May Day Tourism Hanfu Carnival

May Day Tourism Hanfu Carnival

The "Cultural Tourism Courtyard" is a pleasant micro-vacation, the camping music party is warm and romantic, and the chicken cooking competition is in full swing... During the "May Day" holiday, the sun is just right, the breeze is not dry, and Xintai City's cultural tourism market is booming. The "people follow the crowd" model in popular scenic spots such as Xinfu Mountain, Jianzi Mountain, and Ruyi Valley has reappeared.

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In late spring and early summer, Jianzishan Scenic Area has a comfortable climate and picturesque scenery. On the evening of May 2, a camping music party specially created for the "new" youth kicked off with excitement. This party was full of youth and vitality. Under the open-air dome, multiple theme activity scenes complemented each other, pushing the atmosphere to a climax. At the event site, the sound of music and laughter came and went, intertwined with each other, forming a moving picture. Music lovers from all over the city gathered here to freely express their inner emotions through music, turning the scene into a vibrant and enthusiastic carnival place, kicking off a unique "micro-vacation".

Light up the night sky with youth and confess the city with music. During this vibrant May Day holiday, Xintai City not only held a grand camping music party in the Jianzi Mountain Scenic Area, but also held outdoor events in Xinfu Mountain, Qingyun Lake Park, Xinwen Liyun Peony Garden and other places. With the theme of camping, a series of colorful music, food, and nostalgic movie activities have been carefully planned.

This series of activities not only showcases Xintai City’s charming natural scenery and profound cultural heritage, but also highlights the vigorous vitality and endless innovative spirit of young people in the new era. In the alluring aroma of street coffee, citizen Li Li was deeply intoxicated by the ocean of music. She exclaimed: "This is really a music feast at the doorstep, so stress-relieving!"

"When it comes to travel, we are always used to looking for the far away. In fact, we can also find things that satisfy us in the mountain villages around the small town. A treasured place for leisure and relaxation." In the promotion video of Weipingzhuang Cultural and Tourism Courtyard in Xintai City, there is such a sentence that deeply impressed Wang Qiannan. Taking advantage of the May Day holiday, she took her family to this small cultural courtyard to experience the "little pleasure" of making tea by the fire. "The peppercorn stewed chicken here is particularly amazing. Although the ingredients are ordinary, it always tastes different from those in city kitchens." Wang Qiannan said.

It is also a cultural and tourism courtyard, but the mountain farmhouse at the foot of Baima Mountain in Shilai Town has a unique style. It is characterized not only by its ingenious layout, but also by its use ofThe heart provides a space for those who come here to release stress and make their spirits happy. Tourist Chen Xue came all the way from the city just to feel the beauty of the wilderness: "It's so beautiful, with mountains and forests, breeze, and a drink, far away from the hustle and bustle, and it's especially relaxing." As for Zhangpingwa Village in Longting Town, as an "old Internet celebrity" , and attracted countless tourists. Boss Yang Hongyan's eyebrows were filled with joy: "During the May Day holiday this year, we received more than 4,000 tourists, with a turnover of 38,000 yuan, which was double that of last year."

In the Xinfu Mountain Scenic Area, In Taiping Chanyuan, many young girls dressed in gorgeous Hanfu, with their hair in high buns and holding folding fans, walked gracefully through the ancient streets, becoming an eye-catching sight - this is the "immersive situational experience" launched by Xintai Activity. Here, you can experience a variety of Zen Tea Yaji products in depth, including making lacquer fans, trying on Hanfu, tasting Zen tea, and traditional pot-throwing games, etc., attracting countless Chinese fashion enthusiasts to check in. "Hanfu is our traditional clothing, which carries profound cultural heritage and historical memory. By participating in such activities, we can not only experience the charm of traditional culture in person, but also better inherit and promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture." Tourist Zhang Yao said.

Not only that, in order to realize the group development of scenic spots and increase the revenue of scenic spots, Xintai City also launched the "Hemei Xintai" one-ticket pass through Taihua Cultural Tourism, which implements unified ticket purchase and unified promotion of scenic spots, 39.9 yuan is You can visit 11 A-level scenic spots in the city.

It starts with traffic, not just traffic. Xintai, a city with splendid history, dazzling intangible cultural heritage, passionate romance, and youth sports, is opening its arms to warmly embrace tourists from all directions. Lu Tao, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of Xintai City Culture and Tourism Bureau, issued an invitation to every tourist with sincere words: "Not only on May Day, but also on every holiday in the future, we will provide food, accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment." 'A package of cultural and tourism meals, including a tour of the cultural and tourism courtyard and Ruyi Valley, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Xinfu, and having a fun camping music party at Jianzi Mountain. With the strength of 'Xintai Fried Chicken·The Best in the World', we will have a new meal with everyone Customers and you who are accelerating are embracing each other.”

(Dazhong Daily·Dazhong News client reporter Liu Tao, correspondent Zhao Xiaoyu)

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