chinese clothing chicago, order hanfu, ming dynasty hanfu

chinese clothing chicago, order hanfu, ming dynasty hanfu

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Reporter Li Xiaoyu


What is it like to wear Hanfu and visit the night market? There is nothing out of place at the Jiang Ziya Cultural Night Market in Yuyanli Commercial Street, Linzi District. On the evening of May 19, the reporter walked in the night market where the ancient charm of Qi Feng was intertwined with the lights, as if he had walked into a flowing Qi Feng picture. Every stall in the night market is decorated in an antique style, with wooden shelves, classical lanterns and Chinese-style signboards, which are antique and full of charm. The stall owners are also dressed in a variety of ancient costumes, some look like literati, and some look like heroines in ancient costumes, which makes people feel like they have traveled back to ancient times.

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“Let’s go get hairpins.” The reporter and several young girls came to a Hanfu experience stall. The gorgeous and exquisite Tang Dynasty clothes, the elegant Song Dynasty clothes, the free and elegant Ming Dynasty clothes... the various styles of Hanfu are dizzying, and the stalls also provide a variety of hairpins and hairpins for people to choose from. After a while, the young girls finished dressing up, put on hairpins, and changed into Hanfu. They looked particularly beautiful against the background of the night market.

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"Use lacquer as a pen and a fan as paper, half artificial and half natural". As the most trendy "new Chinese-style film production artifact" at the moment, the lacquer fan stall with intangible lacquer technique was the most popular stall that night. one. Many children were waiting in line to experience the experience, holding blank round fans with words such as "Chang'an Ning" and "Shunsui". "Can red and blue be mixed together?" "How to turn a fan into a beautiful pattern?" In QiThe atmosphere at the fan experience area is warm.

Drop various colors of paint into the water to draw your favorite pattern, then hold the fan handle and slowly immerse the fan in the water. With gentle shaking and turning, the water ripples , the fan surface shows colorful patterns like stars, flying sky, rivers, seas, mountains and rivers. In an instant, a unique lacquer fan is completed.

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This process is like magic and the children are amazed. "For only a double-digit fee, children can experience the joy of intangible cultural heritage. It's so worth it." Citizen Ms. Zhang, a mother of two children, told reporters that children can learn and experience China in the night market. The charm of traditional culture is very meaningful.

Walking through the night market, you can see a dazzling array of Linzi intangible cultural heritage delicacies such as Jinling honey pots, Xilao pig's trotters, Tianwang rice dumplings, Jinling sesame cakes, etc. Zong and other games show the charm of Qidi's history; special ancient games such as flying flower leads, Cuju, and pot throwing are endless...

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It is understood that Jiang Ziya Cultural Night Market runs from the south to the north square of Yuyanli, with a total length of about 300 meters and more than 60 stalls. The night market is open every Friday to Sunday, with an average customer flow of two to three thousand people. The night market brings together intangible cultural heritage displays, specialty food, handicrafts and interactive performances, which not only enriches citizens' nightlife, but also significantly promotes nighttime consumption in Yuyanli Commercial Street.