Four facts about Hanfu Ruqun."

Four facts about Hanfu Ruqun.

Four facts about Hanfu Ruqun. - Image 1

Four facts about Hanfu Ruqun. - Image 2

WHAT IS RUQUN What is a ruqun?

Ruqun is a traditional costume of the Han people in ancient China. It is a typical "top and lower skirt" clothing system. "Ruqun" is the collective name for two types of clothing. The top is called "ru", which is shorter and generally no longer than the knee; the lower body is called "skirt". The top is short and the skirt is long, which reflects the requirements of the golden ratio and has rich aesthetic connotation.


Based on the height of the skirt waist:

Divided into waist-length underskirts (tied around the waist)

High-waisted skirt (tied under the bust)

Chest-length underskirt (tied to the chest)

In the style of collar:

It is divided into cross-neck skirt and straight-neck skirt.

Press whether to clip:

Divide underskirts into single undercoats and compound undercoats

A single jacket is closer to a shirt, while a combined jacket is closer to a coat.

The following are recommended 1 popular high-quality underskirts

(Only represents the editor’s personal opinion)

Qiao from the Far Mountains——Ta Ge Xing

Four facts about Hanfu Ruqun. - Image 3

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After summer comes, want to release the shackles on your neck? Then Tanling is the best choice. The four-piece set with a half-collar half-collar and a mid-color underskirt with rich Tang style charm can make you a beautiful girl in the Tang Dynasty even in the hot summer!

Gray wisteria purple printed flat collar half arm, classic color scheme, soft and comfortable. Amber bead embellishment on the front. Original and customized Tang style totem pattern printed fabric, dignified and elegant.

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The different-color splicing on the cuffs is the finishing touch, echoing the overall color scheme. The simple and elegant inner wear can be mixed and matched with half-arms of any color.

Four facts about Hanfu Ruqun. - Image 8

Paired with a pleated undershirt in a neutral color,

Contrast color stitching,

There are Tang style flower embroidery;

Classic Tang style combined with Sichuan Dai color matching style,

The whole is more gorgeous and elegant,

Showing the style of the prosperous Tang Dynasty!

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Netizen comments

There are not many embroideries, but I like the color scheme. The color is a little darker than expected. The scarf is a must, it is the soul of the whole set. There are not many embroideries., but very delicate. The only drawback is that the underwear will leak out a little at the chest. Tagexing's half-arm flat collar has a soft color and good fit. The material is somewhat similar to chiffon and is relatively light and thin. It is no problem to wear it in early summer. The skirt is a relatively heavy one-piece skirt. Personally, I like the waist-length underskirt, which is not easy to fall off and is suitable for going out on the street. The color scheme of Yuanshan Qiao is amazing! The color scheme is lavender and light khaki, and the bright yellow belt around the waist is the finishing touch. The upper body is very slim and tall, and it’s the best-looking flat collar I’ve seen this year!

Popular high-quality skirt recommendations 2

(Only represents the editor’s personal opinion)

Return to the Han and Tang Dynasties - Floating Dreams

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The color of this dress is rich in Tang style style

It seems as if the fairy in the mural is slowly entering the world.

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Back: The fabric is shiny and has its own texture. The orange and off-white colors are bright and generous, which perfectly transitions the overall color. There are exquisite embroideries on the left and right sleeve edges, and the pattern is Tang style flowers.

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Straight-collar cardigan: The fabric has gold thread, soft and skin-friendly,

Apricot and light green both show the innocence of the girl.

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Four facts about Hanfu Ruqun. - Image 18

Skirt: The skirt has a printed pattern and the skirt has an embroidered pattern, echoing the pattern on the top. The skirt is ragged and very revealing

Slim fit and long, two-tone tie.

The color scheme is full of Tang-style flavor, and the patterns are traditional and exquisite, harmonious and generous.

Netizen comments

1. It is very comfortable and light to wear, so wear a lining skirt! It is more friendly to girls with big breasts, and the effect is very good if it reaches the chest and upper body, and it is very beautiful.

2. The fabric is very thin, and you need to wear a suspender underneath. The workmanship is very good, and the texture of the fabric is very good, but it is a bit hard and does not absorb sweat. The effect is very good when worn in one set. It has a fairy-like air. The sleeves are a bit long and the cuffs are very narrow. It is very everyday and can be worn every day.

3. Size recommendation: For a height of 155cm, the skirt of 155cm is a bit long and will drag the floor; thickness: the skirt is very see-through and needs to be paired with a petticoat, but I found that with a white petticoat, you can still vaguely see the pants underneath; Fabric quality: The quality is always very good when I return home; upper body effect: does not look fat, and the 86 net bust does not look like a bucket.

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