The Essence of Beauty in Hanfu

The Essence of Beauty in Hanfu

On the occasion of the Chinese Valentine's Day this year, the marriage registration offices of civil affairs bureaus in many places welcomed many new couples. Dressed in Hanfu, they experienced a unique Chinese-style certificate-receiving ceremony. Hanfu has made a perfect transformation from film and television shooting, stage performances to daily wear today. Behind the "bright Hanfu style", we see the charm of China's excellent traditional culture based on national self-confidence.

Hanfu is the traditional clothing of the Han nation. Also known as attire, clothes, and Chinese clothing. Hanfu is the embodiment of China's "land of clothes", "land of etiquette" and "splendid China". It carries China's outstanding craftsmanship and aesthetics such as dyeing, weaving and embroidery, and inherits more than 30 Chinese intangible cultural heritages and protected Chinese arts and crafts. .

Since ancient times, Hanfu has been characterized by a formal dress with a broad belt and a short coat with wide sleeves. Compared with Western clothing of the same period, Hanfu has indisputable excellence in human nature. While Westerners use breastplates and skirts to restrict the development of women's bodies, the wide Hanfu has realized the characteristic of allowing the body to stretch at will.

The reason why Hanfu is still so popular and has become a contemporary popular culture trend is inseparable from the promotion of online platforms and an open and inclusive social environment. A group of online bloggers continue to produce high-quality content in the form of Hanfu dressing, formal etiquette, retro makeup, traditional handicrafts, national style songs and dances, etc., allowing Hanfu, which originally only existed in a niche circle, to gradually enter daily life and gain more and more attention. Favored by many consumers.

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The beauty of Hanfu requires development through respect and innovation through inheritance. Only by not forgetting the past can we create the future, and only by being good at inheritance can we innovate better. The development and inheritance of Hanfu are inseparable from the polishing, manufacturing, improvement and optimization of generations of craftsmen. After years of accumulation, it can shine brightly from generation to generation. If you simply use fast food-style "deformation" to attract people's attention, without a cultural foundation, clothing will lose its charm, and cultural inheritance will become water without a source and a tree without roots. More importantly, Hanfu is a witness to a long history, which requires relevant cultural workers and Hanfu designers to strengthen the inheritance and research of Hanfu culture. Constantly refining the unique imprint of traditional culture, selecting elements that adapt to the style of the times, andTaking into account traditional cultural forms and modern living habits, we seek balance and improvement between traditional culture and modern aesthetics.

The beauty of Hanfu requires active guidance in promotion and mutual learning in exchanges. The dissemination, promotion, exchange and mutual learning of culture require the long-term nourishment of "moistening things silently". The inheritance and promotion of Hanfu can not only make use of new media communication platforms such as Douyin, Xiaohongshu, Bilibili, but also through clothing shapes and accessories. Matching, retro makeup, body posture, Han style experience, immersive interaction and other activities will guide the public to correctly understand the origin, development and cultural connotation of Hanfu. To further enhance the public’s understanding of Hanfu, and thereby promote the inheritance and development of China’s excellent traditional culture. For example, in a corner of the street in Changsha, Hunan, there is an old man carrying two baskets of lotus flowers on his shoulders, wearing Hanfu and straw sandals, with a gray beard, and a cattail fan on his waist. When giving lotus flowers to passers-by, if they want them, they only need to answer a traditional poem question correctly. , you will receive a lotus flower as a gift. The activity of "wearing Hanfu, answering poems, and sending lotus flowers" conveys the public's true sense of identification with traditional Chinese culture, integrates the essence and nutrients of national culture into the fireworks of the market, and enters the hearts of the public.

The excellent traditional Chinese culture is the crystallization and essence of Chinese civilization, the root and soul of the Chinese nation, and the foundation for us to stand firm in the interaction and collision of world cultures. Hanfu is not only the unique spiritual symbol of the Chinese nation, but also the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese people. Let the beauty of Hanfu complement and complement each other in historical memory and the development of the times; let the beauty of Hanfu further ignite our cultural consciousness and cultural confidence. The beauty of Hanfu lies in the spirit and soul. It helps enhance the pride and identity of Chinese people in the new era, and helps us tell the wonderful story of civilized China vividly and vividly.