chinese dress joburg, qiyao ruqun hanfu, where to buy hanfu

chinese dress joburg, qiyao ruqun hanfu, where to buy hanfu



[Dahe Finance Cube reporter Chen Wei]

On May 12, Gree President Dong Mingzhu came to Luoyang. That night At 7:30, Dong Mingzhu experienced Hanfu make-up at the "Luoyi Love" Hanfu Museum at the entrance of Luoyi Ancient City, and played around in Luoyi Ancient City.

After the video of Dong Mingzhu wearing Hanfu during a night tour in the ancient city of Luoyi went viral, some netizens also ridiculed that this makeup was a bit inconsistent with Dong Mingzhu’s temperament and age. The makeup artist who did Dong Mingzhu’s makeup that night told a Dahecai Cube reporter that the store recommended several more heroic outfits to Dong Mingzhu, but she didn’t like any of them. The light blue long coat dress she finally experienced was chosen by herself, and the gentle style of her hair was also decided by her. The whole look is elegant and gentle. Even Dong Mingzhu has a little princess living in her heart.

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The Luoyi Love Hanfu Museum that Dong Mingzhu experienced is located near the south gate of Luoyi Ancient City, surrounded by the Hanfu Museum Street. On the group buying website, the group buying price of Luoyi Love's full set of makeup products ranges from 199 yuan to 299 yuan. There is no time limit for the all-day experience. If you need to follow the photo shoot, the price does not exceed 400 yuan.

The clothing in the store not only includes Hanfu made in the Tang Dynasty, but also made in the Ming Dynasty, Song Dynasty, exotic style and other categories. It can not only provide makeup for adult women, but also provide makeup services for men and children.

After learning that Dong Mingzhu came to experience Hanfu, the store also prepared several sets of in-store brand high-end and original Hanfu to recommend to her. "Everyone thinks that the heroic Hanfu is more suitable for Mr. Dong. We selected several sets according to this style, including a Tang Dynasty Hanfu made by Wu Zetian in the store." The makeup artist recalled.

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But Dong Mingzhu walked around the store and chose the light blue jacket and skirt with stand-up collar and open placket. The elegant color, fine embroidery, and soft fabric made her look dignified and elegant after wearing it. , the whole person changed his temperament.

Since the entire makeup took about 20 minutes, the hair style was relatively simple using a wig bag, and only the hair style was done, without additional makeup.

"We originally wanted to tie up our hair to look more elegant. But Mr. Dong prefers a youthful style with loose hair." The above-mentioned makeup artist said that in the end, according to Dong Mingzhu's preference, we kept it Dong Mingzhu was very happy with the styling of her hair and the entire makeup process. She even gently stroked her long hair with her hands several times.

However, the makeup artist was not surprised that Dong Mingzhu chose to wear her hair down. "If your hair is tied up, it will make you look younger." She said that when doing makeup for clients, almost everyone will ask for a younger look, regardless of the client's age. It seems that even Dong Mingzhu, who is nearly 70 years old, has a little princess living in her heart like most people.

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Even Dong Mingzhu has to experience Hanfu makeup when she comes to Luoyang. As a new symbol of cultural tourism in Luoyang, Hanfu has become one of the reasons why tourists come to experience the charm of this city.

In the ancient city of Luoyi, restaurants from the Tang Dynasty and shops from the Song Dynasty complement each other; small bridges, flowing water, green bricks and black tiles, each step brings a scene, and tourists in ancient costumes with fluttering skirts can't tell the difference between the past and the present. It is very popular but does not charge tickets, and there are various performances every day. Luoyi Ancient City also strictly controls the format of the ancient city during its operation, leaving tourists with an immersive cultural and tourism experience as much as possible.

In fact, it was not just Dong Mingzhu who came to Luoyang to experience Hanfu. In April this year, Tong Liya dressed in ancient costume at the Longmen Grottoes and stood elegantly at the scenic spot to take photos, attracting many tourists to press the shutter and record this touching moment.

Facing the trend of more and more cities introducing Hanfu experience formats, Luoyang relies on the ancient capital culture toCultural heritage, and vigorously develop the "time-travel" economy around the Hanfu experience.

Nowadays, when you come to Luoyang to experience Hanfu, you not only have the basic one-stop service of "Hanfu + styling + shooting + photo", but you can also experience "Hanfu + acting", "Hanfu + script killing" and "Hanfu + research" "New business combinations such as "Hanfu + Festival" have multi-dimensionally and continuously enriched tourists' Hanfu experience in Luoyang.

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