chinese size to us clothing kids, off shoulder hanfu, xiao with long hair and hanfu

chinese size to us clothing kids, off shoulder hanfu, xiao with long hair and hanfu

As the cultural experience scenes of Hanfu become more and more diverse, people’s demand for Hanfu makeup is increasing day by day. “With three steps, a princess is born, and with five steps, a noble concubine is born.” Tourists wearing Hanfu can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys. There is a feeling of "traveling through in one second". The "breaking the circle" and "expanding the circle" of Hanfu has made the originally unpopular Hanfu makeup artist completely popular!

Hanfu "expands the circle"

Makeup artists: too busy during holidays

More and more people are willing to "pay" to experience Hanfu. During the holidays, "wearing Hanfu and visiting the ancient city" has become a fashion. At the same time, various cultural and artistic performances have increased day by day, which has caused the market demand for makeup artists to increase rapidly, and there has even been a situation where supply exceeds demand.

According to platform data, in the three days before this year’s May Day holiday, the search popularity for “Hanfu makeup” increased by more than 150% year-on-year. On the first day of the May Day holiday, the makeup store near the Bell Tower in Xi'an was full of customers. A merchant said that during the May Day period, there were 12 makeup teachers working in the store at the same time, and it took an average of 45 minutes to produce a "prosperous Tang" makeup teacher. "People", the waiting time for a table starts at about 1 hour. Many makeup artists said that there are so many people trying Hanfu during the Spring Festival, May Day and other holidays that they are simply too busy.

“Threading eyebrows, applying grease, dotting the face, dyeing the forehead yellow, drawing diagonal red, appliqué... When doing some traditional makeup, I will also read some ancient paintings and books, hoping to make it better. Tourists get an 'authentic' experience." Cao Zixian, a 25-year-old Hanfu makeup artist in Xi'an, has a particularly busy holiday. "In fact, many Hanfu can be used as our daily commuting clothing. As a practitioner, I hope that Hanfu makeup can move from occasional 'trying out' to people's daily life." Cao Zixian said.

“The Hanfu economy has spawned new professions, and behind it is the internal driving force of culture, which shows that traditional culture is increasingly accepted and loved by the public.” Shi Qian, executive director of the Hanfu Culture Committee of the Sichuan Traditional Culture Promotion Association said in an interview.

Aesthetic fusion of traditional culture

Hanfu makeup artists have higher requirements

This year is the 13th time that post-90s Chinese style blogger Xu Yueer has served as a Hanfu model. year. In her opinion, the biggest difference between Hanfu makeup and other makeup is that it is not only beauty, but also aesthetics, and behind the aesthetics is culture.

Having been engaged in the field of Hanfu makeup for 8 years, Xia Minjing believes that as a qualified Hanfu makeup artist, one must not only be familiar with the styles of Hanfu in various dynasties, but also master the makeup and hair styles that match them. Only the bun, as well as the etiquette and culture of each dynasty, can present the charm and beauty of ancient costumes to customers.

“We need to use professional knowledge and aesthetics to communicate details with customers. Whether it is clothing or makeup, they are closely connected with the historical background and aesthetic consciousness. It would be a joke if we wear it in a pretentious manner.” Post-90s Hanfu Cao Yirong, the manager of the museum, said that with the recent rise in popularity of Hanfu, many people feel that this is a new track and want to switch careers and become Hanfu makeup artists. It is easy to get started, but it is difficult to master it, and they need to constantly learn and practice. Be diligent. On her desk, there are several introduction booksBooks on women's makeup in ancient Chinese dynasties can be read at any time to review the past and learn the new.

New employment trend

Young people embrace new tracks

The supply of Hanfu makeup artists exceeds the demand, and the market gap creates a new employment trend. Many young people are targeting this competition. road. "More than 20 Hanfu studios come to us for recruitment every month, and many students find jobs before graduating." Li Ying, assistant to the principal of Xi'an Langtu Times Photography and Styling School, said that the demand for graduated Hanfu makeup artists has been in short supply, and some even The owner of the Hanfu shop came to learn Hanfu make-up by himself.

24-year-old Liu Ying is one of those who actively embraces Hanfu makeup artists. She just graduated from the training school half a year ago and is considered a "newcomer". She told reporters that judging from the current market in Xi'an, there is indeed a shortage of makeup artists. After studying for about 3 months and actually entering the market, Liu Ying found that there was a certain gap between learning and practice. When practicing in school, she needed to delve into the details. However, after entering the market, she found that some Hanfu experience stores valued efficiency more. Regarding salary, she mentioned that in stores with larger customer flow, it is not a problem for makeup artists to earn 8,000 yuan per month.

"Every time a customer looks in the mirror and marvels, that is my most satisfying moment. I will keep doing it to let this traditional beauty be passed on and carried forward." Many people are motivated by their attachment to traditional culture. Li Jinzhi, a Hanfu makeup artist born in the 1990s, is one of them who chose this career out of love. She plans to integrate makeup, photography, post-production and platform operations in the future to open a one-stop Hanfu culture experience center to allow more people to experience it. , understand and experience Hanfu.

Li Ya, professor of the Stage Art Department of Shanghai Theater Academy, believes, “For now, whether in the academy or in the market, there is still a huge demand for Hanfu makeup artists, and I am very optimistic about it. This track. Moreover, the most active people in this track are groups of young people. This is a good phenomenon. I hope that more relevant professionals will emerge in this process. How to handle the relationship between integrity and innovation will also be a very important issue. ”

Barbaric growth

Practitioners hope to standardize development

A large number of young people. The influx of "Hanfu makeup" industry has made unpopular professions "hot" and allowed more people to see the beauty of Chinese style. However, what needs to be noted is the hidden problems under the brutal growth of the emerging industry.

Hanfu makeup artist Liu Ying mentioned the current reality of this industry, "Most Hanfu makeup artists need to rely on Hanfu experience stores to 'survive'. At present, it is difficult to unify industry standards, and the ability of makeup artists is also uncertain. It’s uneven. In terms of salary guarantee, sometimes it only depends on the store’s verbal guarantee on WeChat, so I hope this aspect can be improved.”

Tourist Zhao Yuxiangye who has experienced Hanfu. Mentioned that the opacity of makeup charges is also a problem that customers often encounter.

As for future industry standardization, Chen Chen, a staff member of Xi’an Chang’an Twelve Hours Theme Street, said, “We also hope that industry associations will intervene in the future to formulate a standard that can be referenced so that the whole industry canThe industry develops more standardizedly. ".

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