chinese clothing nz, hanfu jin dynasty, xi'an hanfu

chinese clothing nz, hanfu jin dynasty, xi'an hanfu

If you are a lover of Hanfu and have talent, why not take a gorgeous turn of Hanfu and beauty? On May 11, the reporter learned from the 2024 "Central Plains Cultural Season" organizing committee that with the "Splendid Mountains and Rivers National Style Award" With the theme of Hanfu as the entry point, the National Style Angel Model Contest will be launched on May 20, 2024. The competition is hosted by Henan Radio and Television Station, hosted by Elephant News and Henan Liren Educational Science and Technology Research Institute, co-organized by Zhengzhou Jinshui Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Henan Yilan Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., and held at Jinshui Honey Oil Creative Park. It aims to promote Chinese traditional culture, show the new image and style of young Hanfu enthusiasts, and strive to enhance the city's visibility, reputation and influence.

chinese clothing nz, hanfu jin dynasty, xi

This Hanfu Show will run from May 20 to August 30, 2024; the project has two methods: online registration and offline competition. Players can register individually, in combination or as a group. All college students who are in good health, love Hanfu and Han culture, and dare to challenge themselves and show themselves can sign up to participate. The launch ceremony of the event was held in Jinshui Honey Oil Creative Park. Well-known directors, well-known Hanfu scholars, etc. will be invited to the launch site. The competition system will be presented in three stages: auditions, semi-finals, and finals. All shortlisted contestants can participate in the filming of short dramas and have a chance to receive a 10,000-yuan dream-building fund.

Wang Pu, honorary president of Henan Liren Educational Science and Technology Research Institute, said that in recent years, Hanfu has become a niche culture and has become a new trend pursued by many young people. The rise of Hanfu trend is undoubtedly a reflection of traditional culture. The awakening of society is not only the pursuit of individualized lifestyles by young people, but also the inspiration brought by the revival of traditional culture. It is hoped that with the help of this National Style Angel Model Competition, we can build a comprehensive cross-border cooperation and exchange platform to promote the vigorous development of the "National Style Culture" industry.

Xugong, chairman of Jinshui Investment Group, told reporters that this event not only carries the profound meaning of inheriting culture, but also injects new vitality into local economic growth and technological innovation. The Group will accelerate the implementation of the first national-level film and television professional incubator in Henan, further help create a unique brand integrating culture, business and tourism for urban renewal, fully demonstrate the practical significance of cultural inheritance, economic stimulation, brand building and other aspects, and provide a platform for Zhengzhou Jinshui District and even Henan Province. Provide strong support for the sustainable development of the cultural tourism industry.

Lu Lei of Henan Yilan Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. said: After the Central Plains Cultural Season event was "out of the circle" during the May Day holiday in our province, more than 300,000 people visited online from May 1st to 5th. With over 1 billion topics, huge publicity efforts, and stage presentations with special meanings, they are all contributing to Henan's cultural tourism. In the next National Style Angel Competition, we hope to be able to take over the traffic from the opening ceremony and turn it into the "retention" of the next Honey Oil Creative Park, and look forward to the opening of the next big show.

Xu Yue, the general director of the "Central Plains Culture Season", said in an interview with reporters that clothing is an important carrier of a country's traditional culture and national spirit. The reason why Hanfu culture can form a new "national trend" is not only The ancient Chinese style and charm derived from Hanfu itself is more about the return of Chinese people’s cultural confidence and the love of young people for China’s excellent traditional culture. To highlight Henan’s profound historical and cultural heritage. The "Grand Finals Night" will be held in the form of a grand show that travels through the millennium, turning the entire creative park into a theater and show. Please stay tuned.

This National Style Angel Model Contest will continue the theme of "National Style, National Trend". In addition to normalized Hanfu catwalks and other activities, it also carefully plans multiple Hanfu activities, which will benefit the general public. , tourists and Hanfu enthusiasts provide a more participatory cultural experience. Starting on May 20th, and continuing until the end of August, go to the Jinshui Honey Oil Creative Park to wear Hanfu, enjoy ancient music, appreciate the ancient charm, and enjoy the spectacular scenery of early summer. Gather together with many Hanfu enthusiasts to participate in this wonderful event. Let’s have a cultural feast!

(Source: Elephant News)