20th century chinese clothing, hanfu in different dynasty, off shoulder hanfu

20th century chinese clothing, hanfu in different dynasty, off shoulder hanfu


As the Internet becomes more and more developed, many young people nowadays tend to look for jobs online. However, the information on the Internet is mixed, and if you are not careful, you may fall into the clutches of criminals. A few days ago, the Dongguan Intermediate People's Court of Guangdong concluded a case of forced indecency in the second instance and found that Liu was guilty of forced indecency and was sentenced to one year and nine months in prison.

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Chen is a newly adult woman. Because of her good looks, she often posts photos and videos on social media, attracting the attention of many fans. This gave her the idea of ​​becoming a model and making money by taking photos for online stores on Douyin, Taobao and other platforms. Later, Liu noticed Chen on the Internet and said that he met Chen as the owner of a Hanfu online store. The two parties added each other on WeChat. Liu proposed to hire Chen as a model for his online store and invited her to come out and take photos of clothing for the online store.

One afternoon in January 2023, the two parties made an appointment to meet in a dessert shop. Liu first treated Chen to some desserts to relax her vigilance, and then offered to take her to take photos in his rental house. Chen questioned why he did not go to the studio that was agreed upon at the beginning to shoot, while Liu said that the studio was still being renovated and could not be used. Although he had doubts, Chen still agreed to Liu's request due to his inexperience and eagerness to make money.

After arriving at the rental house, Liu took out a rather "frivolous" piece of clothing and asked Chen to put it on for a photo, but was severely criticized by Chen. After refusing, he took out another piece of clothing and asked Chen to change into it. After taking a few photos, Liu began to reveal his criminal intentions, hugged Chen and performed forced indecency. The whole process lasted for about ten minutes. Under Chen's strong resistance and the threat of calling the police, Liu gradually stopped his obscene behavior. Chen also took the opportunity to escape from the rental house, contacted his boyfriend and quickly called the police for help. The next day, the public security organs arrested Liu and brought him to justice.

The Dongguan No. 3 Court of First Instance found Liu guilty of forced indecency and sentenced him to one year and nine months in prison. Liu was dissatisfied and appealed.

The second instance trial of Dongguan Intermediate People’s Court held that Liu ignored national law and deceived Chen into a rental house under the guise of filming, and then used violent methods to forcibly molest Chen. His behavior constituted the crime of forced indecency and should be punished according to law. The first-instance judgment found the facts clearly, the conviction was accurate, and the sentence was appropriate. Therefore, the appeal was dismissed and the original judgment was upheld.

The judge reminded: In this case, the criminals disguised themselves as the owners of the Hanfu online store and promised to pay for the filming, which lowered the victim's vigilance and gave the criminals an opportunity. The judge reminded women to be extremely vigilant against unverified information on the Internet and not to trust strangers. When applying for a job online, you should fully understand the specific information of the applicant unit, choose to conduct the interview in a formal and public place, and protect yourself; when making an appointment with netizens to meet offline, it is recommended not to go alone, but to be accompanied by others meet. If you unfortunately encounter illegal infringement, you must stand up bravely, report the case to the public security organs as soon as possible, and take up legal weapons to firmly defend your rights.

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