How popular is Hanfu really

How popular is Hanfu really

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The simplicity of the Han Dynasty, the elegance of the Tang Dynasty, the elegance of the Song Dynasty, the dignity of the Ming Dynasty... This year's CCTV Spring Festival Gala, the traditional Chinese pattern creation show "Nian Brocade" amazed everyone. The beauty of costumes and makeup from different dynasties left a deep impression on people across the country. . Following this, the "Hanfu craze" continued to heat up, and all social platforms were dominated by photos of "Hanfu show". In the Luodai Ancient Town in Chengdu, Sichuan, the Luoyi Ancient City in Luoyang, Henan, and the classical gardens in Suzhou, Jiangsu... the compatibility between Hanfu and ancient architecture is exciting, and makes people marvel at the beauty of Hanfu.

Focusing on the topic of "Hanfu craze", reporters recently asked how "hot" Hanfu is and how "Hanfu craze"A series of interviews were conducted on what impact it will have on cultural and tourism consumption, and how to make Hanfu shine more brilliantly in the new era.

How “hot” is Hanfu?

◆Hanfu is increasingly integrated into daily life

Dresses dance lightly, rings jingle, smiles are charming, flowers are shining... Recently, tourists wearing Hanfu and hairpins can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys of Luodai Ancient Town, Longquanyi District, Chengdu.

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△ Tourists wearing Hanfu in Luodai Ancient Town, Chengdu, Sichuan.

"Before the Spring Festival, I saw the Hanfu hairpin makeup in Luodai Ancient Town on the Internet. I was immediately attracted, so I took advantage of the holiday to invite my little sisters to the ancient town to take photos of Hanfu hairpins." Blog on Luodai Ancient Town Building, the reporter met Deng Xueer, a tourist from Suining, Sichuan. Dressed in Hanfu and with a hairpin on her hair, she stood in front of the blog building and posed for various photos. "The blue bricks and gray tiles of Luodai Ancient Town go well with Hanfu. The ancient atmosphere here is strong, and you won't feel embarrassed at all because of being noticed for wearing Hanfu." Deng Xueer told reporters that she and her sisters not only wore Hanfu to take photos at the scenic check-in point, but also We also tasted Luodai’s special snacks, which felt like we were on a journey through time.

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△ The scene of the "Dragon Teng Luodai·Visiting the Garden to Seek Blessings" event in Luodai Ancient Town, Chengdu, Sichuan.

The reporter found that there are nearly 10 Hanfu experience stores within 200 meters on both sides of the streets in Luodai Ancient Town; walking along the streets,Every once in a while you can meet tourists in twos and threes wearing Hanfu. The reporter walked into a Hanfu experience store. There were a wide variety of Hanfu in the store. Several Hanfu makeup artists were busy making Hanfu hairpin styles for customers. The Hanfu display area was also crowded with tourists who were choosing Hanfu. “We receive about 50 customers a day, and we are so busy that we don’t even touch the floor.” Li Hengrong, the person in charge of the Hanfu experience store, told reporters that since Hanfu hairpin makeup became popular in Luodai Ancient Town in November last year, the store has made online and offline reservations. And the reception volume has doubled several times. Similarly, Luoyi Ancient City, the old city of Luoyang City, is crowded with tourists. Walking among the antique buildings in the ancient city of Luoyi, you will see tourists wearing Tang Dynasty skirts, Ming Dynasty horse-faced skirts, and blue silk appliqués. Zhang Jiaxin, a Beijing tourist who took his family to visit the ancient city of Luoyi, told reporters: "In this ancient city, beauties in ancient costumes wearing Hanfu are leaning against the window to meditate, or eating tripe shabu-shabu on the roadside. The past and the present, elegance and vulgarity coexist. Being there, it feels like traveling through time and space, dreaming back to the Tang Dynasty."

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△ In Luoyi Ancient Town, the old town of Luoyang, Henan, tourists check in wearing Hanfu.

The "Hanfu craze" originates from the cultural confidence flowing in the blood of Chinese people. Nowadays, it is common to wear Hanfu in scenic spots, streets and alleys, buses and subways. Hanfu has become increasingly integrated into people's daily life.

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△ Tourists wearing Hanfu in Luoyi Ancient City, Luoyang, Henan.

Guo Li, who lives in Suzhou, bought her first set of Hanfu last spring.After that, I completely fell into the "Hanfu pit". "Hanfu has become my daily attire for weekend outings and daily work. Especially when I wear Hanfu among the classical gardens in Suzhou, I feel the charm of Chinese classical garden art more deeply." Guo Li shared with reporters, From the time she first started wearing Hanfu to gradually learning about the history and form of Hanfu, her love for the excellent traditional Chinese culture was unstoppable. "Currently, I own 4 sets of Hanfu made in the Tang Dynasty and 6 sets made in the Ming Dynasty." Guo Li said that during the Spring Festival in Suzhou, you can take the subway for free when wearing Hanfu. She also specially put on Hanfu to go to the subway to feel the strong Hanfu atmosphere. What is gratifying is that not only in China, the trend of Hanfu has also spread to all over the world. On various social platforms, Chinese students and non-heritage inheritors can often be seen wearing Hanfu on the streets of Paris, France, London, England and other places, spreading Hanfu culture in their own way.

What impact will the "Hanfu craze" have on cultural tourism consumption?

◆ Hanfu activates cultural tourism consumption password

As the carrier of China's excellent traditional culture, Hanfu contains the unique cultural heritage and profound aesthetic ingenuity of the ancients. When traditional Hanfu meets modern society, cultural tourism consumption also releases new vitality.

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△ In Luodai Ancient Town, Chengdu, Sichuan, tourists make Hanfu hairpins at the Hanfu experience store. Photo by Qi Shiping

"'Hanfu craze' has spawned a new cultural tourism consumption scene." According to Jiang Jun, director of the Comprehensive Convenience Service Center of Luodai Town, with the rise of "Hanfu craze", Hanfu makeup and Hanfu photography and other related services in the scenic spots of Luodai Ancient Town have Business formats also emerged. "We have also specially set up some spots in the scenic area suitable for taking photos wearing Hanfu to increase the check-in rate of tourists." Jiang Jun hopes that more people will come to Luodai Ancient Town, put on Hanfu, put on garlands, and touch this place with more than 1,700 years of history. The ancient pulse of the historic town.

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△ Tourists wearing Hanfu visited the ancient city of Luoyi.

"Hanfu's 'going out of the circle' drives the industry's 'expansion'." According to Zhang Fangfang, deputy director of the Luoyang Old Town Cultural Tourism Industry Development Service Center, as the number of tourists who come to the old town to experience Hanfu continues to increase, various industries have " There are groups of "chains", which provide more powerful support to the cultural tourism market. For example, she said that the number of Hanfu experience stores in the old city has grown from more than 60 in the past to more than 800 today, and the homestay economy is also becoming increasingly popular, with the number of Hanfu experience stores increasing from about 100 to more than 500 today. "The 'Hanfu craze' has extended to more industrial chains, and has also created many jobs. Everyone has more job opportunities and higher incomes," said Zhang Fangfang. The “Hanfu craze” has also led to a wave of traditional cultural consumption. The reporter searched for the keyword "Hanfu" on major e-commerce platforms and found that all kinds of Hanfu products have good sales. Some hot-selling horse-face skirts have sold tens of thousands of pieces, and books related to Hanfu are also quietly popular.

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△ Tourists wearing Hanfu in Luodai Ancient Town, Chengdu, Sichuan.

Of course, behind the "Hanfu craze", there are also some issues that need to be considered. The reporter's investigation found that the level of Hanfu makeup and photography in many scenic spots is uneven; there are many Hanfu products on the market, but few high-quality products, and the quality is uneven. Some products even have common sense errors in design and promotion. In addition, many people have very little knowledge about Hanfu, and do not know much about the shape and etiquette of Hanfu. There is also a large gap in talents for the inheritance and innovative design of clothing culture. These are not conducive to the sustainable development of the Hanfu industry and culture.

How to make Hanfu shine more brilliantly in the new era?

◆Make it more practical and vital in keeping integrity and innovation

"Hanfu craze" is a trend and a trend. It promotes the inheritance of China's excellent traditional culture.Young is of great significance. This year’s government work report mentioned “promoting cultural inheritance and development” and “vigorously developing cultural industries”. So, how should we make good use of the "Hanfu craze" to make Hanfu shine more brilliantly in the new era?

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△ The scene of the "Dragon Teng Luodai·Visiting the Garden to Seek Blessings" event in Luodai Ancient Town, Chengdu, Sichuan.

"In order to make Hanfu more tactile and tactile, we have held activities such as 'Longteng Luodai·Visiting the Garden to Seek Blessings' and the Peach Blossom Hanfu Poetry Recital." Jiang Jun suggested that the "Hanfu craze" in various places can be a sign of the At the entrance, a variety of Hanfu cultural experience activities such as "Hanfu Garden" and "Hanfu Poetry" are held, allowing people to immerse themselves in the beauty of Hanfu while learning etiquette and feel the charm of China's excellent traditional culture. Jiang Jun specifically mentioned that while focusing on event development and atmosphere creation, businesses should also be guided to improve Hanfu makeup, photography and service levels, so as to meet people's Hanfu experience needs with more professional and heart-warming services.

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△ The scene of the "Dragon Teng Luodai·Visiting the Garden to Seek Blessings" event in Luodai Ancient Town, Chengdu, Sichuan.

"Inheriting the excellent traditional Chinese culture must be done seriously." Zhang Fangfang hopes that relevant experts, scholars and media can do more popular science and guidance, explain the basic knowledge of Hanfu clearly, and let businesses know how to design and produce it. Let consumers not only enjoy wearing Hanfu, but also gain in-depth knowledge about Hanfu. She gave Luoyang as an example, goThe Luoyang Hanfu Research Institute was established in Luoyang in 2011. Experts and scholars promote and popularize Hanfu knowledge through online and offline activities. In terms of talent training, Zhang Fangfang believes that colleges and vocational schools can consider adding Hanfu-related majors to provide cultural inheritance and innovative design talents with opportunities for further study, training and exchange, and cultivate more and more professional Hanfu designers and makeup artists. , photographers, etc., to meet the needs of society and industry for outstanding talents related to Hanfu.

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△ The scene of the first top ten makeup artist selection competition in Luoyang, Henan.

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△ The scene of the March 8th Festival in Luoyi Ancient City, Luoyang, Henan. "While cherishing and protecting Hanfu culture, we should also actively seek innovation and development to make it shine with the glory of the times." Chen Lianwen, who has been deeply involved in the field of clothing design for many years, has deep emotions and unique insights into Chinese traditional clothing. She called on the government , media, educational institutions, etc. work together to strengthen the promotion and support of Hanfu culture, enhance the public’s awareness and recognition of Hanfu culture, and thereby enhance national cultural confidence. Chen Lianwen emphasized that the inheritance and promotion of Hanfu culture should start from childhood. She suggested that primary and secondary schools actively organize activities such as "Hanfu into Campus" and "Hanfu Adult Ceremony", and add excellent Chinese traditional culture courses so that children can experience Hanfu in person. The beauty of learning Chinese excellent traditional cultural knowledge. She also suggested that universities, middle schools and primary schools could consider using Hanfu as an option for school uniforms or graduation ceremony dresses to showcase the charm of China's excellent traditional culture. talking aboutWhen designing Hanfu, Chen Lianwen said: "The design of Hanfu needs to keep up with the trend of the times and integrate the essence of traditional clothing culture with modern aesthetic concepts. The Hanfu designed in this way can not only show the beauty of tradition, but also meet the dressing needs of modern people, and is more It is practical and vital." Chen Lianwen firmly believes that through such innovative designs, Hanfu can be better integrated into public life and become an important carrier to showcase the charm of China's excellent traditional culture.

Hanfu is a big hit