A Hanfu Ignites a City in Luoyang

A Hanfu Ignites a City in Luoyang


People's Daily Online reporters Xu Chi and Wang Pei

It only took Li Xinmin 10 days to go from zero income to a daily salary of more than 1,000 yuan.

This is a stay-at-home mother who took part in a free “makeup” training class in the community and ended up with a “golden rice bowl”. "Now that I think about it, the community has 'premeditated it'." Li Xinmin said, "Studying for 8 hours a day, and not allowed to bring mobile phones is so strict that it is 'abnormal'. On the day of graduation, qualified people were taken directly to Hanfu, which is in urgent need of makeup artists. Visit the store and start working on the same day you get your certificate.”

2,899 people, which is the number of qualified “makeup artists” trained in the old city of Luoyang in the past year. Each of the 51 training classes was sold out. Across Luoyang, 12,000 new people are employed in Hanfu makeup, photography and other industries in one year.

Behind the popularity of emerging occupations is the popularity of emerging industries. On social media, the popularity of Luoyang Hanfu has continued to rise in the past two years. Luoyang City has taken advantage of this trend and cultivated a full industrial chain covering design, manufacturing, rental and sales, makeup production, follow-up and other services. There are more than 1,200 Hanfu experience centers, creating more than 30,000 jobs in B&B, catering, transportation and other supporting industries.

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Hanfu makeup artist Li Xinmin is applying makeup to customers. Photo by People's Daily reporter Wang Pei

Lv Yanqiang, the owner of the Hanfu store where Li Xinmin worked, was "rolled" to Luoyang by this craze.

In 2022, Lu Yanqiang, who was working in foreign trade in Beijing, heard a "thunder": his parents in his hometown in Henan were actually going to open a Hanfu store in Luoyang! "Hanfu is just for little girls, you guys What's the use of age?" Lu Yanqiang immediately objected.

Unexpectedly, my lover who works in Luoyang was very supportive. "I worked as a makeup artist in a Hanfu store after work. I guarantee that this business will be booming!" Amid Lu Yanqiang's anxiety, the store opened. During the Spring Festival that year, customer traffic surged and the store was overwhelmed. Lu Yanqiang took leave in advance and went home to help.

"I never expected that this hand-in-hand would involve me. This may be the law of 'really fragrant'." Lu Yanqiang recalled with a smile, "There were so many people, and it was after 10 o'clock in the evening. , customers are still crowded at the door and want to rush in., the whole family was so tired that they could hardly stand, and they didn’t make any money, so they just wanted to close the door and go to sleep. ”

After one month at home, his turnover was more than a year’s salary in Beijing. Lu Yanqiang decided to resign and take over the Hanfu business. The first thing he did was to expand the scale and open a new store. How long did it take? Just three days Oh my god! The business license can be obtained in half an hour, and the most difficult-to-find makeup artist is delivered to your doorstep by the government.

“When we opened, we didn’t even have time to change the door, it was still the sign of an old auto repair shop. "Lu Yanqiang was deeply impressed. The reason why he was anxious was to catch up with the annual Peony Cultural Festival in Luoyang. The new store covers an area of ​​245 square meters and has 26 dressing tables. It is more than five times the size of the old store. On the first day of trial operation, the profit Nearly 10,000 yuan.

The ancient city of Luoyi ushered in the highlight moment of the day at night, with long queues of tourists wearing Hanfu to check in. Photo by People's Daily Online reporter Wang Pei

Small businesses reflect the big market. Hanfu has become a new cultural and tourism symbol of Luoyang, attracting tourists to experience the charm of this city.

At the beginning of the lanterns, thousands of tourists flocked to the ancient city of Luoyi. Here, restaurants from the Tang Dynasty and shops from the Song Dynasty complement each other; small bridges, flowing water, blue bricks and black tiles create a scene for each step. The beauties in ancient costumes with fluttering skirts and faces covered by fans are leaning against the window to meditate, or leaning on the railing to look at the moon. Being among them makes people unable to tell the difference between the past and the present. "Come to Luoyang once and wear Hanfu once" has become a romantic date for countless people.

Hanfu was the motivation for Zhou Ying to come to Luoyang from Wuhan. Before coming, she specially booked a hotel that provided free Hanfu. For two consecutive days, she wore Hanfu and went from Lijingmen to Luoyi Ancient City, and from Yingtianmen to Tiantang Mingtang, unlocking new experiences. "Hanfu matches the temperament of Luoyang so well. The streets are full of 'travelers'. Here, wearing modern clothes seems a bit awkward."

What makes Zhou Ying feel "very useful" is Luoyang's fancy "pampering" methods for tourists: buses and subways are still running in the early morning; free parking in government compounds; scenic spots will prepare small gifts for tourists wearing Hanfu; bathrooms are equipped with "princess mirrors" full of design... "Seeing details everywhere makes me have a good impression of the city of Luoyang." Zhou Ying said.

The greatest sincerity is the benefit of free tickets. "The popular Luoyi Ancient City is actually free!" This surprised Zhou Ying. andBehind the free service is Luoyang City’s “smartness” in “settling big accounts”. When the ancient city of Luoyi first became popular, it also wanted to charge tickets to increase revenue. After careful consideration, the municipal party committee and the municipal government decided to abandon the ticket economy to attract greater passenger flow to Luoyang. At the same time, the ancient city’s business formats are strictly controlled to provide tourists with an immersive cultural and tourism experience as much as possible.

Designers from Luoyang Hanfu Research Institute produce costumes for the China International Fashion Week "Longmen Moon Window" conference. Photo by Zhang Wenqi

“Disruptive creativity, immersive experience, youthful consumption, mobile communication”. Based on the culture of the ancient capital, Luoyang vigorously develops the "travel-style" Hanfu economy, forming a full-chain industry of "Hanfu + modeling + shooting + photo", and creating "Hanfu + performing arts", "Hanfu + script killing", "Hanfu + research" and "Hanfu + Combinations such as "Festival" and "Festival" have multi-dimensionally and continuously enriched tourists' Hanfu experience.

"'Hanfu fever' has brought about 'Luoyang fever'. We have innovatively created new immersive cultural tourism scenes and new business formats, from 'viewing the scenery' to 'entering the scenery', allowing the majority of tourists to immerse themselves in it, Enjoy yourself. Continue to work hard on "food, accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment" to change the traffic to "retention" and transform Luoyang from "out of the circle" to "long-lasting", said Zhao Shuzheng, secretary of the Luoyang Old Town District Committee.

"In the cultural renaissance, clothing comes first. Behind the 'Hanfu craze' is the return of Chinese aesthetics and the popularity of traditional culture. To thoroughly study the issue of Hanfu and keep pace with the times is to inherit and carry forward the excellent tradition Culture." said Ma Shengjie, director of Luoyang Hanfu Research Institute.

A piece of Hanfu brings fire to a city. Today's Luoyang, relying on the "Hanfu economy", has activated the integration of culture and tourism.