The New Hanfu Integrated into Daily Life

The New Hanfu Integrated into Daily Life

The New Hanfu Integrated into Daily Life - Image 1

In 2021, the new Hanfu industry market will exceed 10 billion yuan, and the number of consumers will increase to 10.21 million. With the revival of Hanfu culture, its wearing scenes will become more life-like and gradually become one of the important categories of daily clothing for the public.

How to "break the circle" in the tens of billions market

New Hanfu innovation is the key

New Hanfu, also known as modern Hanfu, is a Hanfu system that is derived from the traditional classic clothing styles of the Han nation and retains its typical shape characteristics, and is innovatively combined with the diverse wearing situations and fashion aesthetics of the current public.

The "White Paper on the Development of China's New Hanfu Industry in 2022" shows that my country's new Hanfu industry has exceeded the tens of billions of market scale in 2021, but the industrial chain is still not mature. New Hanfu that conforms to contemporary aesthetics and daily wearing situations The development potential is huge, and with this as a key breakthrough point, the industry market size is expected to exceed 100 billion.

Yang Xiaodong, full-time vice president of the China National Garment Association, believes that with the development of China's economy and society, Chinese consumers' cultural awareness and cultural confidence have continued to increase, and people have shown greater recognition of fashion that embodies traditional culture. Against this background, the Hanfu industry has broad prospects, and it is now facing a watershed in the upgrading of the Hanfu industry. Continuously strengthen the insight and analysis of the changes in contemporary lifestyles, promote the further modernization and industrialization of New Hanfu, let New Hanfu enter the daily life of the younger generation, and gradually build a contemporary expression of Chinese excellent culture and Chinese fashion and cultural attitudes and propositions. This is the key for Hanfu to further unleash its potential to “break the circle”, increase market penetration and become the regular clothing choice for more consumers.

New Hanfu is favored

Potential users are most concerned about “wearing scenes”

Research report shows , the current Hanfu market size only accounts for 0.8% of China's clothing industry; on the other hand, as many as 80.4% of consumers favor the new Hanfu that meets the diverse daily wear needs. New Hanfu is expected to become a mainstream clothing category for the public. The penetration rate in the clothing market is expected to reach about 5.0%, and the consumer population will exceed 130 million, driving the Hanfu market into the era of hundreds of billions.

In the newIn terms of Hanfu purchase selection factors, potential consumers are most concerned about “enough wearing scenarios”, accounting for 62.3%. In terms of main wearing scenarios, 67.0% of the respondents chose the "travel" scenario, with shopping and commuting ranking second at 57.5%. Various scenarios such as business, weddings, performances, and filming are also popular. This shows that in the eyes of consumers, New Hanfu has great potential to enter rich scenes in their daily lives, and this is an important foundation for New Hanfu to "break the circle".

On the other hand, the survey shows that 74.2% of consumers choose "personal image/style shaping" as the core purchase motivation, and the personalized design style of new Hanfu has become their strong focus. "Commuting Han elements" have been shortlisted for the nine major style trends of Taobao and Tmall autumn and winter in 2022. New Hanfu is gradually becoming the trendy choice of some consumers. This also proves from the side that once New Hanfu is combined with contemporary aesthetics, its influence in the field of mass fashion There will be unlimited potential.

New styles are more everyday With the development of Hanfu, the Hanfu brand continues to innovate in design. Especially this year, it has launched many new styles suitable for daily wear. It has also actively expanded the boundaries of style by co-branding with well-known games, museums and other national style IPs. In terms of manufacturing, we actively explore many key areas such as process innovation and standard formulation to promote the further development of the Hanfu industry chain.

Although the Hanfu market is growing rapidly, industry standards are still immature. Based on in-depth research on the shape of traditional Hanfu, market research insights and summary of its own practical experience, the brand Shisanyu has jointly promoted the formulation of a new Hanfu (modern Hanfu) standard system with relevant management departments, and has initially proposed a horse-faced skirt. , short clothing, medium clothing, long clothing and other core shape systems, thereby helping the standardization and systematization of the design and production of the new Hanfu industry.

Circle culture has promoted the popularity of Hanfu. From the rise of the Hanfu market in 2018 to 2021, Hanfu has become one of the "three popular traps" of clothing. A group of typical merchants in the field of Hanfu rely on unique designs, High-quality craftsmanship has gradually grown into a well-known brand in the industry.

(Beijing Youth Daily)