everyday modern chinese clothing, hanfu man, hanfu yellow

everyday modern chinese clothing, hanfu man, hanfu yellow

Beijing News Shell Finance News (Reporter Zheng Yijia) Recently, "Internet celebrity" Hanfu Taobao store "Girl Kayla" was rumored to have run away, and a large number of suppliers have difficulty in recovering payment. On May 14, some suppliers told the Beijing News Shell Finance reporter that the incident of young girl Kayla "running away" was true and mainly involved clothing wholesale stalls in Shahe, Guangzhou. About 300 suppliers were implicated, and the total funds Approximately 35 million yuan.

According to screenshots posted online, "Girl Kayla" is a Hardware Crown Taobao store with 5.52 million fans. Most of the products in the store are priced at around tens of yuan. A supplier who has been working with "Girl Kayla" for three or four years and was owed more than 100,000 yuan in payment this time told a Shell Finance reporter that the runaway incident happened suddenly and he didn't know the whole story. Another supplier who has cooperated with "Girl Kayla" for three years said that suppliers like him do not have contact with Taobao e-commerce and are only responsible for supplying these stores. Before the incident, the payment speed of "Girl Kayla" was very low. It is already very slow. Normally, it is settled once a month, but this store only settles once every 3-4 months. Currently, it has defaulted on payment of tens of thousands of yuan. At present, suppliers affected by the "escape" incident have formed a rights protection group.

In addition, suppliers also reported that the girl Keira’s “escape” this time also affected their trust in some online stores. It is understood that the price of Girl Keira’s products for consumers is often lower than the purchase price. "They are cheaper than us. They have been selling at a loss. I don't know how they make money," the supplier said. It is reported that there are not a few online stores that adopt this kind of "selling at a loss", and the payment speed is also very slow. The above-mentioned suppliers said that they are very nervous now and don't know whether they should continue to supply.

According to Tianyancha information, Guangzhou Zeng E-Commerce Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of "Girl Kayla", was established in September 2022. The legal representative is Li Jiezhou, with a registered capital of 500,000 yuan, and its business scope is clothing wholesale, Sales of knitted textiles and raw materials, sales of knitted textiles, Internet sales, corporate management, etc. are jointly held by Li Jiezhou, Li Jiehao, and Li Jieying. The company was canceled in March this year. In addition, the above three shareholders are also jointly affiliated with Guangzhou Yundian E-Commerce Co., Ltd., which was canceled in January last year.

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