china clothing hanfu, black and red hanfu, zhou dynasty hanfu

china clothing hanfu, black and red hanfu, zhou dynasty hanfu


At the Yimeishang Celebrity Festival held from May 9th to May 11th, Yu Rongchu broke the rules and uniquely invited a group of celebrities Brothers and sisters in gorgeous Hanfu came to the rescue and jointly performed a unique emotional skin care feast. This cross-border cooperation not only cleverly combines the charm of traditional culture with modern skin care concepts, but also brings a refreshing experience to the celebrities at the scene.

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At the Red Man Festival, the brothers and sisters in Hanfu were dressed in exquisite costumes, like fairies traveling through time and space, and their jade faces complemented each other, forming a beautiful picture. Their joining not only injected new vitality and creativity into Yu Rongchu, but also added a strong cultural atmosphere to the entire Yimeishang Red Man Festival, allowing everyone to feel the charm of Hanfu culture. At the same time, through personal experience and sharing, they made the celebrities present feel the uniqueness of Yurongchu's emotional skin care products.

Yurongchu uses the essence of vegetation to endow Yurongchu, which perfectly combines traditional Chinese herbal medicine with modern skin care technology. It uses saffron for emotional skin care, nourishing emotions internally, nourishing the skin externally, and repairing both the inside and outside. Improve emotional skin problems such as repeated skin sensitivity, dullness, and looseness. There are many methods of emotional healing, and Yu Rongchu's ability to combine skin care with public emotions is an innovation and breakthrough. The R&D team found that saffron can inhibit the gene expression of enzymes related to cortisol synthesis and greatly reduce the damage of cortisol to the skin. At the same time, saffron can down-regulate the expression of 11βHSD1 gene. In addition, saffron can also increase the respiration rate of cells and mitochondria, increase ATP (adenosine triphosphate, the most direct source of energy in organisms) in basic cells and mitochondria, "charge" cells, and achieve repair, antioxidant, and anti-aging. effect.

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This cross-border cooperation not only demonstrates Yu Rongchu's respect and inheritance of traditional culture, but also reflects the brand's pursuit of innovation and breakthroughs. In the future, Yurongchu will adhere to the emotional skin care concept of "nurturing emotions internally and nourishing skin externally", and will continue to introduce new products and services to provide consumers with better and more efficient products and services. At the same time, the brand will continue to pay attention to the inheritance and development of traditional culture and inject new vitality into traditional culture.