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Recently, Yi Nengjing talked about the controversial issue of her son Harry "wearing Hanfu" for the first time in the variety show "Idealist".

As a mother, facing accusations, criticism and even abuse from some public opinion towards her son, Yi Nengjing chose to be respectful and tolerant enough: "I will give him all the freedom. In my world, he can be himself." ."

z chinese, hanfu hair crown, japanese hanfu - Image 1 The picture comes from Weibo. Harry is the child jointly raised by Yi Nengjing and her ex-husband Yu Chengqing. He is 18 years old and is studying fashion design at Central Saint Martins College of Art in London.

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As a second-generation star, Harry’s every move is inevitably watched by the public, and his personal social account has also been revealed by netizens. Soon, the topic #伊NFengjing’s son wears Hanfu# quickly became a trending topic on Weibo. It stayed on the topic for a whole day and aroused heated public opinion.

In the photo, Harry has long black hair, exquisite makeup and full personality.

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All of a sudden, all kinds of rumors, gossips, and malicious intentions came to our attention.

After hearing the news, Harry called his mother immediately and asked: "Will you be injured? Will it affect your work?" and decided to close his ins account. No. Update again.

Yi Nengjing was very calm. She told her son: "No, you don't need to bear anything that your parents brought to you in their careers. In the worst case, I won't be in this industry. It's not important. There is nothing more important than you." More important."

And encouraged him: "You will let more people know that freedom is very precious, and respecting others to be themselves is very precious."

z chinese, hanfu hair crown, japanese hanfu - Image 5 Picture from Ins

In Yi Nengjing’s eyes, a child is an individual independent of his parents. He can be independent and different as long as he wants to.

Having received unconditional support from his mother, Harry opened his Instagram account again and showed his life fearlessly. He said: "I am free."

z chinese, hanfu hair crown, japanese hanfu - Image 6 The picture comes from Ins. Don’t make choices for your children, don’t give them too much expectations, and what is behind the indifferent treatment is not only understanding and tolerance, but also support and affirmation, respecting their choices and pursuing the precious value of themselves. This What a rare lesson in our education. Individuals

have the freedom to be themselves”

For Harry, his parents’ marriage was not a good one. When he was 6 years old, Yi Nengjing and Yu Chengqing divorced. The two divorced. Five years after the divorce, Yi Nengjing agreed to Qin Hao's proposal. A year later, Yu Chengqing also entered a new marriage. However, the divorce did not affect Harry's life too much. Growing up, my mother's love and care were always with me.

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Yi Nengjing has never forced her own aesthetics on her children. She has never expressed any objection to Harry's dress: "I have no reason or right to interfere with everything the children want to experience. Even if these things will make him controversial."

She fully supports her son's love for dancing and even goes to watch the performance live. After it was over, he did not just give perfunctory praise, but seriously wrote down his feelings on WeChat to acknowledge his son's efforts and performance.

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She is a mother and her son’s closest and most reliable friend. She will accompany her son on trips, going to art exhibitions, checking into internet celebrity gourmet restaurants, sharing the same drink, and taking funny photos... ...

In Harry's Instagram photos, there are always one or two photos of his mother unexpectedly included, which look intimate and beautiful.

z chinese, hanfu hair crown, japanese hanfu - Image 9 Picture from Ins

The most commendable thing is that Yi Nengjing not only understands the importance of companionship, but also knows the meaning of letting go.

Before the age of 17, her son spent every birthday with her, but as he grew up, Yi Nengjing discovered that he actually wanted to spend his birthday with his friends.

On his 17th birthday, Harry asked Yi Nengjing as usual if she wanted to bring her sister to celebrate her birthday. Yi Nengjing suddenly realized that she would no longer be the "organizer" of her son's birthday, but would become a "participant" because her son already had the ability to socialize independently, and all she needed to do was give him enough space.

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That day, Yi Nengjing took her daughter to cut the cake with Harry as usual, and then left early, telling her son: "You can play until 12 o'clock today."

Wait until she sat back In the car, Yi Nengjing was alone and silentlyShe shed tears. Regarding her son's growth and distance, she deeply felt the loss and sourness in every mother's heart, but she knew that love means letting go.

"A graceful exit is the best gift I can give you as an adult."

z chinese, hanfu hair crown, japanese hanfu - Image 11 The picture comes from Weibo

Completely different from what the outside world expected, Harry grew up very well.

Writing lyrics, composing music, painting, dancing, and fashion design, he has a wide range of interests and versatile talents, and his schoolwork has never been lower than A. He is a well-rounded "student" with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical education, and art.

A self-portrait that Harry gave to his mother

On the stage debut of Sister Riding the Wind and Waves, Yi Nengjing sang the song "You Say You Want Me to Love You", which was written and composed by Harry himself.

After the performance, Yi Nengjing proudly recorded on Weibo: "My mother, who is already an artist at the age of 18, sang a song written by her 18-year-old son. In parallel time and space, my adolescence and your adolescence met. Overlap.”

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In fact, when she first received the invitation from Sister Lang, Yi Nengjing was very hesitant, and most of her family members were opposed. Only her son Harry has been silently supporting her. He not only taught his mother how to dance personally, but also gently encouraged her. , giving her the courage to pursue new possibilities.

"You support us to be ourselves, and we also hope that mothers will not give up on being mothers."

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This love and respect is never unilaterally conveyed and given, but is more reflected in the mother and child:

"From today on, we will no longer call you baby. We are equals. You enable me to be myself, and I also hope that I can enable you to be independent and free.”

z chinese, hanfu hair crown, japanese hanfu - Image 15 The picture comes from the Internet "The so-called normal is an invisible shackles."

In traditional concepts, gender has been given too many inherent expectations.

People always think that boys should be strong and tolerant, and girls should be weak and slender. Robots and Ultraman are the joy of boys, while dolls and cosmetics are the choices of girls. The so-called "normal" look in the eyes of the public , cuffing an invisible shackles to everyone.

Even Britain’s Prince George, who is loved by people all over the world, was ridiculed by American show hosts because of his ballet classes.

On the show, when the host Lara Spencer was announcing the little prince's class schedule to the audience, she saw that he was learning ballet. She couldn't help but laugh out loud, and the surrounding audience also laughed together.

z chinese, hanfu hair crown, japanese hanfu - Image 16 Picture source: American ABC TV station

Then, Lara said with full of sarcasm and ridicule:

"Prince William said that George likes ballet very much. What I want to tell Prince William is: 'Let's watch Let's see how long George can hold on."

After saying that, he couldn't help but laugh.

z chinese, hanfu hair crown, japanese hanfu - Image 17 Image from Google

Weird because it’s different.

But in this world, difference does not mean guilt, and sameness does not belong to justice. Different genders, races, skin colors, hobbies, and sexual orientations are not grounds for criticism and discussion. It is precisely because there are so many different existences that respect is so meaningful.

z chinese, hanfu hair crown, japanese hanfu - Image 18 In the movie "The Danish Girl", in the process of artistic creation, the landscape painter Einar gradually discovers that what he really desires in his heart is to become a woman. His wife Gerda has never left her despite various social criticisms and misunderstandings. Finally, Einar was encouraged to completely transform into Lily.

The picture comes from Douban

After the video of "the host and the audience laughing at Prince George learning ballet" was broadcast, a large number of netizens came out to criticize the inappropriate attitude of the program.

After that, more and more people joined the discussion, and even started a hot topic "Boysdancetoo (Boys Can Dance Too)". Countless male dancers and ordinary boys who like to dance came forward to support .

They tell people with their actions: "Boys can also like dancing and ballet. Everyone has the right to pursue what they love without being laughed at!"

Hundreds of male dancers gathered to dance together in the New York City Plaza

Supporting Prince George with action

Photo source: Google

When being interviewed by reporters, Huo Siyan once faced The camera hummed to his son and said: "Hmm, you will wear Hanfu for your beloved, and your mother will support you."

Du Jiang added on the side: "Dad is acting, Dad is a boy. You have to be a real man and do such things only for the woman you love." Huo Siyan on the side retorted gently: "I don't think you should say that, you can also do it for your beloved. boy or girl.”

z chinese, hanfu hair crown, japanese hanfu - Image 20 Image from Ins We always teach children that you can be whatever you want, but you will still inadvertently impose a certain identity on your children.

z chinese, hanfu hair crown, japanese hanfu - Image 21 The picture comes from Douban

When people understand the world more deeply, they will know that nature is not black and white, and people are not just divided into men and women. This knowledge and understanding of constant exploration allows us to Be open to more possibilities.

If the world always "seeks common ground" rather than "reserves differences," then more people may be ridiculed and bullied for insisting on some hobbies that do not conform to stereotypes, because Worldly discrimination and prejudice force you to give up what you really love...

Being like a boy, becoming like a girl, becoming what your parents expect... It is better to be yourself .

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Author: Cheryl, the post-90s author of Elite Talk, a British returnee, writes with heart.

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