chinese clothes kuwait, vancouver hanfu, hanfu umbrella

chinese clothes kuwait, vancouver hanfu, hanfu umbrella

China News Service, Nanning, May 11th, title: Young designers promote the fashion of Hanfu: Let Chinese aesthetics "out of the circle"

Author Yu Jing

Using ancient clothing cultural relics For reference, you can see the fashionable Hanfu made of modern clothing fabrics with the words "Suddenly Rich" sewn on the "crotch" (a vest-style garment popular in the Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties). "We combine the life attitudes of young people, use current popular vocabulary to express their wishes on clothing, and use modern fabrics such as denim to inject 'fresh blood' into Hanfu design." Recently, Jiang Yulin, a Hanfu designer in Nanning, Guangxi, told reporters .

chinese clothes kuwait, vancouver hanfu, hanfu umbrella - Image 1 Recently, Jiang Yulin and his team produced Hanfu fashion with the words "Suddenly Rich" printed on it and appeared on the stage of the 2024 "National Silk Hanfu Festival". (Photo provided by the interviewee)

The design team where Jiang Yulin belongs, "Zhiyu Luxue Shuo", produces a variety of trendy and fashionable modern Hanfu, which recently appeared on the stage of the 2024 "National Silk Hanfu Festival" held by the China National Silk Museum. , inheriting traditional Chinese costume culture through trendy Hanfu.

"Our 'Get Rich' couple suit has been favored by many people since the show. We have received nearly a hundred orders so far." Jiang Yulin said that Hanfu needs to keep pace with the times and restore it as a priority. The main traditional Hanfu allows people to regain the "Chinese aesthetic", while the fashionable Hanfu combined with modern fabric patterns makes Hanfu wear from niche to everyday.

In recent years, with the popularity of Chinese aesthetics, there has been a craze for "new Chinese style" dressing on Internet social platforms. Traditional clothing has been improved and integrated to retain the oriental charm and is suitable for daily wear. Trendy and fashionable modern Hanfu has gradually become a new fashion for people to wear.

The "2024 Tmall Apparel Industry Spring and Summer Trends White Paper" shows that the new Chinese style has revitalized traditional clothing, and the strong Chinese style "cooking tea around the stove" and "national style photography" have become horse-faced skirts, New Chinese style shirts and other clothing wearing scenes. "New Chinese-style" clothing has become popular, attracting continuous orders from Hanfu production and sales bases such as Caoxian County, Shandong Province, and injecting new vitality into China's traditional textile industry.

chinese clothes kuwait, vancouver hanfu, hanfu umbrella - Image 2 Recently, Jiang Yulin introduced a series of "new trendy Hanfu" produced by his team. Photo by Yu Jing

Yi Han, a "post-00s generation" who was born in Xi'an, graduated from the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and started her own business on an e-commerce platform by running a Hanfu store. She often changes her identity between a designer and a fashion model, and is designing and restoring Hanfu. At the same time, we also made many modern costumes with Chinese elements.

Sharing Hanfu outfits and popular science notes on traditional culture on weekdays has allowed Yihan to gain many fans on social platforms. "My design focuses on pattern creation and combines modern printing, dyeing and textile technologies to retain the ancient charm while being closer to contemporary life."

Yi Han believes that the innovation of Hanfu has exploratory value and makes Hanfu matching more interesting. There are many possibilities to rejuvenate traditional Chinese clothing.

Guangxi blogger Wei Xueyu, who also loves Hanfu culture, is obsessed with wearing cheongsam. Wei Xueyu said that many new Chinese-style clothing are inspired by Hanfu and cheongsam. To a certain extent, these changes in clothing make more people want to understand Chinese clothing culture.

Nowadays, young people’s pursuit of “new Chinese style” elements is no longer limited to clothing, but has been integrated into daily life. Tourists wear Hanfu or cheongsam, drink new Chinese style tea, and “check in” "New Chinese-style" outings in ancient neighborhoods have become a new topic, and this kind of consumption phenomenon that combines Chinese elements is happening everywhere. (End)