chinese clothing by dynasty, baju tradisional cina hanfu, hanfu origin

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Chao News Client Reporter Sheng Wei Correspondent Xu Xinli Li Yang

On May 19, in the garden on the campus of the No. 1 Primary School in Qujiang District, Quzhou City, several students from Class 6 (3) Students dressed in ancient costumes played in the flower garden.

Girl Xu Jiaqi held a round fan and recited a poem she composed, "The sound of books is loud and the sound of music is loud, and the fragrance of flowers is filled with butterflies and birds."

Instructor Xu Qingsong gave a thumbs up : "The writing is good, with some artistic conception, but we still have to work hard."

53-year-old Xu Qingsong is a teacher at a primary school in Qujiang and a member of the Quzhou Poetry and Couplets Society. "Currently, the school has been identified as the 'Quzhou City Poetry Education Base', and the school has also created poetry development courses. Now a group of talented young poets have emerged in the school."

Girl Jiang Hanxin has been watching for a long time Hydrangea flowers in the flowerbed. "I have the inspiration to write about hydrangeas. I will try to compose a poem about hydrangeas when I go back."

Xiao Jiang was recognized by Xu Qingsong as "a very scholarly and spiritual student."

A poem composed by Jiang Hanxin last winter was used as a model essay by Xu Qingsong and was recited in the club: "The cold snow dances and covers the eaves, and the white snow is full of old lingering. The floating snow shakes off lightly, breaking free from the cocoon. Turn into a butterfly."

The background of this poem was the heavy snowfall in Quzhou at the end of last year, which was also the biggest snowfall that Xiao Jiang had ever seen. "I was walking on campus, and the falling heavy snow instantly inspired me, and I wrote this poem that night."

Xu Qingsong commented on this poem: "In addition to the rhyme, this poem The poem is also very artistic. It not only describes the beautiful scene of the snowy day, but also expresses the young poet’s lofty ideals. ”

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Photo by Sheng Wei

Xu Qingsong said, "Letting children wear Hanfu is to create an atmosphere that blends scenes as much as possible, so that children can feel like they have traveled back to ancient times, empathize with others, and write poetic poems with artistic conception."

Xiao Jiang, who is good at writing poetry, has planted a seed in her heart: she wants to study hard and become a Chinese teacher in the future, so as to continue her dream of poetry.

Jiang Yizhen, the principal of the school, said: "Letting children fall in love with ancient poetry can cultivate children's aesthetic education, allowing them to discover beauty in words and improve their lives in life.I find beauty in everything, and I hope they can all have a beautiful childhood and a beautiful life. ”

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