The New Chinese-style Hanfu is a Hit, Is the Horse-Face Skirt Next?

The New Chinese-style Hanfu is a Hit, Is the Horse-Face Skirt Next?

When you think of cheongsam, you may think of the graceful or bright beauties in movies and TV dramas, the brides toasting at weddings, or the mothers lining up before the college entrance examination to encourage candidates to "get off to a good start". Dignity, grandness, refinement and curves seem to have become synonymous with cheongsam, as if it can only be worn on formal occasions. In fact, under the new Chinese spring breeze, the fashion trend of cheongsam and horse skirt is the same, becoming more and more daily, casual and comfortable.

The new Chinese style is very popular

Different from the past precious fabrics such as silk, today’s cheongsam is more wear-resistant in response to the needs of young people, and is mostly made of Cotton, linen, chiffon, acetate are the main ones, and even strong fabrics such as denim are used. "Fabrics have become affordable and diversified. You can buy one for around 100 yuan. Wearing a cheongsam is no longer a luxury." Chao Yu, a cheongsam enthusiast, said, "It's not that I don't want to use the popular Xiangyun yarn or silk, but I can't. The price is too high, and students pay more attention to cost-effectiveness."

Compared with the dignified and elegant ancient cheongsam, young people prefer the "improved version" with a certain amount of tailoring. “Because I have a plump figure and don’t like tight cheongsams, loose and elegant cuts are more suitable for me and give me a sense of relaxation.” Netizen Osmanthus Nuomi Cake said, “In the past, due to body anxiety, I would have never dared to wear a cheongsam. . But with the encouragement of my sisters, I became more confident and dared to wear it.”

From “falling into the trap” to completely buying it. It only took less than a year to become obsessed with cheongsam and sweet-scented osmanthus glutinous rice cake. At first, I only bought ready-made clothes, and then gradually got involved in the "sourced goods circle". "Buy your own fabric and send the size and requirements to a tailor to make it by hand. Of course, it takes a little longer than buying ready-made clothes directly, but you can fine-tune it and it is more suitable for a pear-shaped figure. Good tailors are hard to come by, and some are even scheduled to be sold out. 2025. ”

Ms. Su originally opened a dress shop, but later noticed the new Chinese style trend and took advantage of the trend to run a cheongsam shop. Elements originally used in dress design, such as lace, bows, and organza, were also used in cheongsams. Some styles were sold out as soon as they were put on the shelves, and customers asked for restocks. Not only young people, but middle-aged and elderly guests also like this kind of foreign and novel cheongsam design. "Some customers even come to order mother-daughter clothes, so that mothers can look younger!"

There are many cheongsam shops with logos on the platform that have been in business for more than ten years, but the quality varies, and "plagiarism" continues. "Often when a style becomes popular, it is copied. In a few days, almost all cheongsam shops will sell similar ones. Even shops that don't sell cheongsam at all start making cheongsams when they see the money. The same is true for horse-faced skirts." Ms. Su said.

The outfit shows your personality

There are more than 2.86 million notes about cheongsam on a certain social platform. Osmanthus Glutinous Rice Cake likes to follow the style bloggers Learn about cheongsam. "This kind of hobby is very nutritious. Before I came into contact with cheongsam, I didn't know that there were so many styles. Each placket has its own name and historical origin. Cheongsam accessories such as pressed placket and cloud shoulder can make the cheongsam look better. moreDiverse and full of Chinese charm. ”

Zhao Yu has a lot of experience in dressing cheongsam. She believes that it is not necessary to have an exquisite hairstyle, wear elegant shoes, wear a hairpin and a fan, or hold an embroidered clutch bag. Everyday outings , she mostly wears a casual bucket hat, a cultural and creative canvas bag, a pair of canvas shoes or even slippers and other more casual combinations. "I wear cheongsam all year round. In fact, cheongsam is very convenient. You can go out in one piece in summer and it still looks taller. In spring and autumn, you can wear a small suit or sportswear or even a jacket. In winter, you can wear a coat or down jacket. You don’t have to set so many rules. The most important thing is to be happy when you wear it. ”

Daily combination of cheongsam, painted by Zheng Xuejing

Every graduation season, academic uniforms become popular. Cheongsam and horse-faced skirts are perfect partners with monotonous dark academic uniforms. "The small stand-up collar of the cheongsam is worn under the academic uniform. It is more colorful than ordinary white shirts. This year, the new Chinese style is very popular. Students will also find some new Chinese style shirts to match, but the cheongsam with buttons is more unique." Chao Yu Said, "Many friends who study abroad will bring a cheongsam or horse-faced skirt. It is very eye-catching when walking on the streets or visiting museums abroad. Many people come to ask for photos."

Those who studied in Japan Some Chinese netizens said that Japanese students usually wear their traditional hakama clothing during the graduation season. Among all the hakama, Chinese students are particularly eye-catching when they wear cheongsams and horse-faced skirts, and have been praised by Japanese classmates and teachers. .

Confidence in wearing clothing

“Confidence” is a frequently mentioned word by the interviewees. The cheongsam is no longer a "battle robe" that is shelved on the shelf, only matched with jade and gold, and can only be worn on important occasions such as annual meetings and New Years. It can also be our daily clothing, perfectly integrated into supermarkets and markets. It can be elegant or cool. One interviewee said, "You can even wear a cheongsam and play drums."

Some Chinese netizens who studied in Europe also shared their experience: layering a cheongsam and a horse-faced skirt has a high rate of turning heads. The neck is elegantly buckled, and the horse-faced skirt on the lower body is sparkling and extremely fashionable. Even the local gray-haired grandma couldn't help but come up and touch it.

The New Chinese-style Hanfu is a Hit, Is the Horse-Face Skirt Next? - Image 2

At the Aiyuncang Hanfu base in Caoxian County, a female anchor was selling horse-faced skirts during a live broadcast. Photographed by Hao Zhaohong

Materials with special effects such as "sparkling" are very popular among young people because they are "not easy to match clothes". In order to satisfy the preferences of young customers, Ms. Su often goes to the fabric market, which she considers to be a kind of "healing" at work. "Imagining these colorful fabrics, making different styles of cheongsam, the customers are smiling in the picture." Confident, praised by comments, very healing.”

Cheongsam with oriental charm is not only active in film, television dramas and variety shows, but has also been embedded in the gaming field for a long time. Chaoyu is a loyal player of domestic dress-up games, and also loves cheongsam in the virtual world. "In the past, dresses were more beautiful in games. During this period, maybe because the new Chinese style of 'three-dimensional' has also spread to the 'two-dimensional', the game art has also followed the trend and launched some unique cheongsams and horse-faced skirts, which triggered my The desire to collect also gave me some new inspiration for matching,” she said.

You will sometimes get new inspirations when talking to the chatbot. When a reporter from Banyuetan asked it how to end the article to better reflect the oriental temperament of the cheongsam and the confidence and charm of the wearer, "Steel Rose" is an interesting answer that wowed the reporter with his corpus.

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