How charming is Hanfu really

How charming is Hanfu really

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In just a few months, the trend of Chinese Hanfu has spread all over the world. Various Chinese street photos wearing Hanfu have been viewed hundreds of millions of times. #chinesestreetfashion has become a hot new trend on TikTok.

I am so proud to be Chinese! Next, BAZAAR plans to discuss more issues about Hanfu with you, so we have invited a mysterious guest to give you some popular science from the perspective of an insider and talk about things in the Hanfu circle.

Video blogger @十音Shiyin, as a senior Hanfu enthusiast, has single-handedly brought Hanfu culture into the public eye several times.

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Interpret the beauty of Hanfu through creation, wear Hanfu to travel around the great rivers and mountains of the motherland and even London and Paris. As beautiful as the Hanfu is, the scenery is as beautiful as it is, showing netizens the most beautiful aspects of Chinese culture.

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The Hanfu wardrobe at the level of an official lady and the dazzling unboxing cultural explanations are the first lessons for countless Hanfu fairies to plant a piece of grassland.

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The all-English video "An all-English response to Korean netizens: Hanfu is not Hanbok, please respect history" with over 3 million views on site b angrily criticized Korean netizens and spoke out to defend the cultural ownership rights of Hanfu. After being downvoted 2w+ by Korean netizens, he resolutely retorted: Hanfu has affected Hanbok, and hate speech will not change history!

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Shiyin himself also said: "Being in the industry through Hanfu means that I have more responsibility to speak out for traditional culture. I am willing to give it a try on this road and see how far I can go. I hope I will not disappoint everyone." ."

Today we have collected 5 recent hot spots of Hanfu content that are out of the circle, let Shiyin discuss them with you!

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The reason why Hanfu can successfully break through the circle and gradually become a popular element accepted by young people today is inseparable from the little by little push by Hanfu enthusiasts who love it. Nowadays, Hanfu is no longer an anomaly on the street. It is not only people’s pursuit of beauty, but also contains a growing sense of cultural identity and love for national history and culture.

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