Experience the Beauty of Hanfu in Langzhong Ancient City

Experience the Beauty of Hanfu in Langzhong Ancient City


Our reporter Zhang Pan

Experience the Beauty of Hanfu in Langzhong Ancient City - Image 1

The scene of the 2024 Chinese National Costume Exhibition and Langzhong Hanfu Discipline Event. Photo provided by the organizer

“This is my first time back to Langzhong Ancient City, but because I have read relevant historical and geographical books before, I am actually not unfamiliar with this place.” Wen Huan, a Hanfu enthusiast from Taiwan, told reporters , she can feel the strong cultural atmosphere of the Three Kingdoms in Langzhong, and as a fan of the Three Kingdoms, she is very happy. "In the dynasty carnival, I also played the role of a local historical figure, Han E, the 'Hua Mulan in Sichuan' in the late Yuan and early Ming dynasties, which gave me another layer of understanding of Sichuan culture," she said.

The 2024 Chinese National Costume Exhibition and Langzhong Hanfu Festival was recently held in Langzhong, Sichuan. Thousands of traditional culture and Hanfu enthusiasts gathered in the ancient city. With the theme of "Paoxing Langyuan·Li Xing Bashu", this event was carried out by combining traditional cultural performances and interactive experience projects, including more than 30 activities such as dynasty carnival, ritual and music performances, Hanfu flash mobs, etc. Interactive projects such as Hanfu collective wedding, imperial examination experience, and live-action scripted entertainment "Six Dreams of Langzhong: Dreams of the Three Kingdoms" will continue until the May Day holiday.

In the Dynasty Carnival, a mighty Hanfu parade was walking through the ancient city. Citizens and tourists were dazzled and took out their mobile phones to take pictures. The Dynasties Carnival is based on Chinese history and culture, with elements such as costumes, customs, etiquette, etc. as its content. It unfolds the long history of the Han, Tang, Song, Ming and other dynasties through square formations one by one. The beautiful neon clothes and fluttering skirts make people feel like they have "traveled through" thousands of years.

"Stone Dai Jialing River, Jialing River, the elegant appearance of the ancient city. Here is another shadow puppet show, which can be traced back to the Eastern Han Dynasty." Fang Wenshan, the initiator of Langzhong Hanfu Ji and a well-known Taiwanese lyricist, wrote the lyrics " "Langzhong Lang", composed and sung by well-known mainland musicians. Fang Wenshan said that Langzhong has a history of more than 2,300 years since its establishment as a city and has a profound cultural heritage. The purpose of organizing the Langzhong Hanfu Discipline event is to vigorously promote and promote Hanfu culture, and hopes that Hanfu culture will become another "cultural business card" of Langzhong.

As the second Langzhong Hanfu Festival, this event is further based on the firstThe unique history and culture of Langzhong Ancient City has been added to a series of activities such as the "Sacrifice Ceremony of Marquis Huan of the Han Dynasty" and "Armed Situation Drama: Retreating the Enemies at Dangyang Bridge", hoping to bring citizens and tourists a richer and more diverse cultural experience.

“Langzhong is polite and welcomes people from all over the world; it revives traditions and promotes Chinese etiquette culture.” Ji Ce, the etiquette director of Langzhong Hanfu Discipline, told reporters that the Shidou ceremony originally refers to the ceremony of worshiping the ancestors, which is an ancient ritual. A must-have etiquette in schools, it later gradually became a ceremony specifically dedicated to worshiping Confucius. During the event, the performance team led more than 200 local students in Langzhong to recite "The Analects of Confucius", sing elegant music, and perform Yi dance at the Confucian Temple to express their admiration for the sages. "The students have been preparing for this for many days. They have a strong interest in traditional etiquette, are very eager to learn, and are very involved in the performance." Ji Ce said that during the sacrificial activities at Zhangfei Temple in Langzhong, the performance team also felt the enthusiasm of the participants.

In order to promote extensive participation of tourists and better promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture, during the event, tourists who can skillfully recite "Langshui Song" and "Langshan Song" by Du Fu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, can enter for free. Visit Zhangfei Temple, Gongyuan, North Sichuan Province Department, and Confucian Temple. Tourists wearing Hanfu can also enjoy discounts when shopping in Langzhong Ancient City.