth 50,000-100,000 yuan can be sold every day. "More and more tourists have begun to have a strong interest in traditional culture. The popularity of restored makeup from the Tang Dynasty not only allows everyone to feel the charm of ancient costumes, but also gives them a deeper understanding of the culture of the prosperous Tang Dynasty. We will also Popularize Tang culture to them through clothing.”

Many customers told the store that they made up their mind to travel here after watching their Hanfu Douyin and Xi'an Cultural Tourism promotional videos. On February 28, a netizen commented that the girl came in after watching the live broadcast. The store is very large. The makeup girl No. 6 is very skilled and the final result is very satisfactory. Some netizens commented, "I never post photos of myself on Douyin. This is the first time because my wife is so nice. She really likes it and recommends it. I will bring my parents to take photos in the future." This feedback gives anchors and merchants a sense of accomplishment.

Now there are more than 10 merchants in Huantang·Huanshang Hanfu City, and the number of clothes has gradually increased from 3,000 to nearly 10,000. The May Day holiday is approaching, and consumption of urban cultural tourism and Hanfu culture is booming. Douyin studentThe live service specially creates Hanfu Festival for Xi'an Hanfu merchants, and the number of group buying orders booked online continues to grow. As of April 25, a May Day special makeup product for children has sold more than 10,000 orders per chain. A single chain of two-person photography + luxury makeup + optional clothing for the entire event also sold over 3,000 yuan. Facing the upcoming large number of customers, Yang Huihui is even more energetic despite being busy. "This shows that we are right to take the Douyin group buying route, which not only spreads traditional culture but also brings commercial benefits."