traditional chinese clothing female, hanfu fashion, how to pronounce hanfu

traditional chinese clothing female, hanfu fashion, how to pronounce hanfu

Strive for a hundred years and set sail on a new journey!

In the strong atmosphere of the whole country marching forward to the "14th Five-Year Plan", passionately striving for a new journey, and grandly celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Jiaozuo Daily organized a campaign of "struggle for a hundred years, set sail on a new journey, pursue the original intention" , Jiaozuo Imprint" themed interview activity. Following the melody of spring, our newspaper's theme interview team will stand firm on the people's side, carry forward the "Three Bulls" spirit, focus on the whole process, holographic information, all employees, and all effects, enhance foot power, eyesight, brain power, and writing power, and select the highlights of work in various places. Use small incisions to reflect big themes, use small stories to reflect big times, and focus on showing the great achievements made by the whole city since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in various undertakings such as resolutely winning the battle against poverty and building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way. Looking forward to the new journey, we will give a generous gift to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party. stay tuned.

Xiu Wu explores the road to the integration of industry and city in Jingcheng——

Hanfu is the best in China

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Core Tips

On January 9, the "First Hanfu Expo·Xiuwu" held in Beijing released heavy news:

Henan Xiuwu will build the capital of Chinese Hanfu!

Why does Xiuwu, a small county in northern Henan with a population of only 274,000, dare to set such a grand "role" for itself? After in-depth visits, reflections, and benchmarking in Xiuwu, the theme interview team of this newspaper came to the conclusion: Xiuwu will build the Hanfu capital of China, and it will be a matter of course! The Hanfu industry will become the core competitiveness of Xiuwu Jingcheng integration and industry-city integration, competing for industries in Henan and exploring new paths for Jiaozuo!

Hanfu is the best in China!

Xiuwu will leverage the Hanfu industry to promote high-quality development and lead high-quality development with the aesthetic economy!

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Where does Tanyuan get the confidence to build the "Chinese Hanfu Capital"

Ningcheng Chunqiao.

On March 5, Rongsheng Yuntai Ancient Town in Xiuwu County.

As far as the eye can see, there are many shops with Tang style and Chinese style. From time to time, "ladies" wearing Hanfu shuttle between them to take photos and check in, while tourists pace leisurely and enjoy the "time travel" time.

This ancient town, which was founded in 2017, has set a record of "speed of construction" in terms of negotiations, signings, and construction in that year. It has also experienced "painful periods" and "gaps" in development caused by serious homogenization. Expect". Today, "Hanfu Town" has become the soul of the ancient town's revitalization. Relying on Rongsheng Yuntai Ancient Town, Hanfu has become a super IP in Xiuwu County in just 2 years!

Why Hanfu?

Where does the breakthrough from "0" to "1" come from?

Guo Peng, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Xiuwu County Party Committee, answered the questions raised by this newspaper’s theme interview team.

To build the capital of Chinese Hanfu, Xiuwu has strategic resources.

First of all, relying on Henan, the birthplace of Chinese civilization, as the source of Chinese county aesthetics, Xiuwu and Hanfu have formed an indissoluble bond over the course of more than 3,000 years of history.

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In 1046 BC, King Wu of Zhou defeated Zhou and passed through Ningyi to practice military training. He changed Ningyi to Xiuwu and left behind the Zhou court etiquette and costumes;

In 220 AD, Liu Xie, Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty, lived in Xiuwu Xuanhu to help the world, and always worshiped Han Zhengshuo kimono, which brought the thousand-year-old county into close contact with Hanfu for the second time;

In 240 AD, the "Seven Sages of the Bamboo Forest" lived in seclusion today. Xiuwu Yuntai Mountain Baijiayan Scenic Area, with the attitude of "being in the world but having a happy heart", they created the first peak of Chinese aesthetics and Chinese Hanfu in Xiuwu - "Wei and Jin Aesthetics";

In 768 AD, Emperor Wen Zong Han Yu was born in JiaoHis descendants flourished in Xiuwu, and the gorgeous Tang costumes inherited from the prosperous Tang Dynasty also took root here.

The rich history and culture give Xiuwu a strategic advantage in building a Hanfu industry.

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Secondly, the effectiveness of aesthetic economy has already appeared in martial arts. In 2016, Xiuwu people took the lead in exploring the path of aesthetics in the country, starting from the aesthetics of party building, and using the aesthetic economy to lead the high-quality development of counties. In 4 years, they won 3 national-level pilots and the only rural construction action model county in the province, forming a A number of aesthetic industry clusters have cultivated a number of aesthetic brands, formed an aesthetic economic model, and improved the aesthetic economic system. They include both external and internal beauty, and have promoted the continuous advancement of high-quality development of the county economy.

As an important branch of aesthetics, Hanfu is also an integral part of the title of Xiuwu and developing the Hanfu industry.

Third, in the era of all-region tourism, the integration of scenic spots and cities is not only a measure to solve the problem that the world only knows Yuntai Mountain but not Xiuwu County, but also a practical need for the whole county to realize the coordinated development of the mountains and the mountains. With the theme of Hanfu, Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area and Rongsheng Yuntai Ancient Town effectively interacted through a variety of activities, leveraging the integration and transformation of culture and tourism.

Fourth, as a county with a small population and weak science and technology, it cannot achieve great development by relying on conventional measures. Innovating and making breakthroughs to become a bigger and stronger leader in the Hanfu industry is a major decision for Xiuwu to be the first in the world.

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Resources are fully prepared, and bottlenecks and confusions urgently need to be “broken.”

Hanfu productionKarma is ready to come out!

Accelerating the integration of Jingcheng and stimulating the development vitality of the county, Xiuwu County is closely eyeing the "Hanfu Capital of China", and a series of actions to prosper the Hanfu industry and accelerate the construction of a Hanfu strategic alliance are being carried out in full force , industrial support with Hanfu as the core is taking shape.

Seek high-level promotion to create the "Hanfu Capital of China"

Focus on the 260 million "Generation Z" young people, and use Hanfu as a concrete extension of the aesthetic economy , a combination of "never-ending Hanfu Festival + Rongsheng Hanfu Town + Hanfu Expo + Hanfu themed counties + nationwide online and offline promotion" went from "0" to "1" in just 7 months. It occupies the C position on the Chinese Hanfu hot search list.

This is Xiuwu’s strategic determination!

This is the execution of martial arts!

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On August 15, 2020, Xiuwu County, together with Rongsheng Kanglu Group and Beijing Ether Jingwei Company, launched the "Never-Ending Hanfu Festival·Xiuwu" for three consecutive seasons, attracting more than 300,000 "Generation Z" young people Due to its popularity, Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily and other mainstream media reported intensively, and the exposure across the entire network exceeded 260 million times, setting off a wave of "Hanfu craze" from offline to online. Xiuwu has initially become a gathering place for Hanfu enthusiasts. .


Relying on the huge number of tourists every year, Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area deeply combines landscape and culture, while integrating popular fashion elements, has carefully planned a series of activities such as the Hanfu Flower Festival and the Red Leaf National Trend Cultural Festival. It not only launched the major benefit of "wearing Hanfu and getting free tickets", but also organized special activities such as Hanfu parade, Hanfu market, and Hanfu model competition. Oriental Chinese costume events have attracted the participation of "comrades" from all over the country. Since its launch, the Douyin Challenge with more than 50 awards has been played nearly 100 million times, with highly popular Hanfu experts and Douyin experts One after another participated, and a single post received hundreds of thousands of likes.

During the Spring Festival this year, Rongsheng Hanfu Town was full of entertainment and lively. The elegant charm of Tang Dynasty made many Hanfu lovers yearn for it, and it received more than 100,000 tourists in 6 days.

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"The First Hanfu Expo·Xiuwu" will for the first time integrate well-known enterprises, brands, well-known scholars, opinion leaders and Hanfu enthusiasts from the entire industrial chain of China's Hanfu industry in a market-oriented manner to conduct business, academic, and media exchanges Exchange and interact to promote the trillion-dollar Hanfu industry to become bigger and stronger.

At the same time, the first "Central Plains Chinese Clothing Day" event and Hanfu Design Competition organized by the Henan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League will also join forces with the Hanfu Expo. This event will become a grand event for the entire Chinese Hanfu industry.

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Hanfu is the clothing of the Chinese nation. Wearing Hanfu reflects the beauty of silk threads, the passage of time, and the continuity of blood and culture. Hanfu has become a cultural symbol in Xiuwu.

The secretary of the county party committee wears the party emblem and takes the lead in buying and wearing Hanfu. Douyin has more than 20 million visits; the county leaders take the lead in setting up a Hanfu industry investment group.58 Hanfu shops have been signed and launched, ranking first in the country in terms of concentration; 36 Hanfu catwalk teams with more than 800 participants have been formed to help the development of Rongsheng Hanfu town; it has taken the lead in promoting Hanfu school uniforms in the country, and its coverage and influence continue to expand... Today, Xiu Wu stands in the spotlight of the national Hanfu circle!

Work together to build the "Chinese Hanfu Capital" to attract great talents

Focus on the core positioning of "China's Hanfu Capital" and cultivate martial arts County precise investment promotion.

Focus on the Hanfu industry and plan a number of high-quality projects in advance; target leading companies and top brands, lock in original designers, technicians, and craftsmen, and lay out R&D centers, exhibition centers, and incubation centers. level industry, build an industrial chain such as Hanfu R&D, manufacturing, and sales, and strive to realize the leap from "existing" to "strong" in the Hanfu industry.

Yang Weidong, director of the Xiuwu County Characteristic Industry Zone, said that investment promotion for the Hanfu Expo is the top priority in the county, and no one is left out. The strict working mechanism ensures the effectiveness of investment promotion, and preferential policies attract many businesses. The interview team learned at Renyi Pavilion, the first Hanfu store in the ancient town, that the owner, Liang Na, was married to Xiuwu from the Northeast. She strongly felt the cultural atmosphere of Hanfu here and the support of the government, so she made up her mind to open the first Hanfu store in the county. store, she said: "The government is so supportive, and I firmly believe that this choice has a future!"

At the Meishang Cultural and Creative Store, the owner Shi Linwei has great ideas. The decoration in the style of twisted porcelain, Da Nanpo's cultural and creative specialties, and freshly ground coffee all give the shop a strong artistic style. The store opened on a trial basis on the first day of the first lunar month this year and performed well. Shi Linwei is looking forward to the Hanfu Expo in May.

Yang Weidong said that at present, Xiuwu County is accelerating the promotion of the Hehan Juanai Xiuwu Hanfu full industry chain project, the Han element youth clothing production project, and the Hangzhou Diyuan "Five Centers" project, striving to create a collection of Hanfu A national comprehensive industrial base integrating cultural promotion, production, sales and operation.

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In 2021, Xiuwu will integrate top talent teams to promote the Hanfu industry to take root in Xiuwu. In addition to the expo, Xiuwu will also start the design of the country's first Hanfu Expo, Hanfu Museum and Hanfu themed county, continue to hold the Yuntai Mountain Hanfu Flower Festival, and host Henan's first Hanfu Day, preparing to build the country's first Hanfu Design Institute, holding design competitions and catwalk events, striving to attract more than 200 investors for the theme of Rongsheng Hanfu Town, consolidating the country's top position in the concentration of Hanfu retail brands; jointly integrating Hanfu resources across the country, and improving the overall Hanfu industrial chain.

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Achieve the integration of scenic spots and cities,

Promote tourists to enter the city,

Create a city with Hanfu as the core Industrial support,

Xiuwu is putting this grand proposition into practice

Putting pen to paper and taking concrete steps step by step!

Jiaozuo Daily All-Media Reporter Wang Aijun Wang Jingfeng Lu Zhengjun Wang Yan Zhao Gailing/Wen Jiyanan/Photo

Xiuwu dares to be the first in the world

Small town Xiu Wu has created one incredible thing after another - in the 1970s, martial artists spent 10 years manually digging 19 tunnels between the cliffs and opened the Diecai Cave that runs through Shanxi and Henan; at the end of the last century, martial artists used In 20 years, we developed the tourism industry that no one valued at the time, built Henan's natural mountain faucet Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area, and led a city to successfully transform "from black impression to green theme"; in 2016, Xiuwu people took the lead in exploring aesthetics in the country Path, starting from the aesthetics of party building, using the aesthetic economy to lead the high-quality development of counties, and in 4 years, we won three national-level pilots and the only rural construction action model county in the province. Now, Xiuwu has loudly proposed to build the capital of Hanfu in China! The confidence to practice martial arts comes from daring to seize opportunities! Seek the trend, follow the trend, and take advantage of the trend, always based on your own reality and standing at the forefront of the times. The confidence to practice martial arts comes from daring to be the first in the world! Behind each of the "creations out of nothing" lies the mind, courage and invincible courage of the martial arts practitioners! Move according to the situation and do it when you see it! Stick to the green hills and do it right! Jiaozuo’s high-quality development needs more such pioneers and leaders!

Looking forward to Xiuwu’s achievements, exploring new paths for Jiaozuo, fighting for industry for Henan, and creating more incredible things!