different types of chinese clothing, hanfu jacket pattern, the hanfu story

different types of chinese clothing, hanfu jacket pattern, the hanfu story


Under the current booming development of the cross-border e-commerce market, China's total cross-border e-commerce import and export volume will reach 2.38 trillion yuan in 2023, year-on-year The growth rate was 15.6%, significantly exceeding the national average growth rate of import and export. This strong growth momentum provides Chinese manufacturing companies and cross-border merchants with a broader international market space.

In this context, the "2024 LEK Footwear and Clothing Brand Popularity Index" report recently released by market research organization LEK Consulting shows that the well-known fashion brand SHEIN has led the trend with its outstanding performance for three consecutive years. It firmly ranks first in the popularity list of casual Hanfu brands in the United States, highlighting its extremely high popularity and market position since the launch of the index. Not only that, SHEIN is also very popular in the field of casual men's clothing and won the third place.

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SHEIN has won the U.S. casual Hanfu brand popularity list for three consecutive years

Based on an in-depth survey of nearly 4,000 U.S. consumers aged 14 to 55, LEK Consulting comprehensively tracked different The popularity of men’s and women’s footwear and apparel brands across generational groups (Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X) and across product categories (athletic, casual, outdoor and formal wear). SHEIN ranks in the top two in the popularity ranking of casual Hanfu for all age groups, successfully defeating well-known brands such as SKIMS, Fashion Nova, Levi's, and ZARA, and has occupied the top spot in the popularity of casual Hanfu in the United States for three consecutive years. In terms of casual men's wear, SHEIN ranks among the top ten in the rankings of all age groups and ranks third overall, ahead of brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, UNIQLO, and Dickies.

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SHEIN ranks third in the U.S. casual men's wear brand popularity list

Delving deeply into the secret of SHEIN's success, we can see that its innovative digital on-demand supply chain model plays a key role. This model effectively reduces inventory risks, enables a rich variety of product types, and maintains high cost performance, so it is deeply loved by consumers around the world. Statistics show that compared with the 30%-40% inventory rate common in the industry, SHEIN has successfully controlled unsold inventory at an extremely low level, demonstrating its excellent operational efficiency.

It is worth mentioning that SHEIN not only leads the pack in terms of brand popularity, but is also unique in terms of brand value growth. According to the "Top Ten Fastest-Growing Brands in the United States in 2023" report released by Morning Consult, an authoritative U.S. consulting company, SHEIN ranks fourth, keeping pace with top international brands such as ChatGPT, OpenAI, Facebook, and Coca-Cola, becoming the only Chinese company on the list. The brand is also the only fashion brand selected in the world.

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Based on its achievements in brand building, SHEIN has actively laid out a diversified development strategy and built a dual development model of "own brand + platform". With its strong global sales network, advanced marketing capabilities and innovative supply chain system, SHEIN is committed to empowering third-party sellers and brands to open up the international market through a platform model. In response to the needs of different types of merchants, SHEIN provides diversified forms of cooperation, such as providing one-stop agency operation services for small and medium-sized sellers who lack cross-border e-commerce experience. At the same time, it supports sellers and brands that have the ability to operate independently to carry out independent operations. With the help of SHEIN Platform resources and brand building experience promote merchant market expansion and brand influence enhancement.

Adhering to the principle of fairness and transparency, the SHEIN platform createsIt has created a business environment with zero entry costs and no additional promotion fees, and has established a series of training courses aimed at gradually improving the comprehensive strength of merchants and ensuring the steady and sustained growth of orders. According to the "Xi You Gravity" Million Sellers Plan, SHEIN is expected to help 10,000 merchants achieve the goal of annual sales exceeding one million US dollars in the next three years, and drive more local companies to achieve cross-border sales through the National 500 Cities Industry Overseas Plan The expansion of e-commerce overseas and the flexible upgrade of the industrial Internet.

I believe that in the future, more and more merchants will choose to board the cross-border e-commerce giant SHEIN to further explore overseas market opportunities and deepen their insights into the global market, thereby enhancing their international competitiveness and using High-quality Made in China products and services meet the needs of global consumers.