dudou chinese clothing, the hanfu story, hanfu mamianqun

dudou chinese clothing, the hanfu story, hanfu mamianqun

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□ Popular News Client Reporter Shen Jiaxin reported that on May 23, at the 20th Shenzhen Cultural Expo, the audience took photos with the Heze peony landscaping in the Shandong exhibition area.

In the eyes of ordinary audiences, the Shenzhen Cultural Expo is fun and fun to visit. In the minds of exhibitors, the CIIF "exhibits the world and leads businesses through exhibitions", and the most important thing is to facilitate transactions. On May 24, the 20th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo and Trade Fair entered its second day. The reporter noticed that there are "hidden dragons and crouching tigers" behind the most lively booths. They are often leaders and champions in subdivided industries, so they attract many professional buyers.

Wearing Chinese-style Hanfu, graceful peonies, and shaking exquisite fans, just strolling around the Shandong exhibition area will give you a "national trend" look. Meng Xiaoxia of Caoxian Chenfei Clothing Co., Ltd. was very busy at the booth, and there was an endless stream of visitors who came to try on clothes and place orders. She said that in recent years, the age range of Hanfu buyers has become larger and larger. Young parents taking 100-day photos of their children, teenagers holding coming-of-age ceremonies, newlyweds, old couples celebrating their golden and silver weddings... More and more people choose to wear Hanfu to commemorate important moments in their lives.

Cao County is China’s original Hanfu production base and the largest horse-face skirt production base in the country. Last year, Hanfu sales exceeded 7.2 billion yuan, of which Hanfu sales in Daji Town alone reached 4.3 billion yuan. Currently, Caoxian County has 2,282 Hanfu upstream and downstream enterprises, 2,053 original Hanfu processing enterprises, and nearly 100,000 Hanfu practitioners.

“There is nothing that cannot reach heaven!” The reporter randomly interviewed several visitors in the Shandong exhibition area. When talking about Weifang kites, many people blurted out this sentence.

Weifang’s kite market share accounts for more than 80% of the country’s kite market. Among them, Wangjiazhuang Village alone has an annual kite sales volume of about 100 million. Han Puqing of Weifang Modern Kite Cooperative said that in recent years, they have been seeking breakthroughs in product innovation and industrial development. In January this year, a modern kite cooperative was established in Fangzi District, Weifang City. Kite companies develop as a team to promote resource sharing, cost reduction and efficiency improvement in raw material procurement and transportation, warehousing and logistics, cultural promotion, brand cultivation and other aspects.

Nowadays, electric guitars produced in Shandong are indispensable at popular music festivals everywhere. The population of Nobo Town in Changle County is only 100,000.In this small town, nearly 10,000 people are engaged in musical instrument production, with an annual output of 2 million finished electroacoustic instruments. Among them, the annual output of electric guitars accounts for more than 40% of the country's total, and more than 80% of the guitars produced are sold to more than 130 countries and regions around the world. area. Zhao Weiguo of Shandong Yate Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. said, "This time we brought electric guitars that incorporate intangible cultural heritage lacquer art. Each one is exquisite."

Hisense Laser TV, Taishan Wind Instruments, Lamex Jia clocks and watches, Changyu wine, Zibo pottery, Huaguang Chinese porcelain, Linshu willow weaving, Juye calligraphy and painting, Laizhou Lifu straw weaving, Jinxiang colored glaze...a large number of representative Shandong products were unveiled, making the Shandong exhibition area of ​​Shenzhen Cultural Expo Popularity is booming. Relevant comrades in charge of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee said that the Shandong exhibition area gathers the "single product champions" of the province's cultural industry and displays Shandong's top single products, champion brands, industrial clusters, etc. in the country and the world, highlighting the strength of Shandong's cultural industry. Comprehensive strength.

At this Shenzhen Cultural Expo, the Shandong exhibition area has the theme of "Good Products Shandong Yellow River Collection". A total of 150 companies and more than 2,000 products were organized to participate in the exhibition. Through a large number of high-quality products and rich activities, they comprehensively promoted "Hospitality from Shandong and good taste from Shandong". It is expected that the exhibition area will usher in a peak of visitors and transactions over the weekend.

Source: Dazhong Daily