doduo chinese clothing, sewa hanfu jakarta, hanfu red

doduo chinese clothing, sewa hanfu jakarta, hanfu red


May 14

A consumer broke the news

Taobao’s 5.5 million fans

Internet celebrity merchant

“Girl Kayla

Closing the store and running away

The store is still live broadcasting on May 12th

May 13

The store’s office location has been closed

The warehouse is empty

Early morning on May 14th

This store cannot be found on Taobao platform

It cannot be found at all

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The company registered as "Girl Kayla" trademark is Guangzhou Zeng E-Commerce Co., Ltd., the legal representative is Li Jiezhou, the company was established in September 2022,

Cancellation time is March 4, 2024.

Another company jointly held by three shareholders, Li Jiehao, Li Jiezhou and Li Jieying

Guangzhou Yundian Electronics Business Co., Ltd. was canceled in January last year.

The suppliers determined that this was a planned and malicious attempt to defraud the goods and escape.

According to reports from the injured suppliers, the amount of debt that was taken away was as high as 35 million yuan, involving more than 300 suppliers, among whom Many of them come from Shahe online clothing stalls, and many are post-90s entrepreneurs.

"Girl Kayla" is a Taobao Hardware Crown Hanfu store.

What are the prices of the products in the store? About ten yuan.

Because of the pre-sale period, some consumers' clothes have not yet been shipped before they were sold out.

After the news of the sales spread, some consumers initiated refunds. At present, the store's deposit has been deducted. .

A consumer told reporters that the clothes she returned and sent back had just been signed for on the morning of May 15, and the signee was a "colleague". After the courier came to pick up the items, they Already received a quick refund from the system.

There are also some consumers who are not so lucky.

After applying for a refund, it shows that the store’s deposit balance is insufficient

. The customer service of the consulting platform replied "

Due to insufficient balance in the seller's account, we are temporarily unable to refund you

. In order to maximize the protection of your rights and interests, the platform has initiated a reminder to the seller. The period is 90 days. Due to the seller’s business willingness and financial situation, the result of the call is uncertain. You will be informed of any progress as soon as possible. ”

Screenshot of consumer Taobao order logistics.

According to suppliers, before running away, the payment speed of "Girl Kayla" was already very slow. Normally, it was once a month, but

The store only closes the business after 3-4 months, and is currently in arrears of tens of thousands of yuan in payment

A netizen who has opened a stall in Shahe for nearly 10 years said on social media, "

Running like this Basically, the stalls will come several times a year. If you don't do credit, you won't be ran away. The stalls that are ran away are also gambling because of the large volume. If the entire market doesn't sign the order for her, She doesn't have the chance to take away so much money. Don't blame the stall that was ransacked.

Remind them not to sign orders on credit to prevent them from being robbed next time.

Business is bad these days. It’s difficult, and being ran away is even worse.”

On the evening of May 15, Taobao Clothing’s official account was released

Follow-up service measures of "Girl Kayla" store

, the article mentioned that "for orders that have been placed but not shipped: cancelConsumers can initiate "refund only" and the platform will pay full compensation; for orders that have been shipped but have not been confirmed: consumers can choose "refund only" or choose to confirm receipt; for orders with confirmed receipt : If consumers encounter problems, they can also initiate a refund, and the after-sales service will be fully guaranteed by the platform. If there are other problems, consumers can communicate and deal with them through Taobao’s official customer service. Taobao Clothing will fully protect the rights and interests of consumers. ”

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